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  1. @panoszaf I think you might've made an error in Zmodeker with the Silverado. It seems like you didn't enable multiple liveries, so the truck spawns with only the Patrol skin, not the CVE one. FLAG_HAS_LIVERY is present in the vehicles.meta you provided, however my research seems to point to a zmod issue involves what is detailed here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/807/tutorial-accepted-multiple-liveries-methode-for-any-car
  2. Alrighty. I'll give that a shot. Yep, that fixed it. Thanks for your help!
  3. I did install both, however the issue persists. Could it have something to do with the location I installed the vehicles at? I use Albo's Modding DLC Pack V, which overrides the need to install vehicles into a patchdayxng file. Therefore, the cars are installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\MODDING\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\vehicles.rpf\. Do I need to move them to a patchday for them to work??
  4. @panoszaf I'm running into an issue with installing this pack. I've installed everything as you instructed and I have a gameconfig in place as well as something to increase the allocation of memory, however when I try to spawn any of the add-on vehicles, nothing spawns in. My trainer says that the vehicle spawned, but nothing is there. Same thing happens when I attempt to spawn the cars withe RPH Console. Is it by chance because I changed some textures in .ytd files? Or do I need a carvariations.meta? Do I need to add these new models to my dlclist.xml file?
  5. I recently had to reset my PC, and in the process of re-downloading and reinstalling everything, I thought I had followed all the instructions. However, when I launch my game and go on duty, I receive a message that Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager, PeterUCallouts, and Assorted Callouts are not installed correctly and therefore won't load. I ran Albo's troubleshooter, and it allows for autofixing, however it gives me an error message stating that it doesn't have file permissions, when I attempt the former. I can't figure out why this might be happening, aside from the fact that when I installed LSPDFR, it created a second plugins folder inside the orginal, which is where the mods installed originally, before I cut and pasted them to the correct one, and deleted the duplicate. If any one knows how to fix this, I'd appreciate it, as I'm two days into this now. Troubleshooter log is as follows, TIA!:
  6. Fhsig13

    [ELS] Florida Highway Patrol Pack

    @Trooper D. Is there a fix for the back left light on the charger not lighting up yet, by any chance? I tried redowloading the pack and replacing the VCF, as well as replacing the text in the VCF with the one your provided above, but to no avail.
  7. Fhsig13

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    There is an issue with one of the vests....I think it's the light vest, since the replacing the file doesn't change the texture on the vest that shows up on the "RCMP Patrol" outfit. (It does change it in OpenIV, just not ingame).
  8. Fhsig13

    [ELS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack

    @Walters I was going to DM you in our convo, but you've got your messages blocked. I think I might have found a solution to our ENV lighting issue. The consensus of the community seems to be that you should try rotating the light dummies for the front of the lightbar 180 degrees, and see if that makes a difference. Also, If you could make the rambar on the Unmarked/Slicktop FPIS a toggleable optional please, that'd be grand. (The RCMP, where I live at least, don't often have rambars on any of their FPIS's).
  9. Fhsig13

    RPH Help

    You have to run that latest version of GTA V with the latest versions of RPH and ScripthookV. Unfortunately AlexanderBlade and his team haven't gotten us an updated version of SHV yet, so your game, like my own, might not work until you have that, as only the latest versions of GTA V and RPH are supported by one another, so reverting for the sake of SHV won't work.
  10. Fhsig13

    Script Hook V

    Unfortunately, no one knows at this time, as it is up to AlexanderBlade and his Dev team to put together and release an update. They're usually pretty swift about this stuff, so god only knows whats taking them this time.
  11. Fhsig13

    ELS Environmental Lighting Question

    Okay. It seems as though I am not the only one that's had the issue, as others have commented on the upload, complaining of the same. Walters himself has also admitted that it happens to him too. Secondly, I don't have access to the models, so I can't mess with the dummies unfortunately. Lastly, I will try the default VCF at some point and see what happens.
  12. Fhsig13

    ELS Environmental Lighting Question

    Hey WillUnderscore, Thank you for your response. I did consider incorrect dummy direction as a possible issue before, however Walters maintained that he had placed all of his dummies correctly, up until he vanished. Would you happen to know of any other possible reason why the ENV lighting might not flood correctly?
  13. Fhsig13

    Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    Hey there, Robert. Nice pack overall, however I'm running into an issue with the FPIU, Silverado, FPIS, and Charger. The LSTG3 setting steadyburns for me, seemingly overlayed with the flash pattern it's supposed to have. I didn't have the issue with the marked CVPI, as obviously it uses a different lightbar. I triple-checked my installation, and everything seems to be correctly installed, so I'm wondering if this is a bug?
  14. Evening, I've been trying to help Walters fix the ENV Lighting for RCMP Mega Pack, and now it seems that he's vanished off the face of the earth. The issue at hand is that originally his ENV Lighting did not flood in front of the vehicles, only to the back and to the sides. I recently discovered that by changing slicktop=false to slicktop=true in the VCF files reversed the issue. Now the ENV lights flood in front of the vehicle and only to the front, save for small patches to the sides, and the amber traffic direction lights to the rear. What we'd both like is red and blue flooding on all sides, plus the amber to the rear. The extras and emissives are there, it's just that we can't figure out why the X, Y, and Z values aren't working out despite many attempts. Any help would be much appreciated, as we're over a month into this. Our X, Y, and Z values for all vehicles are as follows:
  15. Fhsig13

    More Red And Blue Lights

    UPDATE: Found the issue! The buenolights2 has to be recolored to match the others in order to fix orange & light blue lighting.