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  1. MayhemMercenary


    I don't know anything about it, but usually a new version is released fairly quickly. I hope there's a way to revert my game version, otherwise me and the other people who don't have backups are screwed.
  2. So what about the LSPDFR YouTubers that play this game for a living? Is recording it going to be prosecutable? Will Take-Two actually enforce this rule that modding is apparently "illegal"? I by no means live off of my LSPDFR channel, but Jeff Favignano, Bayareabuggs, Polecat, and Stevethegamer are just a few full time YouTubers that focus on the LSPDFR mod. What does this mean for us content creators?
  3. The interactions I've had with cops have been good, not a single negative experience. People don't like cops because they hate being caught doing something wrong. I think the dislike for cops is being dramatized in this thread, it's really not as bad as it's being made out to be. Here's data from late last year that shows that support for cops has grown. http://www.gallup.com/poll/196610/americans-respect-police-surges.aspx
  4. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    Not at all surprised. I was a bit skeptical as soon as I heard his name. Fouseytube doesn't have the best reputation for being honest. Good find. :)
  5. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    I can understand why the passengers were uncomfortable, and I also see your point. I'm right with you when it comes to segregation. I don't want to live in a world like that either. My whole point is that most terrorists are Muslims, and it needs to be addressed. Everyone keeps beating around the bush because they are afraid of offending people, but that's not acceptable when people are dying.
  6. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    I agree that jumping to conclusions is bad, but only when you have no evidence for your conclusion. It's not illogical to come to the conclusion that the driver of a truck that injured 48 people and killed 12, was influenced by Islam. Why? The same style of attack was carried out in Nice not too long ago by an Islamic terrorist. Not only that, but nearly every recent terrorist attack in Europe has been carried out by a person or group influenced by Islam. People are dying, yet no one has the audacity to say it how it is because they are afraid of the backlash from others.
  7. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    This kind of political correctness is exactly why people keep dying. Several terrorist attacks have occurred in Europe in recent years, and most of the attackers have held the same ideology. How many times does this need to occur before people get a clue?
  8. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    That's because attacks across Europe have been carried out by the same group of people over and over. Wait and see, it's pretty obvious what his motives were.
  9. MayhemMercenary

    Attack in Berlin

    My thoughts prayers are with all of those involved. I think we all know what ideology most likely influenced this attack, and several others In the past.
  10. I stand with and support Israel.
  11. MayhemMercenary


    Much appreciated man! You too!
  12. MayhemMercenary


    After not being on the forums for a while, it's interesting to see how many people have shifted on the political spectrum. Many people I used to debate with are now saying things I wholeheartedly agree with. Kind of off topic, but interesting nonetheless.
  13. MayhemMercenary

    'Good Music' Thread

    I love the Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) remix of this song.
  14. MayhemMercenary

    Breaking news - Shooting in Munich

    This graph shows what I would consider a spike. I suppose "spike" is a subjective term.
  15. MayhemMercenary

    Breaking news - Shooting in Munich

    Well, I don't know what it takes to convince you. The evidence I have presented to back up my claim is sufficient. If you don't believe so, that's on you. Source: http://m.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/a-1085716.html#spRedirectedFrom=www&referrrer=