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    sgtdonuts reacted to Pazzi in [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+   
    for the best experience, run the game using 1920x1080 resolution.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to Starmix in LSPDFR 0.2 Update - 12 July   
    They don't have to show you anything, if you dont trust Sam and LMS, who have dedicated years of their life to LCPDFR and now LSPDFR, then you can quite simply check out something else or deal with the excitement.
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from TheBassman77 in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    It varies by department, let alone country. Every department has its own particulars about response rules. Also 10 codes aren't even universal.. Most overlap but a decent number mean different things to different locales.
    Typically every responder uses judgment on how to respond unless specifically noted. So code 1 may very well mean full Rambo while 3 could be just lights on to clear intersections and then nada. There is no universal procedure nor is it binding. Department policy is just that, and there are over 18000 departments in the USA alone.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to OfficerJessica in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    ​There's a solution already: the OpenIV team have developed a script which allows you to use copies of the original files to load mods, leaving the original files untouched. You can get it: http://gtaforums.com/topic/388289-rel-openiv-including-openformats/page-122
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from patvmru in Modding and V   
    If you guys actually read that thread there, you will realize modding isn't that near yet. They can read the RPF but cannot edit them. The encryption key can also likely be changed with a random update forced on by rockstar rendering the whole thing obsolete. There are ways to manage that but that's if that occurs after editing key has been broken to begin with.
    The game also uses update packs to supersede game files so modding will require that update pack itself is modded or overridden. So you might have to mod 2 things to actually get content in game.
    The biggest concern right now is rockstar forcing constant updates disabling any progress. This will result in a GTA4 0.4 vs 0.7 patch fiasco where some people stopped updating past 04 since 07 patch broke a lot. Time will tell.
    On the upside, the game is really stable so looks like the engine can take some modding abuse 
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from Markyroson in Modding and V   
    ​For that to happen game needs to be
    1. editable. that means packing/unpacking/repacking/ the rpf files and any contained independently encrypted files
    2. hook to the main exe with full control
    3. known list of calls to game engine aka natives. lms said they appear to either be encrypted or masked with random hex for fucks know what reason. so somebody either needs to trial and error map them or pull the list from somewhere.
    once these 3 are present, you can actually start modding the game. so... its all dependent on the speed it gets achieved with.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to Cantwell in Less fleeing suspects   
    It may sound blasphemous seeing as LCPDFR 1.0 focuses heavily on pursuits, however I think that the occurrence rate of pursuits and people taking off from traffic stops needs to be toned down a little bit. I for one like role-playing realistically as police, and although its really cool, it gets annoying when literally ever or every other block there is a foot pursuit. To add to that, the rate of suspects who take off and start shooting out their window at a traffic stop is very high compared to 0.95, and very unrealistic. I have have experienced on three consecutive (attempted) traffic stops the suspect trying to flee. Also, I find that more than likely when they start to flee, they are hostile in the sense that if there is a passenger, the passenger is almost always armed and sticks his head out the window to shoot you while your chasing.
    Is there a way to reduce this?
    If not, perhaps it would be beneficial to add a multiplier for likeliness to flee (from traffic stops), a multiplier for likeliness that the suspect is hostile (and will attack you), and a multiplier for random pursuits ongoing in the world? I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same way.
    Other than that, I'm really enjoying some of the new features.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to ninkanji in Possible in-game ticket recorder?   
    yea that way you can make a ticket out then print it take it to the driver. like what real police do now days. be so much nicer and more realistic. I hope someone can make this as a mod. be so cool.
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from K-9 police 9 in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    maybe if the fucking cops knew what civil liberties were they wouldn't have overstepped (once again) the laws by which they are bound (what a joke, laws.. cops) and once again arrest people and shoot animals just because they feel like it.
    you want to curse? here, right back at you. stupid people with no concept for what this country is built on disgust me. rip usa

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    sgtdonuts reacted to cp702 in ELS 7 - It's here!   
    I highly doubt 80% of people here play multiplayer. And I wasn't assigned to help with individual questions or anything; I'm doing it of my own free will.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to Stacey Silver in ELS 7 - It's here!   
    Did you guys even test it out properly before even releasing it ??, Because a lot of people are having issues plus when you turn the primary lights on the secondary lights come on first so then you have to cycle through just to get the primary lights whats all that about...
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from FCV96 in ELS v7 - F**king up the backup.   
    you want traffic to act as if the siren is on without it being on? like just lights on?
    yes it can be done..
    // --------------------------------------
    // Siren Control Tool Configuration File |
    // --------------------------------------
    // Autor: Mordecki                 |
    // Contact: gtafunster@gmail.com     |
    // WWW:  http://www.mordecki.tk/  |
    // Version: 1.0 full                 |
    // --------------------------------------
    you need this. search for it on gtapolicemods. he posted it there in one of his videos along with a link.. a bit obscure tho. its the guy working on the ambulance project
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from Bruxelas in Regarding ELS v7 and Windows XP   
    are you sure?


    ofc you arent! same goes for everybody else. win7 has an issue with ASI key capture mods. it doesn't happen on all computers but on enough of them if you search around; its an old issue with no solution going back years (and els 5 and 6, as it is an asi mod).
    the event viewer bug that has been documented does not apply to gta4 asi, so that isn't a fix like for other games where keys dont work.
    since els7 broke windows xp support, i consider the release useless at this point.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    I'm sorry this new ELS just sucks. I can't slow down my patterns enough (3 is max), some of the old patterns are not present, it's overly complicated and you can't use the siren whenever you want to. Also it seems to have a bug with extra8, since no matter what I changed the secondary lights to (even directional), it just couldn't do anything with extra8. I even have a bug where I change to lstg3 with the traffic advisor off by default, and I can't use the siren. Also changing to a different siren tone doesn't seem to change the lighting pattern.
    I think simply adding some new features to the older ELS versions would have been a lot better.
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from BRAVO 9 ACTUAL in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    1. aint your buddy
    2. proves my point and original post.
    3. have a nice day
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from BRAVO 9 ACTUAL in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    1. aint your buddy
    2. proves my point and original post.
    3. have a nice day
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from BRAVO 9 ACTUAL in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    1. aint your buddy
    2. proves my point and original post.
    3. have a nice day
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from TheLocalKing in F-150 vs. Silverado   
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from BRAVO 9 ACTUAL in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    1. aint your buddy
    2. proves my point and original post.
    3. have a nice day
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    sgtdonuts reacted to cp702 in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    In Syria, the issue is that there really ISN'T anyone there to protect them - the security forces are also a threat to civilians.
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    sgtdonuts got a reaction from Double Doppler in U.S.A UNDER ATTACK OR SOMTHING?   
    posts like these make people hate us
    there is nothing nice i can say so i wont but you do realize his family and his brothers families were granted asylum long long ago? asylums are typically politcal based on which faction our government supports at the time.
    it's just coming to bite us as it always does because we always support "freedom fighters"
    google it when you get older.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods   
    That's how fast the actual tahoe is. I'm sorry, but I won't slow it down, since I only make realistic handling lines, trying to make it as close to the real one as possible. (I think I did make him that handling line)
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    sgtdonuts reacted to NicolaiB in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    It would be possible, but it would mean that every ELS car mod would not work properly with ELS V7.
    Car modders can easily set up the rear part of the lightbar for only using the extra parts that are used for the secondary lights  with the current setup.
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    sgtdonuts reacted to TheNorthernAlex in Who here actually drives...   
    My Wife's Birthday present

    My baby
    and here in "two tone color"  after playing

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    sgtdonuts reacted to 0x01 in should i get this as a tattoo?   
    I'm 99.9% sure you're going to regret it after a while.
    But if you really want to, go for it.