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  1. drdetroit

    script hook V update

    You can revert your game to the previous release version using the RagePluginHook interface, as long as you did a backup when prompted upon running it for the first time. Hold shift when running the exe and go to the last tab (forgot what it's called). From there it's fairly self explanatory. This will allow you to play using all mods until new scripthook is released. Good luck! DrDetroit
  2. drdetroit


    Had the same issue. Get rid of dsound.dll, that will cure your crashing. Good luck! DrDetroit
  3. drdetroit

    LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released

    Just wanted to say great job on the newest release - like the new jail cells, wasn't expecting that. Thanks for all the great work throughout the years!! Good day, DrDetroit
  4. drdetroit

    Creating event?

    You can disable the blip and/or disable the notification. See below: //When true, the following features assist you in finding ambient events. //This will add a blip to an offending vehicle. Only recommended for unexperienced traffic officers. //Default: CreateBlipsForAmbientEvents=true CreateBlipsForAmbientEvents=false //Enabling this shows a description of an ambient event, e.g. a driver using a mobile phone. Only recommended for unexperienced traffic officers. //Default: ShowAmbientEventDescriptionMessage=false ShowAmbientEventDescriptionMessage=false Good luck, DrDetroit
  5. drdetroit

    70s Detroit Police Car

    Very original man. Kudos just for that! Keep working at it! Good day, DrDetroit
  6. drdetroit

    LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update

    Nope, I use it to chill the cops out, as well as the peds. Like you said, it's the cops you and I are worried about. If I see them coming like mad dogs, and I hit the key and that circle pops up, once they hit that circle, or already in the circle, they stop or slow, whichever you selected. It does work with AI cops 100% confirmed far as I'm concerned. Try it. Good day, DrDetroit
  7. drdetroit

    LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update

    Use the Keep Calm mod, hit left Ctrl + I (or Ctrl + H - can't remember, been a bit - one command stops traffic the other limits speed) and everybody will chill out when leaving the scene. I use it every time without fail, and it really helps a lot. So I'm not off topic; can't wait until the .3+ release. Fantastic job so far guys. Good luck. DrDetroit
  8. drdetroit

    3DS Max or Zmodeler?

    You should use 3DSmax for making the model and zModeler to scale, and convert for import into the game - that's my assumption with zModeler. I'm proficient with 3DSM but never messed with zModeller. Good day, DrDetroit
  9. drdetroit

    Radio in police vehicle

    Ah, didn't think of that...thanks ineseri. Good day! DrDetroit
  10. Hey guy, So trying to get the radio station to play while in the police vehicle. I've tried changing car's game ID in the meta file - no go. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks! DrDetroit