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  1. aripearlman

    police sanchez ?

    can someone resin the sanchez into a off road police vehicle for park/out in the country patrols. Also is it possible for anyone to resin the lifeguard atv to a police skin?
  2. aripearlman

    Dash Light Mod by Lt. Caine

  3. aripearlman

    LCPDFR 1.0 - Latest Update

    the game loads for me and i can play and activate the mod bu when itty to go into the station to go on duty it says loading and then it crashes. Also i know i can force duty but i want to be able to get a partner and stuff,any help would be appreciated.
  4. aripearlman

    LCPDFR 1.0 - Latest Update

    my game chrashes when trying to enter the police station, i walk into the arrow and then t says loading and then it just crashes any ideas guys?
  5. aripearlman

    NYPD Detective jacket

    upload it to the site so we can all enjoy it please!
  6. aripearlman

    NYPD Detective jacket

    guys these are raid jackets thats why you may not have seen them before.
  7. aripearlman

    Flashbang Grenades WIP

    if it can work that would be amazing!
  8. you guys are the only reason for me building a custom pc and i love it thanks guys and keep on doing what you do cant wait for LCPDFR 1.0!!!
  9. aripearlman

    GTA IV 75% off on steam!

    i bought this last summer during their sale and eflc runs sooooo slow on my computer but gta iv runs super smooth so yeah...
  10. aripearlman

    I have a question...

    i planned on upgrading the power supply sometime in the near future also what frames will i get with this and will i be able to run a nice enb like game4video with how many frames?