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  1. chadc78

    WVSP Uniforms

    Are you requesting A uniform?
  2. chadc78

    BCSO Task Force and Patrol Fleet

    OK they are uploaded under folder Blaine County PD Pack
  3. chadc78

    San Andreas State Police (WVSP)

    Me as well, Im from Kanawha County
  4. Version 1.0.1


    These skins are based off of the West Virginia State Police vehicle design with a little of my own twist and changes There are 28 Skins in this Pack 4 for each of the 7 vehicles in the Los Santos Regional Police Pack By: Jedahdiah I will be updating over the next week or so adding additional vehicles. ***Do Not Reupload to any other site, Don't rip or modify in any way*** If there is anything I missed in the final edit before upload message me and I will fix it there is a lot of skins with each being a little different so its very possible I overlooked some small detail ***If you download these and use them leave a review good or BAD, it doesn't take much time. Thanks For Downloading
  5. chadc78

    BCSO Task Force and Patrol Fleet

    Finishing up a large pack now with 28 skins so far in it, will do them tonite if I have time
  6. chadc78

    BCSO Task Force and Patrol Fleet

    Patrol or Task Force?
  7. chadc78

    BCSO Task Force and Patrol Fleet

    Both chargers and the Tahoe models should work, which others the caprice and CVPI? Patrol Fleet or Task Force, both?
  8. chadc78

    [ELS] 2013 Tahoe (Fake snow)

    the snow in the screenshot (environment) is this a mod? when I try to add snow with trainer it says not supported with my game version
  9. chadc78

    BCSO Task Force and Patrol Fleet

    Skins have been made for the vehicles you requested and uploaded to the pack as a update
  10. I'm having a issue that every time I use walk and turn and then arrest ped after I place them in the car they get out and steal my car and take off, this only happens after I use the sobriety test menu. Any clue how to fix?
  11. chadc78

    My first callout addon - MaRc4!

    Maybe add a description of the mod what callouts it has, what it does,,, anything that may indicate what it is
  12. Version 1.0.1


    There is 6 vehicles in this pack Tahoe FPIU FPIS Silverado Charger CVPI Next update will have remainder of vehicles and K9 Unit Also included is a File labeled Reflective you MUST use this in the texture file that is also labeled Reflective if not the skins will overlap, I also included glass for the CVPI as the model has writing pertaining to the default skins (optional). the vehicles that I made these for is Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack by: Walters (Nice pack vehicles are realistic and not over the top with lights, 101 Antennas and 73 ALPR's) https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/18322-els-royal-canadian-mounted-police-mega-pack/ I know there is a couple issues with CVPI skin and I will have them corrected when I update with the rest of the vehicles from this pack Don't reupload these skins to any other site or use on any other site without permission or claim them as your own
    Great pack, no unrealistic lighting, no unrealistic 75 antennas all over, no 17 ALPRS mounted on top, skins look great, wont work for me will be changing but non the less they look good overall great job
  13. chadc78

    [ELS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack

    Thanks, Gonna try a couple of these now they look great
  14. chadc78

    [ELS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack

    using the links provided in the download I used google and bing and both had same results Not Found. can someone please help a less than tech savvy guy out here locating this pack?