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About Me

After 3 years without an "About me" page, I've decided to make up for it.
To start off, I've been a part of the GTA police modding community much longer than most people. I found out about GTA SA police modding in late 2008. At the time, it was only GTA SA, with a few budding police car modders. People would have to use a program like YAPS (Yet Another Player Selector), enter the no wanted level cheat, and get involved in the in game created police chases if they wanted to be a cop. However, we persisted and dealt with it.

I was fairly surprised on August 5, 2009, when I saw a new file on GTAGarage. Someone who identified himself as Mr. Mysterious had created a page for a WIP file, unreleased, that would let people play as a cop. Only a 55 second video was shown with a brief description, showcasing a police shootout with a NOOSE Team flying in and dropping off officers. A topic created on GTAForums generated several pages on the first day, creating a legacy.

I was only able to play GTA SA on decent graphics, so when I got GTA IV for Christmas in 2009, I was dismayed when I would get less than a frame a second. An emergency buy and install of a slimline graphics card, since my mom's HP Pavilion was a slimline model, led to about 30 FPS on the lowest resolution and lowest graphics, but it was good enough.

When I first got into LCPDFR, there were no Crown Victorias (luckily for me, chasez released his within a month of me beginning). There were no callouts, only ones generated by the in game police computer. There weren't even pursuits. Still, some of my favorite memories were calling for backup for shots fired on Butterfly Street in NW Bohan, and then seeing Lt. Caine's Dodge Charger and a Vapid Cruiser flooring it down the highway to assist me.

Unfortunately, it was about that time that GPM and Sam had their differences, leading to Sam leaving that site and creating this one. While I was oblivious to it at the time, I started to notice some of the bigger names on that site disappearing, and I eventually found this one on the famous GTAforums topic. I joined this site within a month of its creation, becoming user 213 of 102,196 members as I write this. I was never active, rarely posting for anything more than support or suggestions.

However, they must have saw something in me because I was made a tester shortly a year after for LCPDFR .95. Prompting me to become more active, I saw a strong maturity in this site that most other GTA sites didn't have. People were able to make suggestions and critique work, and even the occasional political debate kept me on edge and challenged my wit as I argued with other knowledgeable and well mannered members. This site made me come back for more, especially as some of the bigger modders that were recent to IV modding began releasing work on here.

I was recently fortunate enough to gain enough money to upgrade my PC, which has let me play GTA V on highest resolution, higher graphics and with High End ENBs. Now I just need to make some screenshots. Here's my specs:

Case:Corsair Carbide 300R

Monitor: Unknown Lenovo 27" 1080p (Will eventually replace with a 4k monitor, same below)

Monitor 2: Unknown Lenovo 24" 1080p
Keyboard: Logitech g910 spectrum
Mouse: Logitech g900 spectrum
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GA-Z170x
OS: Windows10
CPU: Intel  Core i7 6700k 8m Skylight QuadCore 4.0 Ghz
GPU: MSI 1080 ti Armor
PSU: Corsair 850w
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaw V series 32 GB RAM
8TB Harddrive

Kingston 120gb SSD


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