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    XxiJumpxX reacted to MayhemMercenary in Cool Little chase with snow mod   
    So snowy that the whole screen is white!
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to AgentCharles in Are feamales getting pregnant at a younger age than ever?   
    Because teenagers like to have sex.
    And I wouldn't be concerned, because it's not my problem. Until she says the three magical words. ''Babe I'm Pregnant.'' That's when you should not only be concerned, but off the charts concerned.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to McAwesome6934 in Multiplayer IV beta 1 gameplay in C#/Scripthook Open Source   
    No AI? That's a deal breaker yo.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to Illusionyary in Grand Theft Auto V Banned From Target Australia!   
    There's violence against men too in GTA V, but nobody gives a shit about that, right?
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to Mustu in Ford Interceptor Utility Engine Sound   
    I found this gem on YouTube earlier today (you'll have to click "Watch on YouTube"):
    And I was wondering if anyone could at least make the engine rev? I don't really care about the idling or startup noise, I just really want to use this for the Interceptor Utility I've got in my game.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to CrossFire in Cj24's Modifications   
    Can't wait for this! I've always liked that pack. Maybe you could do a PI Sedan and Utility?
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to Cj24 in Cj24's Modifications   
    I'm currently working on a new version of my old LCPD pack ('?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>), using new equipment and a new livery. The CVPI is in progress right now:

    More pictures of the car can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/duh7z
    The setup is including more interior equipment like a console as well as a few more lights. It is very customizable, decklights, grilllights, mirrorlights and a dashlight can all be removed seperatly by simply replacing a texture. Textures for all blue, all red and red/blue lights are included. An alternative .wft file without rambar will be included as well.
    The models itself are also more accurate, KevinDV's Liberty and TIR4 grill lights for example are way more detailed than the models used in the old pack. Most of the car models have been updated and improved in the meantime as well. Yet, I don't know exactly what cars I'm going to include, the current plan is to release the CVPI together with one other car and later update the pack to add more. It depends on the interest, but if it's as popular as the old one, I'll try to create as many cars as possible.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to AgentSanchez in GTA V - FPV Confirmed   
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    XxiJumpxX got a reaction from LCPDCheese in What's your favorite unmarked car?   
    I love this just would add a few more lights to it

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    XxiJumpxX got a reaction from LCPDCheese in What's your favorite unmarked car?   
    I love this just would add a few more lights to it

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    XxiJumpxX got a reaction from LCPDCheese in What's your favorite unmarked car?   
    I love this just would add a few more lights to it

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    XxiJumpxX got a reaction from LCPDCheese in What's your favorite unmarked car?   
    I love this just would add a few more lights to it

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    XxiJumpxX reacted to strike in Do You Have a Girlfriend (Or Boyfriend)?   
    Well I've been in an open relationship with my right hand since I broke with my ex-gf. Hope that answers your question.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to Caine in Newest WIP/REL   
    Comments? Suggestions?

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    XxiJumpxX reacted to ineseri in why do youtubers not crash in lcpdfr ?   
    Moving to LCPDFR Discussion
    There is no file to make you stop crash, that'd be magic or witchcraft. GTA IV will crash if you add more than it's supposed to do, i.e mods. 
    Youtubers most often cut their videos to remove the crashes, because who wants to see that? No one. Using less mods will make you crash less, that's the only real thing you can do. 
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to MSPOfficer in [REQ] Unlocked 2013/2014 Ford Taurus   
    Cj24 Made a Good Taurus. that was my Frist car i Downloaded when i Started useing GTA and i Still Use it today
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to police sgt21 in Lamborghini Request   
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    XxiJumpxX got a reaction from Takao in What's everyone's PC specs   
    AMD Radeon 7970hd 3GB
    Intel Core I5-3570k @3.40Ghz
    MSI MB dont remember what one 
    16 gb of Kingston Hyper X Ram
    250gb ssd from Crucial
    250gb ssd from Kingston HyperX
    2x 1tb HDD Cavier Black
    NZXT Phantom 410 White
    windows 7 64bit
    3 Acer 23 inch Monitors
    1 47 inch Vizio Smart TV
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to McAwesome6934 in LCDoJ's 5 Hour Patrol Livestream!   
    ... That was long patrol :P
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to iiKonrad in PriorityCallouts v1 (Updated Feature Log)   
    The reason im making this is to try to stand out from the other callout scripts. I wanna be different, and have advanced high priority callouts. I have the skill to do this, but it will take a while. Maybe soon ill add a development version. Anyway thanks for the support. Cheers.
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to iiKonrad in PriorityCallouts v1 (Updated Feature Log)   
    An all new callout script, involving multiple high priority callouts. I have started a couple days ago, although it is a MAJOR WIP. The only thing close to done is the Hospital Shootout, I will also add lots of unlisted features. Make sure to add suggestions in the comments.

    Features - 
    **Features In bold and italics may not be added, or will take time implementing
     •Bank Robbery  *This is the main feature of the script
      -Multiple persons
      -Large scale shootout
      -Doors of bank will be opened, a script will be used, as the API cant do this.
     •Hopspital Shoot-Out
      -Gang of 3-12 people 
      -Armed with Assault Rifles
      -3 suspects in van
      -Armed, shoot out of vehicle
      -Kidnape will follow suspects
      -Suspects drive to hideout, major shootout occurs if 
        this point is reached.
     •Bomb Threat (This is already set up, although defusing the bomb is buggy - Still developing)
      -Bomb will be on vehicle (a Model(s) might be made with an explosive under the hood)
      -Hood will be open when on scene
      -Vehicle will be smoking
      -Marker will be in front of car, walk into marker - Hold 'E' for 10 seconds to defuse the bomb
         Possible Additions to Bomb Threat callout (These might take lots of time to make, they may not be added)
            -K9 Script compatible (Searching for bomb)
            -Radius to look for suspect responsible for the bomb
            -Timer on bomb
       -Armed suspect running away from house with bag
          Possible Additions to Burglary callout (This is basic and might be added)
            -Return stolen items back to owner
     • Configurable .ini
      -Adjustable callout rarity for each individual callout
      -Adjustable situation for every individual callout (Changable weapon for AI, AI health, etc)
      -Other advanced features
    Suggestions so far 
     •Terrorist attack, terrorist with RPG
     •Gang war
    --Be sure to add suggestions, good ones will be added here
             Best Regards,
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to drdetroit in REST IN PIECE SISTER, N.Y.S.P.   
    Wow, you're harsh.  You don't know what was going on with her life issues to say such words.  Must have been bad, and she felt she had no way out unfortunately.  You should show a little more compassion, G-d forbid you should have such bad and painful issues in your life that would cause you to think suicide is the only solution...well that's what she went through, probably for a long time.
    I feel bad for her and her family.  Prays are in order, not vilification.  
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    XxiJumpxX reacted to McAwesome6934 in Happy Birthday Sergiyj!   
    Happy 10th man! Double digits! 
    Set this as your pic man!