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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to davelaric in More upgrades   
    The 4690k is one of the best CPU's on the market right now for gaming. You could SLI 980 Ti's and barely get a bottleneck. Along with that, barely any games use more than 4 cores at once. Look at benchmarks, even some show the 4690k performing better than the I7-4790k. If you want advice, do some research before you ignore it. 
    *4690k destroys any AMD FX 8 core*
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to davelaric in More upgrades   
    An I5 and the 980 Ti will last you a long time with an easy 60FPS+ max settings on even upcoming games. Dunno where you heard that the I5 is bad but that isn't true. 
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to davelaric in More upgrades   
    No worries. Are you comfortable with overclocking? These two are both solid boards with great features. Just pick the one you like better in terms of looks/branding etc as they are pretty much the same in function. 
    *For me personally, I'd just get the MSI board as it looks slightly nicer and is a bit cheaper*
    And this PSU is a better choice cause of its modular cables which make cable management A LOT easier and look much nicer, trust me.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to davelaric in More upgrades   
    ? MSI is not that bad, they changed their manufacturers and their quality has gotten a lot better since then. I've used 10+ MSI boards in the past month or so (building PC's for people) and no one has reported any issues. Still ,your choice. There are a lot of options on the market that you can choose from, this is just from my personal experience.
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from davelaric in More upgrades   
    I wish I was here earlier, some people shouldn't be posting computer related assistance when they have no experience with it. 
    If you're unsure of the parts you want to buy, post a link to the models you were thinking of in your budget, and we can OK them or suggest an alternative. 
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to TheDivineHustle in What devices do you use to browse the website?   
    There's a first time for everything homie.
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
    Of course, it's all messed up the logic that goes on here. 
    I guess what would happen would depend on what the supervisors decided what to do, they'd have to address the situation and I also didn't watch the video, but I'm sure whatever call they made was a reasonable one. They know everybody is watching it unfold so that's taken into consideration too. 
    Somebody brought it up, but a similar thing happened here in Massachusetts last winter I believe when a bunch of black lives mater (white people actually) attached themselves to construction barrels and just sat in the middle of the highway. What a mess, as if the Boston commute wasn't bad enough. 
    And I completely agree, these people have terrible tunnel vision. A lot of them have no vision at all on what they want done and the ones that do are fixated on this notion and are willing to block out facts and common sense. For example, they see a White Officer shoot a Black man, but what they don't see is that it was in self defense by some drugged up guy with a knife. Stuff like that. 
    If you want to solve a problem, you need to be open minded, willing to look at all angles and of course as I said early, be democratically productive about it too. 
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
    You don't need to be American to know that this is all very illegal. Impeding traffic on a public motorway is absolutely illegal, because it stops people from doing what they're doing while putting other people's lives at risk (Never walk onto a public roadway). 
    Whether we like it or not, these people have the right to protest whatever they want. But the point is if you're going to protest something, do it productively. This means do things the way change is supposed to be done, the democratic way. This means gatherings have to be legal, and instead of burning buildings and throwing rocks, engage public officials to address concerns in your community. Elected officials want to hear your concerns, and want to work with you to find a solution, after all that's their job. They most certainly don't want to associate with you if you have a negative image, instead of being a progressive movement of passionate individuals, you have a group of mostly one sided, law-breaking, mass of people who aren't passionate enough about a topic to form an official, productive group (For example Martin Luther King or even the ACLU), nobody is going to want to help you. 
    tl;dr You don't like the way something is? Fine. But go about it in a productive way to address it, and work with your elected officials to solve it. Law is a powerful tool. 
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Solidefiance in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
    I'm not entirely sure what the United State laws are in their entirety, nor what each State law is vs. another (I'm Canadian), but isn't that sort of "protest" illegal? Isn't that obstruction or impeding traffic of some sort? They're literally stopping people who have actual Jobs from getting to them, all those Transport Trucks incapable of meeting their time quota and unable to drop off their goods at the given time. It may be "peaceful" by no violence (yet), but it's far from making a point or clear cut message, all it's doing is angering motorists, I know I'd be furious and could care less about an ignorant protest if it was keeping me from my job to put food on my family's table. 
    A couple years back, here in Canada we had the Native Americans protesting their "rights" I believe they were angry that the government were treating them the same as every other Canadian citizen and they thought they were some sort of special human being. They wanted to be exempted from having to pay any sort of Tax, so on and so fourth. They ended up blocking numerous highways, as well as Train tracks keeping passenger and cargo trains from going to their destination. The entire situation was rectified by a hefty fine and a few days in jail, the bigger the role of a given protester the bigger the fine and jail sentence. (a lot of the "chiefs" who led individual protest groups were handed months of jail time and fines). 
    What I don't get is a lot of the protests are far from peaceful, especially the Ferguson protests as an example. Protesters lighting cars and local businesses on fire, lighting houses and whatever else they can get their ignorant hate filled hands on fire. Why would you damage your own neighborhood? Damage businesses not even related to anything? Why would you put a family out on the street by burning their house down to further your agenda? It's sad, pathetic and ignorant in its most pure form. 
    I'm by no means racist, I'm all for equality - but if the black community thinks lighting their own neighborhood on fire, thinks blocking people from getting to their job is going to further their "rights" or agenda, they couldn't be any farther from the truth. I for one, don't have any sympathy for anyone protesting here whatsoever, nor anyone in the Ferguson protests, you lose all credibility when you burn your own neighborhood down and put people out on the street and keep those from just trying to make a living. Is this what is going to happen every time someone that happens to be black gets killed now? Burn a few things down, block traffic? Maybe they should change their chant from "Black Lives Matter" to No One Else Matters But Black Lives.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Account Deleted in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to shadow3467 in When will we see a release of a Crown Vic?   
    They won't get released because the modelers are too dense to understand that 99% of people who want their model want it to USE and play with, not to change the color and call it their own.
    I have to say, this is one of the most toxic modding communities I've seen thus far when it comes to models.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Pavelow in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
    Graham v. Connor and Tennessee v. Garner. Those have established use of force guidelines and when lethal force is allowed on EVERY CITIZEN. It's absolutely asinine to make an exception for black people, or any other ethnic, racial, or gender group. 
    And limiting the use of force WILL get officers killed. It's already getting them killed because officers are too scared to act because the media will ruin their lives.
    And that's the problem. There IS NO DEFINITIVE guideline for use of force. Every officer will perceive a threat differently, and there is no archetypal classification of a threat. A suspect that is 6'6 275lbs may not be considered a serious threat by the officer that is 6'3 250lbs. But that same suspect may be considered a threat by the officer that is 5'9 180lbs. Then you can consider things like accessibility of a weapon, presence of drugs or alcohol, the physical condition of an officer, knowledge of suspect, reason he is considered a suspect, etc. And it's already established that courts will look at Use of Force cases from the viewpoint of an officer, that has a half a second or less to make the decision to pull the trigger. 
    And why don't these "activists" go through an abbreviated academy? Why don't they learn what is taught to officers. What the force continuum is. When use of force is justified. Why you're shooting. How you're shooting. Because I'd be willing to bet that 99% of these activists don't even know what the case laws are that are the backbone to state statutes or departmental policies regarding use of force. Or what a basic force continuum is. If you don't know about those, then shut up and sit down because it's awfully hard to change something when you don't even know what you're trying to change.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Fiskey111 in Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Unrest   
    It's like here in MA when Ferguson went down people blocked the Pike [I-90 for those who aren't from here] (either that or I-93) and stopped an ambulance from bringing someone who was critically wounded from an accident to a trauma center in Boston.  They had to divert to a different, less amazing trauma center.  Who knows how many lives they may have negatively affected by blocking that road- someone could have been going to the hospital to give birth.  It's stupid that they do this, absolutely immature.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to RyWilson in ALT Crashing   
    GREAT!! congrats on finding the problem. i'm also glad that it wasnt the mod. thanks for posting Quiggles and thanks for letting me help you try to figure it out.
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from RyWilson in ALT Crashing   
    Hey again! Just here for an update.
    I reluctantly paid $20 on Steam to purchase the Steam Version of GTAIV, which I downloaded, Copied and Pasted my mod folder, and everything works now! 
    It must be something wrong with the discs, they're heavily used and quite scratched somehow. 
    It was nothing wrong with my mods, not LCPDFR, nothing like that, it seems it has problems with the disc itself. 
    Glad it's resolved. :)
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Illusionyary in Driver Parallel Lines Police Glitch   
    You've never heard of the "Driver" series of games before?

    Anyway, I never experienced this problem when I played the game on my PS2, so assuming you have it for PC, just reinstall it.
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to TheChef in Driver Parallel Lines Police Glitch   
    I know what VSync is, that's why i thought you were trolling. He is having issues with the gamemechanics itself, as it seems that some objects/cars/police whatever it is is not spawning at a certain time or point in the game that it should. Enable/Disabling VSync for these issues is the most useless advice ever, as it really has nothing to do whatsoever with his issue.
    But then again, you can't blame me for thinking you were trolling, especially when i hear now that somebody apparently never even heard of the 'Driver' series before. In that case, Parallel Lines might indeed sound like a fault with the graphicscard lol.
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from Prophet in Driver Parallel Lines Police Glitch   
    Very unclear about the problem, but try enabling VSync in Graphics Settings. 
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from Prophet in Driver Parallel Lines Police Glitch   
    Very unclear about the problem, but try enabling VSync in Graphics Settings. 
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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Sam in Ill-Gotten Gains Update and Modding   
    Rockstar Games have just released the "Ill-Gotten Gains" content update for GTA Online, featuring a bunch of new multiplayer content like gold plated private jets.  Like previous content updates, this has once again prevented script modifications from functioning.  According to Alexander Blade, author of the original C++ Script Hook for GTA V, new protections against modding have also been added to the game.
    Information from Rockstar about the update is here: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire
    Information from Alexander Blade about modding is here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/788343-vrel-script-hook-v/
    If you want to continue using script modifications in GTA V, I highly recommend that you make a backup of your game files and avoid updating to the latest version.  Obviously this might impact upon our plans for LSPDFR.  If so, we'll let everyone know in due course. 
    According to GooDNTS, developer of OpenIV, file-based mods still work.
    Edit by LMS: Nothing is broken for eternity, just give us some time.
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from Sophocles in Laws on police vehicles?   
    To clarify Massachusetts, most police cruisers are unique to that town/city, but a few of them copy other each other because the departments buy from the same company (MHQ), which offers templates. There's a few towns I know of that copy Boston PD's appearance like Oak Bluffs. It's all personal preference for the department, for example, my MA department recently made the switch from all white to black and white. 
    Don't believe me when police departments copy others? 
    North Adams, Massachusetts.

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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Hastings in #Dontstayinschool   
    The only thing I really missed being in school was how to get a girlfriend. I really, really suck at it. 

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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to Lundy in #Dontstayinschool   
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    Mr.Quiggles got a reaction from Rocking_Star101 in Should we rebuild the Empire State Building?   
    I don't agree with you.
    The Empire State Building, although old, will always be a magnificent piece of architectural design, as it was built during the height of the recession and truly was a marvel engineering project at its time. 
    Sure it's not Burj Khalifa but it'll always stand out among architectural history, despite it's design (Pillars every 20 feet) being outdated to a more modern, robust core like modern skyrise buildings are today. 
    I believe most people, especially New Yorkers will always know the Empire State Building will be a marvelous addition to their skyline, as it's a building laced with history of the city. 
    A truly classic American photo. 

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    Mr.Quiggles reacted to CrossFire in Should we rebuild the Empire State Building?   
    Just because that more buildings are being built that are taller, doesn't mean that the building will become less famous. It was one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century, and it will remain that way.