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    aripearlman got a reaction from TheMebster in New to LCPDFR and I can't wait to play it!   
    if you need any help with installing cars or anything like that just message me and ill be glad to help you with that kind of thing :)
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    aripearlman reacted to ineseri in GTA V Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC   
    Oh look, Internet Explorer! :P
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    aripearlman reacted to LukeD in 1.0c - No Better...   
    I'm going to assume that you have never once taken a look at why your game crashes. Cause if you did you will have noticed AdvancedHook got an update, it produces better error codes for us. And the minidump file? Again, another way to make it easier for us to find out what goes wrong. LCPDFR itself now produces better, more detailed error logs too.
    Those updates are not for you. They are not special features or cool fun things to do. They are bits of code dedicated to finding out problems and reporting them so they can be fixed better. They are performance fixes and patches to errors.
    So the next time you take to a forum to whine about crashes. take a minute to look at what's really going on. And maybe then you will have some respect for the developers who are working hard to fix problems while still trying to bring you better gameplay.
    /rant over (sorry)
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    aripearlman reacted to willpv23 in LSPD:FR Website?   
    Also, I just quoted you on that.
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    aripearlman reacted to Caesar in Your thoughts & opinions on same sex marriage.   
    I can really care less, two men or two women get married...OHHH such a big deal.
    They love each other, deal with it and move on.
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    aripearlman got a reaction from 42069 in NYPD Detective jacket   
    guys these are raid jackets thats why you may not have seen them before.
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    aripearlman reacted to STARTairsoft780 in New EMS Mod by Mordecki Trailer 3   
    Any update on this..?
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    aripearlman reacted to AlconH in Flash point S.R.U SUB   
    Does nobody every read the description on anything? My model was created for the first versions of the vehicles in the earlier seasons. Yours is modeled upon the later version used in the last few seasons.
    Would you be able to provide proof of that? since it looks very similar to an unlocked model released recently be a developer.
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    aripearlman reacted to Taxi in Favorite non lethal weapon   
    Sounds like someone had a bad traumatic experience with his dad :D
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    aripearlman reacted to PursuitGamer6 in Traffic Advisor Mod   
    It cant, because the traffic is so bad...
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    aripearlman reacted to STARTairsoft780 in New EMS Mod by Mordecki Trailer 3   
    I would like to take a moment and recognize a former member, Anti... and prove to everyone that he lost... and Mordecki wins!
    Awesome job! Looks really nice and crisp.
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    aripearlman reacted to Y0TELEX in LCPD:FR Going To Recieve More Exposure?   
    I make LCPDFR videos on YouTube and I do not intend to bring a negative crowd into the mix. To be honest though I get comments daily asking where to install the game and whatnot and you would be surprised at how many kids can't even find the website lol so at the same time I feel the videos we create gives the game some spark but once these kids find out how complicated modding the game can be they will be turned off thus eliminating some of the "trolls" and more uneducated crowd. That's a good barrier to keep the trolls out is the simple degree of complication it takes to actually get this game going. Most of them wont waste the time. It's not as easy as picking up Modern Warfare and playing. As with any community and any game though you can surely expect to gain some attention from trolls. It's inevitable. I play and showcase my videos because it's fun and there's no other game like it. People truly enjoy watching any lcpdfr YouTuber because this game is that unique. I actually for one hope the community keeps growing. Yeah we will pick up trolls and dead weight from time to time but nothing that we haven't already dealt with!
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    aripearlman reacted to TUNES in Show your LCPDFR Set-Up   
    I cant even afford a camera to take pictures of my setup.
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    aripearlman reacted to alexks101 in XBOX Reveal   
    I already have next-gen console, I'm on PC
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    aripearlman got a reaction from TheLocalKing in [Release V1] Desktop Dispatching Program   
    once the pics are bigger i would love to see it.
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    aripearlman reacted to Break in Could something like traffic flow be integrated with RC3?   
    The "taxi bug" only appears if you're using modded cars -> LCPDFR doesn't install modded cars -> there's no reason LCPDFR should fix a bug it's not creating.
    Seriously, LCPDFR was concepted to run on a vanilla copy of GTA IV. If it runs on a vanilla copy, there won't be any taxi bug.
    Now if some users feel the need to run the game with high poly car models, then they should bear the consequences for it and not try to force additional lines of code onto players who don't need them.
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    aripearlman reacted to CouthInk4 in vehicles.ide editing   
    No problem, I'm happy to help:) Just as a favor in return please press the button next to my comment:)
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    aripearlman reacted to JAM in Thats Not My Name   
    Well ok then. Thank you for informing us on this important matter.
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    aripearlman reacted to MoonShine in This is why...LCPDFR is what it is...   
    "This is why...LCPDFR is what it is..."
    So instead of just leaving a site you apparently have no interest or part of, you decide to stay and talk an immense amount of crap towards other members, including staff.
    The rules of the internet are quite simple, you don't like where you are, you leave. This is the action you should have taken before you started wasting everybody's time.
    I did find this a little entertaining I have to admit, but I am always glad to see trolls and sh*tstarters being taken out of the community.
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    aripearlman reacted to AlconH in Just saying hello, getting tips...   
    For #3 + #6, this tutorial shows you how to have more than one functional copy of GTA IV installed. That way you can have one clean with no mods for multiplayer or with a clan mods installed, and another for single player with your own preferred mods.
    That's also the website of a clan that i'm apart of too. You may want to check them out.

    EDIT - 01/01/13
    I don't know who gave me the - rep for this post, nor do I understand why. The OP mentioned the possibility of joining a clan and playing multiplayer, so I offered a way to keep their mods whilst doing this. I honestly don't see a problem in this, but the n someone obviously does. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know why you gave me -1 so I can attempt to please you in my future posts.
    Kindest Regards
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    aripearlman reacted to Taxi in Happy Hanukah!   
    Happy hanukah to all of you :D
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    aripearlman reacted to nat in hood scoop   
    i think it would be cool to have a dodge charger with light's in the hood scoop. i think the black dodge charger would look good if it had a hood scoop on it and instead of light's being on the dash thay were in the hood scoop.
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    aripearlman reacted to Bleed Blue in Sirene   
    One of the things I did was switch the siren key to my middle mouse.. so i can look around whilst driving, and still operate the siren.
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    aripearlman reacted to unr3al in Obama   
    Really, dude? If you have political opinions, that's fine, but keep that trash talk off of here.