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  1. That must be an issue with the website and not the file itself. Try waiting a while and trying again, it should be fixed soon.
  2. kilroy95

    2016 Ford Explorer | ELS |

    I agree with Gio. Most texture devs won't mind letting you use one of their textures as long as proper credit is given. To fix the backwards takedowns I would suggest this -
    This is top quality work. All the small details and custom made parts really show the effort put into this pack and those rotary lights are just beautiful! Amazing
    God Damn. Now this is a great looking Tahoe. I really love the option for blue and white lights. Great work man, can't wait to see whats next!
  3. No, this pack won't be updated anymore. I'm sorry.
  4. Sorry, no it doesnt. There is only a texture for BxBugg's '14 Charger base.
  5. Which one? He has a '14 and '16.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Well, I'm here with a second vehicle release. This time a whole three vehicles! (impressive right? /s) I've always liked the look of South Carolina State Transport Police and I thought they would make a great pack. I tried to make it as accurate as possible but there isn't a lot of information about their equipment and vehicles so I had to guess and make changes where I could. SCSTP's primary duty is commercial vehicle enforcement so the vehicles in the pack are set up for that to the best of my ability. I hope you guys enjoy! Please leave a review or comment! Included: 2008 Crown Victoria 2013 Tahoe 2015 Tahoe All the installation information is located in the ReadMe in the download. Known Bugs: There is no collisions on the ram-bars. Sorry, I still can't get that to work. Disclaimer: Do not redistribute Do not rip or edit the vehicles at all (except textures) If you make a texture pack please link back to the vehicle. Credits:
  7. kilroy95

    Kilroy95's Models

    So, Im moving from textures to models now. Lets see how things go
  8. kilroy95

    BCSO 4K (Harris, TX)

    Whenever I see you upload I always know its going to be quality. This looks great and suits BC really well! I love the ghosts as well
  9. kilroy95

    2013 Unmarked Chevy Tahoe PPV

    Finally, a nice unmarked tahoe. There is a lot of lights but theyre done very well and the interior looks great. Great work! 12/10
  10. kilroy95

    [ELS] 2004 Los Santos Police CVPI Pack

    Oh yeah, I love their design!
  11. The creator who made it has recently quit and removed his content. It may work with Walter's van from his RCMP pack.
  12. kilroy95

    [ELS] 2004 Los Santos Police CVPI Pack

    No, I'm not. The reasoning behind the lack of a laptop is the car is based on 2004-2005. They weren't as wide spread then as they are now.
    Now this is a nice looking FPIS! I really love the lighting set up and those are some good looking antennas.