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    lilmar reacted to FtDLulz in Registered owner of a spawned vehicle   
    He's not talking about Police Radio's plate checker, he's talking about LSPDFR's computer plate check.
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    lilmar reacted to Break in [REL | WIP] Wilderness Callouts   
    Some suggestions:
    - Injured / Missing person: Someone has gone missing/needs immediate medical assistance and has to be found. (You get a search radius and have to find the person - possibly making sounds, using air assistance or infrared cam). Examine the condition of the missing hiker and decide what to do (drive to the closest road, drive to hospital, call air ambulance).
    - Animal attack: a camping site is being attacked by a bear/mountain lion/boars - get there and kill/scare away the animal(s) before someone gets injured/killed. Sometimes it might be enough to shoot into the air to scare the animals away, other times they may have to be killed.
    - Vehicle trespassing: someone is driving/racing their SUV/4x4/Buggy/Dirtbike in a wildlife protected area. Stop them and give them a citation/arrest them. (Might trigger a pursuit).
    - Suspicious activity: LS Mobsters are doing their dirty business in the wilderness (hiding a body, doing a drug deal, etc) - approach them quietly, check out the situation, call enough backup. 
    - MVA: Vehicle vs. Animal - secure the scene. Remove the animal from the road if it's dead, if it's alive, end its pain. Fill out an accident report / citation, send the driver on their way.
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    lilmar reacted to Break in [REL | WIP] Wilderness Callouts   
    Will give us a bit of work to do as Park Ranger :)
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    lilmar reacted to c13 in Why do people diss IV since V   
    Because of how incredibly unstable it was and the overall piss poor job Rockstar made at porting it from console to PC.
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    lilmar reacted to GamerNoobJay in HOW TO: Conduct a felony stop   
    Hey guys, here's a short 'how to' video on how to conduct a realistic felony stop.

    If you learned something new, please like and sub ;)
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    lilmar reacted to Sam in LSPD First Response 0.2a Update   
    Nothing different.
    At the end of the day, this is simply bad news for people that want to play LSPDFR.  It means that we'll be downloading RPH at the same time you, and everyone else is.  We then have to compile the mod against the new version, give it a test, make sure everything's still working okay, and only then do we get to release it.
    From what I understand, compatibility for the Steam version (which I use), has been there since early this morning.  If there'd been the foresight to recognize that developers of modifications using RPH might appreciate the opportunity to prepare their modifications for the latest version, then assuming everything did work, we'd be in a position to release an updated version of LSPDFR almost as soon as RPH itself was released.
    Instead, we're left in the dark and being forced to find out information from other people.
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    lilmar reacted to RedactedUsername in So with this update..   
    It hasn't been updated, why are you expecting it to work? It's not blocked, it's incompatible. 
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    lilmar reacted to davelaric in Will this graphics card run GTA 5?   
    Both of those cards are very old. There's no point in getting them. Your best bet is getting a GTX 750 Ti Boost. I actually have one lying around, PM me if you are interested but those two cards are very weak. You won't see that much of a performance boost. 
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    lilmar reacted to willpv23 in Enforcer: Police Crime Action - Police Simulator   
    The game was on Greenlight, but wasn't actually Green...lit. They got a publisher (Excalibur) so didn't need the Greenlight thing anymore. It's being released as a full game, not early access, but I think there will be updates in the future (but they really are not obligated by anyone to update since it will be a full game). Of course, you could be right, and it's good to be skeptical in today's world where any neckbeard in a basement can be a "professional" game developer.
    I do agree the game could probably be more polished, it seems like they've been rushing the development since getting a publisher, but I'm still going to pick it up when it's released.
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    lilmar reacted to ClassyEra in Enforcer: Police Crime Action - Police Simulator   
    Looks like the Playstation 1 is making a comeback.....
    Just messin with ya.
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    lilmar reacted to HOLLISTUPID in Enforcer: Police Crime Action - Police Simulator   
    Hello all,
    I've been following the development of this game for a while now.  It's a police simulator called Enforcer: Police Crime Action which is coming out on Steam next month on October 24.  Now if you've been following the gaming section you may have noticed Police Tactics, which is the previous name before changing to Enforcer.  Whether than bump the old outdated thread which now has inactivity notice I'd like to make a small collection of updated information surrounding this game.  I have to say I'm really excited from what I've seen from the developers (which is a small game company called Odin of four people).  Now obviously there will be people who may criticize the game for not having the best graphics or "looking dull"  but with that in mind I hope people can appreciate that they're actually coming forward to hopefully make a game that you and I will enjoy playing, as there are not too many police-oriented games out there, certainly not simulators.
    So, is there anyone else that's going to give this game a try?
    Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/318220

    *This thread is NOT for discussion about or regarding "Police 10-13".  Please read this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    lilmar reacted to Iconography in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    No but I will.
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    lilmar reacted to CouthInk4 in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    I was expecting ineseri to lock this until he woke up.. just to screw us over xD
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    lilmar reacted to willpv23 in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    I'll just say good luck once more before going to bed.
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    lilmar reacted to willpv23 in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    Oh look, you made it halfway there! I hope it makes it to 20 this time...
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    lilmar reacted to ineseri in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    We're not red. Authorative pink :)
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    lilmar reacted to TheDivineHustle in Racist murderer   
    I think it's stupid to judge someone of something that they can't control, such as race or nationality. I couldn't control that I was born Black, or that I was born in the United States. So what gives you the right to judge me for it? I'm unsure of whether or not this quote already exists, but I've created one for this type of situation.
    "​Racism is stupidity at it's finest."
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    lilmar reacted to Olanov in Racist murderer   
    A complete jackass.
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    lilmar reacted to Troy in Police Tactics - Real Sim   
    Might wanna fix the rotational pivot positioning. IMO looks like as if the wheel was detached from axle.
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    lilmar reacted to xandeck in Police Tactics - A Police Officer Simulator   
    Hey everyone,
    I just read all posts in this topic (did not see it before), its pretty amazing what we can get in foruns =)
    Thank you, in anyway, for everyone that has suggestions, critics and ideas regarding our game. It's been a long time ago when we started the game.
    Since this is really a great community (I came here in the past to download this great mod, besides developing games and managing a company, I really like police games) I think I will share some info with you ;) (and this will also be in our dev blog).
    Our company had some success with advergames and apps, we are now really working full time (almost a year now) with our own products and games.
    We made that Pitch gameplay video in only one month, many of the assets are just placeholders, because we used the video to talk with publishers and to show that there is players and people interested in this kind of game and that WE can do it. We have the experience, we have the know-how. We are also professors and speakers in big game events in our country... we just did not have the opportunity to make such a nice game... yet.
    Now we do have a new partnership with a publisher (can't tell yet, because we are preparing an official announcement) and the game WILL launch this year. We are working full time on it, every day, every weekend (almost, we have family, lol).
    I, by myself, like to hear and think about every commenting about the game, because this is not just a game for us anymore, it is a game that we want to use as a true case for our company and our country as game developers. So we do hear the community. We want to hear what are your thoughts, we just can't promise that we will do all of your ideas ;)
    Above all, a game like this is very complex to do, it takes time, it takes a lot of money ... and we know we have many players that wants a game like this. And we know how to do it. Now we have the time, the budget, the right partnership... and we are building the community o/ Thanks to you and a lot of other channels.
    Check our webpage for more ;)

    We are preparing many news and all I can show you, at this moment, is our new vehicle for now...
    Let's keep in touch ;)
    Stay safe!
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    lilmar reacted to Opulence in So what if GTA V doesn't allow mods?   
    Rockstar knows that a lot of the money will be coming from people who want to mod the game, not just have it on PC. It would be a big mistake for them to not allow mods. 
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    lilmar reacted to TheChef in So what if GTA V doesn't allow mods?   
    If it doesn't allow mods, it doesn't allow mods. Deal with it. ;)
    Although on the PC it's much easier to mod files, and a mod like LCPDFR will, obviously looking at the console version, only be playable on singleplayer.
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    lilmar reacted to LukeD in Need ways to make money.   
    Should probably have added to the 1st point, you can earn money from washing your neighbours cars or doing nice shit for people. Not huge amounts of it but if someone gives you £10 for washing their car for them then you're £10 better off. If you're young people will be more inclined to let you offer help because you're doing something nice for them. Unless everyone around you is an ass.
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