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  1. Working on it, decided to re-write the whole plugin. Tough with school and 2 jobs, but I fit time in. Next update will have garage locations all over the map with various events that you follow the suspect too, along with more.
  2. Will be updating this to the new RPH soon, haven't touched my computer in a while but I reinstalled LSPDFR and I'm starting to love GTA again.
  3. I'll update it at some point this week to add navigation controls to the ini file.
  4. All controls are listed in BaitCar.ini.
  5. Just tested the current version on a clean install, works fine for me. You're not loading BaitCar via the console are you? It is automatically loaded when you go on duty with LSPDFR. (Also, check to make sure it isn't being loaded in your startup.rphs file)
  6. Can you post, in a spoiler, your RagePluginHook log file?
  7. Can you post, in a spoiler, the entire log?
  8. The location was intended, but I'm not sure why it breaks backup spawns. Are you sure it's my plugin? I'll take a look at it when I get home tomorrow, given I have spare time. Make sure you have removed the old SpeedRadar.dll from your \Plugins folder. Edit: Issue has been fixed in the latest patch.
  9. Can you post, in a spoiler, the RagePluginHook log file from your Grand Theft Auto V directory?
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