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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from Lundy in How to set up ELS rotating lights?   
    The link in the video description is wrong its actually this car '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Sam in LCPDFR 1.0d Now Released   
    Continuing with the ongoing development of LCPD First Response - a process which has been going on for about five and a half years now, we're excited to announce the release of the next installment in the 1.0 series, 1.0d.
    LCPDFR 1.0d brings with it a number of fixes and new features. For the first time, we've also put together a comprehensive on-line guide to the new release, hopefully giving everyone more accessible information about what LCPDFR 1.0d can do, and how you can use it and this is accessible here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/page/guide.html
    Among the new features added in LCPDFR 1.0d are water pursuits, red laser Tasers, multiple partners, and all new Quick Action Menu.  As always, we've taken the opportunity to fix several bugs and to increase overall stability.  For those of you who play GTA IV Multiplayer, you'll be pleased to know that improvements have been made with regards to multiplayer compatibility too.
    Again, this release, along with various changes that have been happening on the website are part of a wider flurry of activity that is taking place right now at LCPDFR.com.   Of course, with this release, the focus will soon shift back to the website, and more details about that can be found in my news post from last month: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    We hope you enjoy LCPDFR 1.0d,
    Problems with the automatic installer downloads?  Your anti-virus may be detecting them as false-positives: either disable your anti-virus momentarily or use the manual installation instead.
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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from 42069 in new police vehicles   
    If you want wig wags in the headlight and tail light change the Chargers VCF like this 
    [ CORONAS ]
    Headlights = on, 0
    Taillights = on, 0
    IndicatorsF = off, 0
    IndicatorsB = off, 0
    Reverselights = on, 0
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Sam in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I do appreciate the extra effort that's gone into the trolling after we've acknowledged it...
    It's a shame, I'd rather not leave this abomination up for all to see, but perhaps it better illustrates the way that certain people treat us and our members.  Nothing productive, no reports, no dialogue, just a bunch of funny pictures.  You would think that after all the hard work that our members and staff do around here that there would be some more appreciation, you know, getting everything for free, having a massive downloads section, working our butts off on releasing a new LCPDFR.
    It brings into question why we actually continue with this to be honest.
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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from Darkangel in George Zimmerman Arrested Again   
    Who is George Zimmerman ?
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to toothpick22 in Chevy Tahoe SlickTop (Christmas Tree)   
    What do you guys think?    
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Tazzzjor in 2013 Freightliner M2 Ambulance By Tazzzjor Modding   
    This is the all new 2013 Freightliner M2 Ambulance By Tazzzjor Modding
    Original Model Provided by Rick Griffin.
    Tazzzjor Modding Optimized the cab down to 166k Polys
    -Full interior by Tazzzjor Modding
    -Rear Ambulance Box By KevinDV
    -This model will be locked
    Here's the Photos

    Completion of the project should be around next week, maybe towards the start of the week depending on the progress, I am planning to add major details to this
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to LtCarman in [REL/WIP] Liberty Designs (LtCarman) Texture Showcase   
    I'll be posting all my texture modifications here, as well as any WIP stuff. I'll try to update this regularly as I'm working on skins. As always, I'm open for any requests or suggestions. Doesn't mean I'll make it but feel free to ask me if you're interested!
    With the exception of my older skins, all textures are made using vector graphics and, starting with the "Napa City" texture release, all textures will feature high resolution options.
    Top Downloads
    Click on the image to download - (All Downloads)
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to PolicePatrolGame in Police Patrol Game - iPhone, released July 31st   
    Hey all!
    My indie game Police Patrol Game is finally released today(July 31st)  for iOS!
    I posted about this >earlier in these forums (over a year ago), and now finally managed to get it out :)
    The game should not be taken too seriously and is not insanely deep with content (yet), but it is out there.  
    About the Game
    “Police Patrol Game” is a racing and action-oriented adventure game that features Ofc. Chris Kopp as the main character. Chris’s goal is to patrol the streets and ensure that the good citizens stay on the right side of the law.
    Graphically, the game is similar to early Grand Theft Auto games (GTA1 & GTA2), and has a top down perspective. The gameplay consists of high-speed chases, arrests, gunfights, and of patrol duty. 
    Key Features
    dispatcher missions pull over any non-emergency vehicle gunfights high-speed chases  5 different cop cars (unlocked as player gains rank) 7 different weapons (unlocked as player gains rank) Article on TouchAracade:
    Official Trailer:

    iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/police-patrol-game/id666239746
      Price: $1.99 USD
    For more information: 
    Twitter: @PolicePatrolGam

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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to JewishBanana in Happy Birthday Carrythxd!   
    Most of us know who Carrythxd is because his/her screenshots have flooded the gallery! He/she has made a big impact on the GTA 4 community with making YouTube videos and supporting LCPD:FR in a lot of ways. I just wanna wish him/her a happy birthday today and hope they have a good day. Thank you for what you do Carrythxd. We all appreciate you .
    Edit: Here's Carrythxd's gallery images for anyone who's never seen 'em before '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to NickieB in Secondary/traffic advisory lights messed up?   
    If you open the ELS.ini and find the slot you have the vehicle installed under, then look whats next to "FILE =", whatever is after = is the config file. Now go into the ELS folder within the GTA or EFLC folder and find the config file that corresponds to the name after "=", open it and scroll down and find [ SECL ] and see what it says next to "TYPE" - it should either say "leds" which would be the random patterns or "drct" which would be the traffic advisor patterns, ie left, right, split, etc. BTW all of this is in the ELS user guide...
    Also it could depend on how the author setup the secondary's since not everyone sets it up to be a traffic advisor
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Ridgerunner in LASD/Liberty County Sheriff Ped   
    So I've been working on a lot of my many ped projects. Each one has components that will be used in other projects (ie; heads, textures, etc), so it's been hard to focus on one project and finish, rather then work on all of them at once. This one is a Liberty County Sheriff Ped model with a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department uniform, but for those that do not like the uniform don't worry because I will be including other textures (blue,green, white, etc) to change the color of the uniform. Also I'll have 3 different styles for the short/long sleeve upper meshes (4 if you guys want me to include a model without the shoulder mic, although you could probably just delete that section of the texture to make it invisible I'll have to test). The screenshot I've included is the "cross chest" model. Another will have the shoulder mic on the shoulder and the final model will have a behind the back look. The release will also include long sleeve, jacket, rain coat, traffic vest, etc., but the short sleeve version has been the most time consuming (and is far from being done). As you can see from the screenshot below I'm still working on the textures (very important feature) so don't freak out because the colors don't blend I can assure you it will change for the final release. The model will be designed to encompass as many different sheriff department agencies as possible and not be specific to any specific one (ie; LASD), which will be accomplished through easy texture edits. Again I have to stress this is far from being done just a sneak peak and something for you guys to look forward to being released sometime in the near future.

    Model Overview
    New Head Models/Faces Improved shoulder patches NYPD badge removed replaced with six point badge (final will probably have other style badges) New improved textures Added shoulder mic Duty belt includes Gun/holster, Handcuff Pouch, OC, Double Ammo Pouch, ASP, Portable Radio, Latex Glove Pouch, Surefire Flashlight Upper/Lower models reshaped (physically fit officers) Short sleeve, Long sleeve, Jacket (include 2 textures including a high viz texture for highway/accidents, etc), Rain Coat (will also include the high viz texture as well as a standard texture), Traffic Vest models

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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from tmusson21 in ELS is too confusing. Help, please.   
    Ok first turn on the ELS Info panel by pressing ctrl plus M then turn on your lighting to stage 3 then press alt plus H . You should see the SRN now says AUTO instead on MAN .
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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from dunkboi in Looking for this visor light and dont know the name of it   
    I think its the Federal Signal DeltaRay and you can find it on this car made by Bxbugs123 a Chevy Impala http://gtapolicemods.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1690 .
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Harper in LCPDFR: 0.95 RC3 Preview [UPDATED 06/02/13]   
    On behalf of the staff here at G17 Media, I present to you the first footage of Release Candidate 3 of 0.95.

    Believe me when I say, the pursuits are a thousands times better this time.

    Went for something different this time around.
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to JIverson in New EMS Mod by Mordecki Trailer 3   
    Random callouts
    Various Stations ( 14) all over Liberty City
    Roleplayer friendly ( Lunchtime, mechanic, refill equipment,  stretcher control)
    many more features!!!
    Check it out and if you like -> ENDORSE/ LIKE

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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to xandeck in Police Tactics - Real Sim   
    EDITED IN June, 2014.
    Hello everyone,
    I don't know if there is still someone from this forum following our game, but I really wanted to tell you that we are officially back developing the game (about a month ago).
    Our company closed a deal with a nice publisher and we are going to launch this year (release soon to be announced in our website).
    I really wanted to thank you, everyone, that supported us in the past and I hope we can count with you again.
    Check our website once more to see the news and we even has a recent new (pitch) gameplay video. But our current version (not in video) is MUCH better and we are going to have much more news in our website soon. I really wish I could have some of you guys, fans of police games, to support us.

    And admins / moderators, please, keep up this great mod, the last version is great and I really enjoy playing it ;)
    Hello all,
    Its been a long time since my last check here, I was real busy.
    Today I want to announce here a game "for fun" I was creating, I got good feedbacks and now I want to finish this nice project. Its called Police Tactics, a game where you control a police officer life, including its duties while in blue/black and while off-duty.

    EDIT: this project is now been developed by my game studio, Odin Game Studio.
    It will be good to get feedback from a community that loves police related games and this is the perfect moment.
    Game briefing can be found here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/police-tactics
    Development blog, with always latest infos: http://policetacticsgame.blogspot.com.br/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoliceTactics
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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from Chamimnya in What CVPI is this?   
    I thinks its one of NickieB's car .

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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Yard1 in Large Address Aware - a possible way to increase GTA IV stability   
    Hey guys,

    I don't know how many of you know about Large Address Aware - it's an application thanks to which programs can use more than 2 gigs of memory on x64 systems. Quote from original topic on techpowerup.com:

    So, how does this apply to GTA IV, you ask?


    After applying the LAA flag to GTAIV.exe, my game is much more stable. It might be just a placebo effect, but it feel smoother, textures pop up faster and it crashes less (from 15 mins. to about 30 - 45).

    Link to the application and instructions how to use it are here - http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112556.

    It also works with other games!

    Just remember, you must have x64 Windows to use it.

    Try it out and let me know if it worked for you!
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to Sam in ELS 7 - It's here!   
    This is a pretty big moment for all of us here at LCPDFR, especially me.  For quite some time now, LCPDFR has been a really big site with a massive community, a huge downloads database and everything else but for me at least, it's always felt like there has been a huge piece missing from the puzzle.  Now, with the release of ELS 7 right here on LCPDFR.com, it feels like we've just taken a massive step forward to the completion of that puzzle.
    ELS ultimately embodies everything that the game modding community is all about - we see a missed opportunity, a mechanic that hasn't reached its full potential or just simply something that we all believe is wrong with the game and we do what we can to fix it.  In LCPDFR's case there has always been considerable demand for an entirely new game, something which is the complete opposite of GTA.  For years we'd waited, and for years nothing had happened.  Eventually, I just gave it a bash to see what I could do and from that point on it just grew and grew and grew.  The story for ELS, though, is a little different, seeing as there had actually been police lights in every GTA game.  The beauty of this form of modding though is non-acceptance of the status quo and an ambition to make something better.  Essentially, that's what Caine did back in 2009 with ELS, he made a simple system to enable better looking emergency lights.  While already a big accomplishment on its own, this new system opened up all new forms of possibilities, something which grew into the state we're in today where ELS cars absolutely dominate the vehicle modding scene.  Not only did Caine offer an improvement to the existing systems within the game, he also revolutionised the entire emergency vehicle modding scene - something which is often overlooked as we're simply so used to it now.
    I'm hesitant to continue at this point, as I don't want to detract from the release of the mod or the mod itself, although this is a big moment for all of us, and I do feel as though it is an appropriate time to briefly point out Caine's contributions to the entire emergency modding community, not only here at LCPDFR.com, but also including GPM - the place where for many of us, it all began.  While many of you will only have known him as the talented guy behind ELS, DAS and DLM to name but a few of his scripts, as well as the countless models he's gifted to us over the years dating as far back as the POLC and POLP, the mods that almost everybody had in their game at the time, well before the CVPI and Charger came about, Caine was also an important person backstage at GPM and was, in my opinion, single-handedly responsible for the much talked about transition between GPM 1.0 (the phpFusion site) and GPM 2.0 (the IPB site with the famous cracked road background).  The importance of GPM 2 was that it advanced the idea of having a modding website centred around an actual community, rather than being simply a place to download mods and look at pictures.  Not only that, but Caine was also the one that pushed forward with the ideas of organisation and professionalism, an approach that put less emphasis on individual egos and instead shined the spotlight on the site in general.  From a personal perspective though, the best thing that Caine did was simply being Caine.  He was the one guy that would stand up for me, that would help me and he was ultimately the one that took me from being simply the guy that made LCPDFR to being what I am now.
    Finally, I'd just like to point out that although ELS 7 has been uploaded to LCPDFR.com by myself, it goes without saying it goes without saying that it was developed exclusively by Lt.Caine -  I was involved with the development process only slightly, assisting with a select few features.  NIcolaiB has also been actively involved with the project from a very early stage, giving his input and advice which has shaped many of the new core features of the mod.  Understandably, Caine wishes to retain his privacy and anonymity at this point - something which may change if we can work out a way to combat the masses of messages, questions and thank yous he is likely to receive.  I think it is one of the most admirable qualities that you can have, and it's something that I do my best on, but to go to the effort of actually reading all the messages that people send you is quite a challenge when the numbers involved are staggering.  
    I know that for most people here, this is a great moment because ELS 7 has finally arrived.  For me, though, it's genuinely an extraordinarily special moment because I've been lucky enough to be part of it and I've been fortunate enough to be the first to announce it.
    From the man himself. "it's certainly nice to be here, this place is amazing, and it's an honor to know that I've contributed to making you feel better about it."
    You can find ELS 7 in the Downloads section here: 
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to NicolaiB in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    I'm more than pleased to break the news that Lieutenant Caine's ELS mod will make a fantastic comback with a new release soon, Caine has been hard at work at improving stability and add a bunch of nice features to the mod
    Keep your eyes peeled on my channel for more ELS v7 videos, I'll be sure to go in-depth with the changes.
    I'd like to thank Caine for giving me this opportunity to help improve the mod as well as being given the honour of announcing version 7 to all of you, I've seen the mod change into something version 6 can only dream of, he's a super guy.
    It will be released here on LCPDFR.com and select other modding sites soon.
    15/04 UPDATE!!!

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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to STARTairsoft780 in Wow... Look at us!   
    I've always noticed that this "Community" is such a larger thing than it's out to be. If you look at it like I did(Picture below), we have created an environment to please us within a somewhat "anti" policing game! To think, with the expansion LCPDFR, we have all these new police mods that let us breathalyze someone, use flares or even check the back of a car for a body or guns. Never in my days playing GTA IV on Xbox, would I think that I can breathalyze someone!
    I just want to say thank you! To everyone involved. The Scripters and the people who are always expanding this for us! Here is a little picture to show what I mean... that GTA IV is such a huge game in itself, that we have created it to become such an awesome and enjoyable thing, just for us!

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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from Handsup! in Medium/Good Optimized ENBs to work with this PC/Medium PC?   
    You can try http://www.gta4-mods.com/ they have lots of ENB on there just make sure that the ENB is for patch and not patch okay . Just experiment and see which one works best for you . And BACKUP your GTA4 directory before you install a ENB .
    This one looks nice http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/gta-4-enb-for-low---mid-end-pcs-update-2-f19240#download and you can try a road textures mod to make the roads look better http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=comments&cat=324&id=34639 .
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    AdrianMonk28 reacted to EFox in Dodge Magnum   
    It is my understanding as well that EVI / Yakadafi gave his permission to release any of his old models.
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    AdrianMonk28 got a reaction from Double Doppler in Dodge Magnum   
    I have that Dodge magnum stored on my 4shared account here is the link http://www.4shared.com/rar/IYve3OzO/Dodge_Magnum.html . I have all the mods i like stored online in case my hard drive is damaged . A 4shared account is free and you get 15 gigs of storage space . The template for the Dodge Magnum is similar to the Dodge Charger so you change skins in between them .
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