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  1. I read in another file that the website was having some issues. I was able to download this file about an hour ago, so I would just keep trying occasionally.
  2. Definitely a good car. I love the light set up, but the front is crazy bright. Maybe a few less lights with white/clear emissives? They drown out the red and blue lighting, especially since they’re used in combination with the white Intersectors under the mirrors. Or can you post what textures make up the lights on the front so they can be edited to match the intensity of the other lights?
  3. Lol just busting balls, it was a Google search. Simply meant why complain and get "frustrated" about a model that someone else made and released for everyone here to use? However since we're being technical, there are a few vendors in the L.A. area that sell the bumpers.
  4. Good deal. Thanks for the info @Sniper296 & @flwpheonix. I have always avoided high poly count vehicles, even though a lot of them look good because I was afraid it would create issues. I'll have to start giving some a try. @flwpheonix how can you tell if a model might create issues based off of the issue you spoke about? Will the ytd file just be excessively large? If so, can some just be deleted by editing using OIV? I know many look for realism on the interiors, but I never use first person, so the only time I have an issue with an interior is if I have to find a way to darken an in car computer screen, etc.
  5. Lol, I never realized how many "unmarked" Dodge Ram's are on the streets, especially in Texas... Good looking model Troop.
  6. I am aware of the livery issue and pretty much use 2K liveries to specifically avoid texture issues as much as possible. So the poly count of the model doesn't really impact the game performance? Just trying to clarify since I have avoided using some models that I thought looked good because I figured the game would run at a decreased level or I would have texture loss, etc.
    Definitely like the model, but I give it a higher rating because the light bar is broken up into more sections then many of the other models with the Legacy.
  7. Had an issue when I tried to use the Tahoe in game. It crashed the game and corrupted the file. Don't know what I could've done wrong,but I guess it could've made a mistake somehow.
    Looked like the best FHP pack out there. Only issue was the lights around the brake light did not light up. Good incorporation of their light bar.
    Very simple, but good model. Minimal lighting, but that matches with the fact that it's a detective car, etc. Issues with the livery or windows are easily solved by importing a livery that matches the templates that are included.
  8. I like the low key lighting. It is a change from different models that are trying to look like spaceships. Grille lights wouldn't be bad, but mirror lights, etc would take away from the fact that it's supposed to be a version of the vehicle that isn't readily identifiable. I definitely agree, no runner lights....EVER.
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