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About Me

Hiya & Welcome!
Thank you for visiting my profile. Please be careful when coming in from the back door:-




About Me:-
I'm not really good at describing myself, so I'm going to steal ideas from other people's profiles. shh, it's a secret :P
Well, I'm a kinda shy guy. I love games, graphic designing, music, LEOs & their vehicles, & computers.
Feel free to add me, both here & on Steam (rocking_star101). I'm usually available all day & I like chatting about stuff. But be warned, I suck at initiating chats or coming up with topics to chat about XD

Random Stuff about me:-

  • Language Skills: English, Hindi, & a little bit of French.
  • Music I like: I don't really have a type, but... Rap (mostly early Eminem stuff; like Beautiful, Lose Yourself, When I'm gone), & songs from almost all genres.
  • Favorite cars: Ford CV, '69 Dodge Charger, '70 Dodge Challenger, '99 Chev Caprice.
  • Favorite trucks: Chev Avalanche, Ford F-150.
  • Favorite big rigs: Peterbilt 389, Renault Magnum.
  • Favorite police vehicle: Ford CVPI, Chev Tahoe.


Since I see these lists everywhere, Here's a list of awesome people:-
(In no particular order)

  • taximan5 - Great guy & fun to chat with.
  • Sergiyj - Another great guy who's fun.
  • ineseri - Our own local dense moderator :D
  • mikichii - Always great to chat with
  • Olanov - Need I even say why?
  • BxBugs123 - Again, Need I say why?
  • Carrythxd - Great guy who makes awesome videos & screenshots.
  • LukeD - Great modder, love his Callouts+ script, & always available & helpful.
  • OfficerLund - Cool, Fun guy.
  • Illusionary - Love his various profile pictures, they always make me smile :)  Also, I absolutely love his Two-Tone Concept livery to death! :D (Only non-LCPD livery I think I'll ever use)
  • Yard1 - Great modder. Love his vehicle models.
  • Cleveland023 - This nigga is great & fun to chat with :)
  • Chester199 - He's a grammar police officer, who fails sometimes :d
  • TaylorSwift - Love the RolePlaying we do.
  • OfficerVic (aka KarlieKoss) - He's Ok....I guess.
  • Sam - Someone who you can always depend on to have a supply of Food in case of a Zombie apocalypse ^-^
  • Benj30 - No comment... ^-^ (& yes, I just gave you a special color)

Sorry if I missed anyone, I probably forgot :tongue:











Also, May we never forget the fateful Wednesday, 4th Feb. 2015:-