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    ayanpati reacted to DemNinjas' in [WIP] Los Santos Transit   
    Off-topic, but if it's related to Tasks.EnterVehicle(), I'm having issues with it as well, you should use the native function instead.
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    ayanpati reacted to Dmodder in [WIP] Los Santos Transit   
    I can give you a status: The custom routing system is up and running, but i'm having a few problems getting all the peds into the bus.
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    ayanpati reacted to Alex_Ashfold in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    As a canadian paramedic, I can't wait to pump people heart after I just shot them as an LS Deputy sheriff
    actually doing something to help instead of scratching your balls in front of a corpse is gonna be a nice change.
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    ayanpati reacted to gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
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    ayanpati reacted to F5544 in To the admins. Uniform templates   
    Will you make a post or notification to all modders.
    Maybe it's possible to make the stock cars use one template.
    Because everybody is skinning the cars but with different layout.
    If we(zmodeler modders) all use these templates to uvmap the stock cars.
    The skin modders have an easier job to make skins for all the stock cars at once.
    these templates from lt.caine are the best.
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    ayanpati reacted to alexguirre in [REL | WIP] Wilderness Callouts   
    Wilderness Callouts News
    Illegal hunting:

    Missing person:

    Animal attack:

    Also minor changes and bugfixes. Keep posting ideas and suggestions.
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    ayanpati reacted to JWillMac51 in Riot Shield   
    I'm not sure whether anyone has spotted this or not, but I found a riot shield model in the game files. It would be really cool if someone was able to implement it in game; I know animations would be required, but where the model is still lying around in the files the animation very well could be as well, unless the idea was scrapped before animations were created. It's fully textured too, so players could mess around and create custom sheriff, NOOSE, SWAT, etc. textures for it which would be cool to see. I'm gonna look around and see if there are any riot shield-related animations anywhere to see if this could possibly make its way into the game. The model, by the way, is located in x64c\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\v_minigame.rpf and is called prop_riot_shield(+hidr.ytd/.ydr)

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    ayanpati reacted to Dmodder in [WIP] Bus Simulator V   
    Just updated the post with some of the ideas I thought would be great for this mod.
    Thanks for all the great feedback guys, and keep the good ideas coming! :)
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    ayanpati reacted to Yard1 in Dispatch.meta (and not only) editing   
    As you may already know, I have posted a copy of the dispatch.meta (file responsible for what spawns during wanted levels) a while back in the Modding and V thread. Thanks to the newest update of OpenIV (2.6), it's possible to edit .meta files. And here are the results:
    What's done so far:
    Added police (Vapid Stanier) and police2 (Buffalo) spawning alongside police3 (Interceptor). Added 20% chance to spawn for female cops and sheriffs. Added different marine variations in the army base. Countryside roadblocks now feature Sheriff SUVs and sheriff peds instead of LSPD Burritos and LSPD Cops. Annihilator spawns during 5 stars (1 normal helicopter and 1 Annihilator during 5 stars) Right now I am trying to add Police Riots to spawn at 5 stars. I'll post the file when I am done.
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    ayanpati reacted to Hastings in [WIP] Bus Simulator V   
    I agree... and disagree at the same time :D
    Why disagree: even cabs arrive badly damaged sometimes. A large bus driving through LS traffic, making sharp turns, and driven by an NPC? Not the safest idea.
    Why agree: R* didn't care about public transportation at all. One tram line with a few stations, and you can wait up to 8 minutes IRL for a train. Having a bus network connecting the whole city would be so cool. And maybe Dashhound routs to Paleto and SS?
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    ayanpati reacted to STARTairsoft780 in Wow... Look at us!   
    I've always noticed that this "Community" is such a larger thing than it's out to be. If you look at it like I did(Picture below), we have created an environment to please us within a somewhat "anti" policing game! To think, with the expansion LCPDFR, we have all these new police mods that let us breathalyze someone, use flares or even check the back of a car for a body or guns. Never in my days playing GTA IV on Xbox, would I think that I can breathalyze someone!
    I just want to say thank you! To everyone involved. The Scripters and the people who are always expanding this for us! Here is a little picture to show what I mean... that GTA IV is such a huge game in itself, that we have created it to become such an awesome and enjoyable thing, just for us!

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    ayanpati reacted to FdFaDh in non ELS esperanto police   
    There is an Esperanto Non-ELS on page 2 of Luxart's Modifications in GPM.

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    ayanpati got a reaction from FCV96 in vdH PoliceHelper 1.2.0 beta   
    we humbly salute you my friend!can't imagine how hard you worked only to get us the shear joy of playing GTAIV.
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    ayanpati reacted to Abraxas in vdH PoliceHelper 1.2.0 beta   
    There are no callouts. All you've seen in these videos are world events.
    Yeah, looks like it is :) For now there are many problems and workarounds because of lack of API in LCPD:FR. But as you may know API will be available sooner or later and then... let's say future is bright :D
    Upcoming release will have updated all "old" features, traffic and world events and some new small features. Next release will have only one new feature, but it's quite big, and then I'll start working on callouts.
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    ayanpati got a reaction from sangili in vehicles.ide Flags   
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in Humster3d.com models   
    Hey, I guess some of you have ever seen Humster3d.com 3d vehicle models, and I'd like to know if someone knows how many does the custom models (the requested) cost.

    I'd like to know that so I can decide if requesting a custom model or buying one of the 3d model already done.

    Thank you in advance.
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in Collection of Classic Cars (40s - 90s)   
    I'll see if I can get one.
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in Collection of Classic Cars (40s - 90s)   
    No, until is released not. But I'd love to see a wooden plank textures for the sides, I suggested MrBolleck about it, but seems isn't interested on doing that, but Solo told me he might do that, but when the model is released.

    About the police version, Intensified will make it.
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in Collection of Classic Cars (40s - 90s)   
    I love the 77-78 Fury, it's one of my favourite police cars, saw once a former police 78 model around the streets and since that day I felt in love with it. The driver of that car seemed to me the coolest guy in the world in that moment:P
    There was someone converting a nfs model to SA, but I guess he has forgotten about it. I'll see if I suggest someone I know to convert it, maybe there's luck and we can get that beauty in IV :)

    By other hand, I've spoken with DMN, I have permission to upload the model, but I have to wait untill the new version is released, along with the police version, hopefully this weekend:)
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in [REL] Solo's Showroom   
    Btw, forgot to say that the Dodge Monaco comes with a template, so you can make your own police textures :thumbsup:
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    ayanpati reacted to Illusionyary in [TUT] Texturing with Photoshop   
    This is a quick but fairly detailed voice tutorial on how to create textures for police cars with Photoshop CS5.

    I hope this helps people who are new to texturing police cars in GTA IV.

    Please leave me any feedback, good or bad!

    Also if you like, please subscribe for GTA IV LCPDFR videos (This is my second channel)
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    ayanpati reacted to strike in Strike's classics   
    Here I'll release my mods of classic emergency vehicles, previous to 2000. I hope you like 'em all!

    "The New York City Transit Police was a department which merged into the NYPD in 1995, and that had the task of protecting the subway system from crimes like violence, vandalism and graffitis"

    NYC Transit Police '83 Caprice textures for gfxle '83 Impala

    * 2 different textures

    * Installation instructions in the readme

    Download ------->

    NYC Transit Police '91 Caprice texturesfor the 1991 Chevrolet Caprice of Accurate Studio & GTAPRMedia

    * 2 different paintjobs

    * Installation instructions in the readme

    Download ------->

    **Don't worry about the bad quality of the pics, ingame it looks better.**