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  1. try custom visuals then or maybe settings in either of the other 2, I had same problem
  2. when you go into trainer to spawn do you go to add on vehicles or emergency vehicles? because if you have a veh labled sheriff in your add ons then its conflicting with the default sheriff slot so I would suggest making sure both sheriff slots have the same vehicle files or just eliminate the sheriff in the add on category and use default sheriff slot with the vehicle your wanting to use as sheriff
  3. its not ELS, you need to install a visual mod like RadianceV, VisualV, Custom Visuals, etc etc
  4. All content from Bejoljo was taken down including stop the ped and ultimate backup with no explanation. My assumption would be devs are gearing up for the release of .4 maybe but that's just my assumption
  5. Nice pack would be great if some of these packs being released was non els
    Very nice model love the fact the lights are mapped out and can be edited so easily
  6. They are but lore friendly version, I added a little more text on the vehicle than WVDNR actually has to make it a little different, figured since I released a lore friendly State Police, Kanawha County and Fayette County I might as well do these as well
  7. Your pack that your working on going to have the customizable lights as well?
  8. @Longmire4SHERIFF What vehicle models are you wanting them for? The Tahoes you have Pictured?
  9. Use version 1 of mod it gives the right amount of each calmness and speeders
  10. Unmarked means its unmarked as in graphics, decals, department lettering etc., undercover would be no visible lights, antennas etc.. as far as this truck goes as any unmarked police vehicle the visor lights and rear window TA gives it away as police vehicle, I would agree the push bar doesn't look good on the low rider but it kinda ruined the higher version just released without the rambar, as far as blending in 8 out of 10 trucks you pass on the road in real life has a bull bar or brush guard on it and 7 out of those 8 has a led lightbar
  11. love the fact that trucks and all now clear when your running lights but I ha to revert back to the first release with this most recent update the top speed im getting on the freeways is 48mph, with the first release I was getting speeders this 2nd release is pretty much like the very first release of the AI traffic calmed it slows down everything to a crawl and pursuits is stop and go at slow speeds
  12. @oficeandrew just remove the actual model from your download then move your created texture to Vehicle Textures instead of here and you will be fine, you can make skins for anymodel you choose if you use a certain model to display your work give credit to the author of the model and include a link to the model for people to go and get the model if they choose, seeing as how textures/liveries are pretty universal they can be used for different models from different authers so theres that, a bad one star review isn't warranted for a honest mistake on your first ever attempt so don't let the negs get you down learn from it and move on it will get better
  13. Just release them, if only 1 or 2 people was to use then Im sure they would be thankful, but the pic looks fine im sure people will download, I release all the time some get decent response and other don't im always changing in my game so they are already made why not release
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