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    HP Deskjet reacted to Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Dear all, 
    As many of you will have noticed, my activity in the LSPDFR scene has decreased significantly over the past few months. There are many reasons for this, the details of which I won't bore you with. It mostly comes down to being busy with other things in my life, as well as LSPDFR becoming less interesting for me having played it for so long and the introduction of frameworks allowing modded GTA5 multiplayer environments (read: FiveM).
    How times have changed since when I joined the community in 2015, from me taking an interest in learning to code in C# to having multiple plugins released on the site. It's been one heck of a journey here. I recall well the first 'mod' I uploaded for the LSPDFR community, which was called 'More Jail Points' at the time. This was first published for RAGEPluginHook 0.20. This later evolved into 'More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter' and is now known as the all-so-familiar Arrest Manager. When I was contacted by @dbock1989, who was so enthusiastic about my More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter plugin at the time, I couldn't quite believe it. He had been so kind as to create a variety of images related to the plugin (see below)! It frankly couldn't have been a more exciting moment at the time and, alongside other overwhelmingly positive and welcoming feedback, served as a major motivation factor for me to continue learning to code and create plugins.

    Following this, I was looking to give more purpose to the LSPDFR traffic stop system. And so, Traffic Policer was born - a plugin originally intended to add a few ambient events related to traffic offences. This has now grown into one of my most feature-packed plugins to date. By this time, some YouTubers started using my plugins in their videos. Not only was this a great way for me to obtain feedback on my mods' user experience, I also watched @Zachary Houseknecht with great pleasure while my ANPR Hit AI lit many of his police vehicles on fire... An absolute howler: https://youtu.be/4D8HshZzWMQ?t=606
    Some weeks on and Assorted Callouts was next in line. This was originally created out of a callout idea by  @CaptainSugarFree  and turned into what is now known as the Pacific Bank Heist. This took about 4 weeks of intensive development to fully complete (and am I shocked at the code quality looking back at it now... works though). As the first of its kind, the callout featured voice-overs and an intense, detailed SWAT based LSPDFR callout. I was incredibly proud for this to be featured on @Jeff Favignano's channel and I see now that the video in question has amassed over 1.9 million views... breathtaking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIXKvUyzylA
    Moving on again. At this point, @FinKone had managed to get me into YouTube. After having released British Policing Script, longing for an LSPDFR experience closer to home for me, many longed a version of the plugin for international and American users to incorporate the traffic stop improvements and a court system. With that, I released LSPDFR+ by doing my first ever YouTube live stream, which was quite the experience. After this, I released Siren Mastery, PoliceSmartRadio and a variety of other tools and smaller plugins. Many hours of coding, effort, stress, giving support and obtaining feedback had been put in by this point. I was absolutely chuffed to then achieve one million downloads on my published files...
    This figure has since risen to over five million.
    Following some negative coverage of LSPDFR in some of the Australian media, I'm also very happy that Wired UK decided to publish an overwhelmingly positive article on the whole GTA5 police modding scene: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/gta-5-mods-lsdpfr-british-police?utm_content=buffer9ca53
    After PoliceSmartRadio's release - with the infamous April FoolsRadio download giving four thousand people a perhaps frustratingly good laugh - I placed the whole modding scene lower in my priority list. As mentioned previously, this has since been pushed far further down.
    Some thoughts on the community's development over time
    I would describe the LSPDFR community as healthy. @Sam @LMS and all the other contributors have created something very special for all the right reasons and this is largely reflected in the attitudes of the staff & moderation team and community members. With publishing mods on a popular website like this, unfortunately, comes some drama and negativity - and while I have not always agreed with the way and speed the moderation team dealt with my reports relating to me and my work, they have done a good job overall. The few issues that I experienced were all resolved. From my experience in the plugin side of the modding scene, this continues to be the case now.
    One thing I noted during the months that passed is that both experienced but particularly newer modders are now frequently treated with disdain in the scene. The modding scene has grown massively since when I first started and unfortunately, in this area, it shows. Everyone starts somewhere and the fact someone is spending their free time creating something for all of you to download, for free, has become massively underappreciated and taken for granted. Sure, a new modders' release may be full of bugs and be nowhere near as feature-rich as more developed plugins, but this takes time to solve. Had I received the negative feedback I've seen on many a new modder's release page back in 2015, you can rest assured I wouldn't have continued my development here. When providing feedback, by all means, point out the issues, but do so in a friendly, constructive manner, not in an entitled, toxic one. Have a look at the first few comments on my Arrest Manager download page to see what that is like - this was a major factor for me to consider continuing development! It is essential for the development of the LSPDFR modding community that this attitude is changed back to what it was in the 'good old days'.
    With all that said, I also hope the release of LSPDFR 0.4 kicks a breath of fresh air into the now somewhat stale core LSPDFR modification. With over 2 years having passed since the latest update of the core modification, I'm sure we all agree that an update would be a very welcome step. From the various preview posts released by the development team, it looks that we all have something great to look forward to there.
    'Retirement'? So does that mean you're permanently done with the LSPDFR modding scene?
    No, but I won't be actively developing plugins for LSPDFR any more. To be fair, nothing's really changing much now compared to the past few months. I intend to remain as a member of the LSPDFR Testing Team and I'm sure I'll be drawn back in at some point to explore some of the new development options in the 0.4 API. I'll also stay around on my discord and occasionally the forums and I intend to continue publishing occasional videos on my Youtube channel. And yes, for those that know and enjoy it, I'm also planning to continue writing blog posts on UK road safety . If my time and motivation levels allow, I may publish some minor updates to my current mods before 0.4 is released. The fact remains, however, that I would currently classify myself as 'inactive' in the scene. With so much other stuff going on, I simply don't have the time to commit that I used to. It would be a pity to say the least to let all my work slowly deteriorate and waste away. Therefore, I've decided to publish the source code to some of my plugins to https://github.com/Albo1125/. At the very least, I would like it to be a learning resource for other ambitious plugin developers in the scene. At best, I hope other developers will take it upon themselves to improve the code where necessary (yes it is very necessary!) and create pull requests to share those improvements. These can then be merged and released, with credits obviously included for contributors.
    Back when I started developing for LSPDFR, very few learning resources were available bar the great example project by @LukeD . This hasn't really changed since, despite the creation of the LSPDFR API repository by LMS (https://github.com/LMSDev/LSPDFR-API) and some posts aiming to document the LSPDFR functions by myself in the API development subforum. A noteable step was the creation of the LSPDFR Developers Discord server thanks to  @Stealth22 A full post with current development resources can be found here: 
    I'm planning to publish the source code to a number of my plugins one-by-one to improve this and give something to the community:
    Arrest Manager: https://github.com/Albo1125/Arrest-Manager  Assorted Callouts: https://github.com/Albo1125/Assorted-Callouts Albo1125.Common: https://github.com/Albo1125/Albo1125-Common Traffic Policer: https://github.com/Albo1125/Traffic-Policer LSPDFR+: https://github.com/Albo1125/LSPDFRPlus British Policing Script: https://github.com/Albo1125/British-Policing-Script  
    By no means do I claim that any of the code I post is perfect or amazing - on the contrary, far from it. With the experience I have now from studying a BSc in Computer Science, reading through some of my old code makes me want to tear my hair out. This is only to be expected, though - most of my plugins were created as part of my learning experience of C#. Prior to this, I had no coding experience or knowledge. It's fascinating to see how the quality of my code has evolved over time by looking at my various different plugins in order of initial release date.
    Wrapping up. I hope this post provides some clarification and closure for those of you wondering where on earth I've been over the past few months. It's been an absolute blast and a pleasure. To all of you who were a part of my journey here, thank you.
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Sam in In respone to StraightGlitchez   
    Come on, this is just more drama.  It's not what anyone needs right now.
    If you must argue, all we ask is you spare the rest of the community from it.
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    HP Deskjet reacted to LibertyDesigns in Our Community - What we stand for & How to get involved   
    Very well said👍🏼
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Sam in Our Community - What we stand for & How to get involved   
    With all the talk about LSPDFR 0.4, it's been a little while since we've provided a general update on our community.  Of course, LSPDFR 0.4 is our main priority at the moment and we'll have more to say about it shortly, but we thought it important to also address and announce a couple of things regarding our community.
    What our Community stands for
    Before anything else, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on who we are, as people that run this website, and as a community.
    LCPDFR was founded, back in 2009, simply because I thought it'd be a fun thing to do.  To play as the police in GTA IV.  It was an idea, ambitious for its time, and nothing more.  I worked on LCPDFR because it was fun, I published it because I thought others might also enjoy it.  LCPDFR has come a long way since then, it has evolved from one person's topic on a forum, to its own website, to its own forum, to its own community.  We've spanned two games, our reach has grown massively, our community is approaching 300,000 registered members.  The amount of work that goes into developing LSPDFR alone is staggering - the time that we've spent on it is measured not in days, weeks or months, but years.  Likewise, the effort required to keep our website online is vastly underestimated - in the past month we've served around 30 terabytes of download traffic alone, and have done all of this despite persistent, targeted denial of service and hacking attacks against us.  To put this in context, if you were to serve 30 terabytes of data through Amazon Web Services, it'd cost you $3,000 a month - and that's just one month of download traffic. 
    Why do we do this?  Because it's fun.  We love developing our community, we love developing our mod, and we love that other people - complete strangers, from all over the world, from countries you've probably never heard of, from all walks of life... we love that they love LSPDFR.  Our community has achieved incredible things: we've created an entire gaming phenomenon and we've developed things that nobody ever thought would be possible.  Our members have done more than simply play games or make mods: we've fought hand-in-hand against corporate giants (and won), we've transformed peoples' entire lives by sparking new careers and we've been covered everywhere from massive YouTube channels to mainstream media publications.  Heck, we've even triggered out of touch government ministers in Australia.
    That's not the whole story, though.  Sometimes we are the story.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  We've had catastrophes, like the time where we had a hyped countdown on the website only to reveal a private testing version of LCPDFR that nobody could access.   Our first ever livestream had to be rescued by Steve and Jeff after it started with Prophet driving a train around Los Santos and infamously stating "this is not the preview for LSPDFR 0.3" while our community manager could do nothing but watch helplessly after being accidentally disconnected.  We've messed up releases, we've announced things too quickly, and sometimes we've not announced things at all.   
    Yet, despite all of this.  Nine years later, we're still here.  We're still making mods, we're still developing this community, and we've stuck true to our principles the entire time:
    Our community is open to all. We treat members equally regardless of their status. Everything is completely free of charge, with no catches.  
    Why?  It's not about fame, it's not about money, it's not about status.  It's about love.  We love LCPDFR, we love LSPDFR, and we love our community.  We don't think that modding should be hidden in private Discord servers.  We don't think that modding should be something people pay for.  We don't think that modding should be an ego boost.
    We just think that modding should be fun.  It should be open, and it should be free.  That's what we stand for, and that's what we do.
    How you can get involved
    Last year, we opened up applications to join our Community Team for the first time.  This resulted in a couple of new faces joining our moderation team and upon reflection, we think it's a good change in approach from previously handpicking staff members ourselves.  We've decided to open these applications again, and would invite anyone who is interested in volunteering some of their free time to moderating our community to apply by following the link below.  Our volunteer Community Moderators are a vital part of everything that we do, and it wouldn't be possible to maintain the community without them.
    To find out more and to submit an application, please visit: http://lcpd.fr/staffapp
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    HP Deskjet reacted to ShotsFired932 in Goodbye...   
    So, Ive been thinking about this long time now, but i think i made the right choice, I am going to leave lcpdfr.com. I've just been fed up with most of the situations on here, from lots of hate comments to 1 stars review for a typo, Firstly, I never told this anyone but the hate i get from people on normal dms is just too much, people just telling me to delete stuff cuz its too quiet, to a siren that did pretty good and they guy says it dosent contain a e.g. Hilo tone for a 1 star review. So you might ask where im going to go, Im not sure yet.... but i might make my own discord server or go to a different page like gta-mod-center or gta5-mods, I will (if im not going to be too lazy) a update to this of where im going to go, Soooo.... Goodbye everyone, Hopefully The haters will not follow me, Also I am going to leave my mods untouched here so they will still be able to be downloaded, i might comeback i might not, it just depends to the community now. for the last time now, Bye to everyone that supported me.
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Not AJ in Leaving for a While   
    I’d miss having you back in all honesty. One of my favorite kinds of staff members. Much love ineseri! 
    I don’t blame you, man. Save travels. Discord is a better way, unfortunately. Your textures are godly, bud 👍 Sad to see this die down.
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Walters in Leaving for a While   
    Another great man gone from this site. Such a big loss. Goodbye Jeff Favignano (Only some well get it) ☹️
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    HP Deskjet reacted to ineseri in Leaving for a While   
    Sad to see someone who seems to be very well respected in the community leaving. 
    I can't really speak for the moderation side of the site anymore, but when I was in the position willpv23 is in now, I always appreciated getting some concrete pointers about what is wrong with the site, who is doing these wrongdoings and what we can do to improve ourselves and the site. 
    Regarding the toxicity, I agree to some extent. Sadly, it's always been there and probably always will be there somehow. It seems to be this game that brings out the worse in some people. I've also been in this scene for a long time, and it's been better but we also have to remember: It's been worse. A lot worse. 
    Enjoy your time away, it's probably healthy 🙂
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    HP Deskjet reacted to SamuelOlson1701 in Leaving for a While   
    Another great modeler/texturer/whatever 😛 you get the point - ANOTHER GREAT PERSON struck down by the toxicity of this (as of late) shit community. I've seen the rude comments and I've even seen some rude authors and it's just a load of crap. Jennings, like many others, I am a fan of your work and I pray to see you back in the future. Definitely joining your discord, and if there's any further help you need beit testing, advice, whatever just send me a Discord DM. 
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Gump in Gump's WIP thread lmao   
    I can't believe I've been modeling this long and never done one of these! I will be showing what I am working on or possibly may work on here! I will be posting pretty frequently here. 

    Okay. First up! It's a Grapeseed PD Charger.....Not really sure where I want to go with this one. I want little lighting though. We shall see.

    Next, we have a McIntosh,Alabama Dodge Charger lol


    Next, is a Border Patrol Tahoe...This is pretty much done excluding a few details.


    Next is a 2013 Citronelle,Alabama PD Tahoe


    Next is a Walker County,GA Sheriff Spec Ops Dodge Charger. This one is done...Just got to decide if I want to keep the white in the lightbar or not.

    and finally a 2009 Dodge Charger. Been tinkering with it for a while.Not sure what I want to do with it..Probably going to remain a slicktop.

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    HP Deskjet reacted to Maurice97 in Why my stuff is gone   
    LSPDFR Community and Whoever it may Concern,
    I am a member of this site since September 13,2013.In that time i shared round a bout 50 Files.Overall it should be more than 120 vehicles.It was an awesome time.I want to thank everybody who supported me in this time.A lot of people messaged me why my stuff is no longer avaible.So im gonna answer this here.You deserve it.I apologize for some missunderstanding.Im from Germany and only had school english but im gonna try my best.

    There was a person (im not gonna say the name) who uploaded a part in the Developer Section.He didnt knew who was the original author was and still released it.I told him in the comments how he could dare to do such a disrespect move to the author.That comment got deleted by a Admin.So i was frustated and commented with : Nice that my comment got deleted... I got warned to stop commenting on it.But i didnt.Some people will say its your fault but i cant take this disrespect to the real author so i posted a thumbs down.That was the reason why i got a warning point.Im not banned or something but i decided to hide my files from there.Some of you are moddeling on your own and you may got a feeling in what a bad state the Modding community is.There is a huge disrespect on the work of others.I understand that admins are also people and cant remove everything within a sec.But however i dont want to attack any admins.Only the person who uploaded it.But for doing that i put my stuff down.Some of you may think thats completly overreacted.Maybe it is.But i dont want to be a part of an Toxic community anymore.Stuff like this is the reason why people leave.I also did it to show that enough is enough.Respect others work.I know Im not god and cant change the world.But i dont want to take that.This site doesnt deserved this.Alot of people put so much love in creating this site.I want to thank them.Maybe we can get back to what this site should be.A place where we can do what we all love.Modding and playing this Video Game.Help each other if there are problems.I know that still happens.But there is more toxic stuff around than good.This is maybe a part of this community.But if so,i dont want to be a member of that.Most of us are all adults.Lets keep it like this.I dont want to say that i never was chlidish.But most people are.So,like i said you deserved a statement.There it is.I hope that something changes and i can Unhide my files again.Im Still gonna post some ingame pictures.If you want to get some more informations about stuff i do at the moment or also from others.Join my Discord.
    -link removed- .Just to make it clear to the Admins.I dont try to make ad for my server for *stealing* members.Its only for people who still want to be in contact with me.Again thank you ALL for this journey-I hope that this isnt the end.If you are still interested in my stuff hit me up on discord.Check my profile for Infos

    Dont go and offend anyone.
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    HP Deskjet got a reaction from HuskyBaud in Leaving for a While   
    That chat name tho.
    It will be a shame to see you leaving the community bro. I'll be sure to abuse you more now 😉
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    HP Deskjet got a reaction from HuskyBaud in Leaving for a While   
    That chat name tho.
    It will be a shame to see you leaving the community bro. I'll be sure to abuse you more now 😉
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    HP Deskjet got a reaction from HuskyBaud in Leaving for a While   
    That chat name tho.
    It will be a shame to see you leaving the community bro. I'll be sure to abuse you more now 😉
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    HP Deskjet got a reaction from HuskyBaud in Leaving for a While   
    That chat name tho.
    It will be a shame to see you leaving the community bro. I'll be sure to abuse you more now 😉
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    HP Deskjet reacted to SSwitchUp in Leaving for a While   
    Much love man! Your work was always killer! Hopefully things change around here like you mentioned. 
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    HP Deskjet reacted to LibertyDesigns in Leaving for a While   
    LSPDFR Community and Whomever it may Concern,
    I've been around this site for a hot minute. I like to think I generally know what I'm doing when it comes to skin designing, among other things that have to do with GTA modding. In my time here, I've released exactly 81 files in just over a year of membership. That's more than most members here. I'm not saying I'm better, more qualified, or more talented than anyone else here, but I will say I have worked very hard to bring this community quality work the entire time I've been here. As of November 7th, 2018, the entirety of my file library will no longer be available on LCPDFR.
    Why I'm no longer sharing my files here:
    Rude & disrespectful members: 
    Since starting this adventure about a year ago, I've met quite a few great people. Helpful people who give constructive feedback on my work. I've also come across people who have no regard for my intense effort to make high quality work. I've had people rip my designs, screenshots and abuse the LCPDFR review system because they didn't like my response to their rude comments, reviews, etc. For example, humans are not perfect, we all miss a few errors. If one of my screenshots has a bit too much saturation, I probably missed it, there's no need to leave a one star paragraph long essay on how much that one picture sucks. Then when I reply with something you don't like, you go and one star all of my other files, which is real mature. This is why we all can't get along, and it's annoying because if we could just learn to give constructive feedback, this wouldn't be an issue.
    Staff have treated members poorly:
    In the instance I heard about, a modeler I know of was treated unreasonably poorly by a member of the LCPDFR staff. I'm not here to stir more stuff up, but come on! I'm not getting into the specifics, because that's between the member and staff, but what I will say, being on the staff of a pretty large website, you should hold yourself to a higher standard. Don't curse people out because they let you know about something of concern on the site, instead, look at it in a professional manner - and deal with it in a professional manner. This isn't all of the staff, by the way. I have had many positive encounters with site staff, and they are great people!
    Lack of substantial new things:
    Yes, I understand that 0.4 is in development, near release and all. That being said, we've had the same general call-outs, scripts and such for a pretty extended amount of time. 0.3 brought many new and exiting things to this community when it was released in July 2016. Since then, we've seen the same tactics, maneuvers, and bugs over and over again. From the players' side, this should be understandable - as we all want new things to put in our game. From the developers' side, the prolonged wait is also understandable, adding many new things to the update that look like big mechanical changes. Adding ambient crimes, additional player/ped customization, menu options, etc. While this is all very cool, I personally don't think it takes 2 years to develop this. I've seen mods like "Stop The Ped" and "Interaction +" come out and be updated in a much shorter amount of time, and those plugins are considerably similar to the previewed content of the LSPDFR 0.4 release. I also understand the developers are making this in their own time, with little to no financial support. I know I'm not the only member who feels this way about the updates, or lack thereof.
    Stolen & misused content:
    I'm a pretty generous person. I don't charge you for me to design a skin going to a public release or to help develop something to better the community. But, when I'm generous enough to make you textures or something of the sort, I expect you to ask me before modifying the file I made you, I also expect credit for my work as well. I've had multiple occasions on this site where I make something for someone else, and they have either posted it without my permission, modified it without my permission, or sold it without my permission. Yeah, yeah - the site admin doesn't condone any form of financial transactions.... All I'm saying is, it's really not that hard to ask to do something with my work. Most of the time I'll let you post it, modify it, whatever, I just want to know you're doing so. But, when you don't credit me, and ignore my requests for credit for my own work - it makes me pretty angry.  
    Members are just ugly to each other:
    I've been involved in, seen and heard of so much "drama" within this community. Why? We all literally make stuff for a $60 video game. What happens is one person gets too confident about their work, then other people get upset with that person, and arguments arise. It happens in intervals, too. It's a different set of people every time. When this happens, people just leave because they get fed up with this crap. It's like a country's revolution. In this case, it keeps happening over and over again. I'm sure i'm not the first one to point these problems out, but seriously, we all need to see that we have a common goal, and drop all of the pre-existing grudges - AND WORK TOGETHER!
    Finishing, I'm really not going after anybody, I don't want to start any drama. I wrote this and cleared my files because I want to see some positive change here. We're all getting tired of this toxic crap, and quite frankly, I don't think I'll be the only one to leave because of this. I think we would all like to see an improvement in how we treat each other. I'll be honest, there have been a few instances where I was somewhat rude to other members, but from those instances, I learned that it's only counter-productive to act that way. This will 110% be mis-understood, but just to be safe and repeat myself for the third time - I'm not targeting any single person in this post, I'm making this post because I want people to realize we need a positive change here, and hopefully this will help make people realize that.
    Closing: Thank you to all the people who helped me get where I am today. I'm not going offline, I'm just leaving this site. I'll still be on Discord and such. Again, thanks to the following people for their support, kind words and such, it doesn't go unnoticed.
    If you want to join my Discord, PM me since it's against guidelines to post it here. My Discord username is T. Jennings#1056
    T. Jennings
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Charleszinkey in Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things   
    All I wanted was progress updates to the NYPD pack 😳
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    HP Deskjet reacted to Walters in Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things   
    So here is the first update for the NYPD Mega Pack:
    2018 Dodge Charger:
    ESU Lenco Bearcat:
    Ford F-550 ESU REP:
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    HP Deskjet reacted to flwpheonix in ELS Environmental lighting issues   
    Glad to help
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    HP Deskjet reacted to OfficerUnderwood in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    If I can as a option because 35k polys. I'll try to fit this 6.2L LS3 engine model (Chevy SS) into this to represent the 6.0L L77 (LS not a LS. A LS with extra steps). Basically same layout just the LS3 has a "FANCY" engine cover.

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    HP Deskjet reacted to OfficerUnderwood in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    I didn't get to do much tonight except the wheel due to a award ceremony I had to attend. Doors are next.
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    HP Deskjet reacted to OfficerUnderwood in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    Seats are done and most of the interior is done just gotta finish some details.

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    HP Deskjet reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    This is the fifth and final part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    One of the things we like most about developing new versions of LSPDFR is that with each version we have the opportunity not only to work on major new features, but also the smaller details that our mods have come to be known for over the years.  Of course, 0.4 is no different in this regard and a lot has obviously changed since the early days of LSPDFR, offering us with a bunch of new ways to focus our attention to detail.
    More Realism
    Getting straight to the point, a significant change that we're making in 0.4 relates to how the player is perceived within the game's world.  Now, while this obviously isn't a sexy, new, video-worthy showstopper of a feature, it is nonetheless an important development behind-the-scenes - one that we think, despite its subtlety, will have a positive impact on your gameplay.
    In 0.4, you'll notice that while on duty, other characters within the world will treat and react to you differently.  As GTA V was never a game about being a cop, it's easily understandable that when you quite simplistically do become a cop - while keeping the underlying theme of the game - there's going to be things that don't feel quite right.  You might notice, for example, that other characters within the world are overly aggressive towards you, itching for a fight at the slightest confrontation, or sometimes in the absence of any confrontation at all.  Conversely, the opposite is often true where the most banal or routine encounter can send people hurrying away in abject panic.  Both of these reactions are problematic as people generally don't just spontaneously approach a cop and proceed to cuss them out, nor do they begin hysterically fleeing at the sight of a stun gun. 

    Stun gun hysteria and stampedes no longer, LSPDFR 0.4 introduces more 'contemporary' reactions, like everyone summoning their inner videographer.
    These adjustments to the game's core apply in a number of other cases too, of course.  We thought it was pretty unlikely that the typical reaction to a police officer standing in front of someone's car would be for the driver to flip them off, and then - as if that wasn't enough - to then run them over for good measure.  Likewise, it was always pretty ridiculous that you can't enter another police officer's car as a passenger without them freaking out and thinking that you're trying to steal it.  All of these behaviors have been adjusted, and we think that you'll feel far more like an actual cop within the world - rather than just a retired bank robber dressing up with a badge.
    And yes, while there are a number of mods out there that can help to mitigate many of the scenarios I've described above, they don't really offer a comprehensive and consistent solution simply due to technical restraints.  Our changes are at a much lower level and offer us a higher degree of control on a per-character basis.  This is great for flexibility and performance, and we think you'll really notice the difference when out and about on patrols.
    New Interaction Menu
    Sticking with the topic of small detail, increasing the level of interaction in LSPDFR is something that's very important to us - especially with the new focus on character in LSPDFR 0.4.  Indeed, we previously showed off a number of new interaction options that will be available during vehicle pursuits, but we've also taken the time to make big improvements to the more general Interaction Menu, offering you most of the features currently available in GTA Online, but with an LSPDFR twist.  Among the changes to the Interaction Menu are "quality of life" improvements like being able to quickly waypoint the nearest police station, as well as additions like new dialogue, actions and the ability to set your character's mood.
    Similarly, you can now also change the way that your character walks, but it doesn't quite stop there as in keeping with the general idea we outlined above of making the game feel more suited towards being a cop, there's a special "Cop" walk style that not only makes your character walk around like an officer, but also completely replaces their generic "idle" animations - subtle movements that your character makes while stationary - with more appropriate police styled ones.

    The more feature-complete Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 enhances your control, allowing for greater immersion.
    Additionally, we've carried over this level of detail to the Police Radio options too, replacing the static animation that currently plays in this menu with a number of different options that can be cycled between instead, including a nifty new LAPD style handheld radio (as well as the option to play no animation at all).  Again, this is a small detail, but we hope that the enhanced level of immersion will be welcomed - especially if playing as an FIB Agent and communicating via an earpiece instead of a shoulder mic, for example.

    New technology in LSPDFR 0.4 produces incredibly lifelike scenes - you can freely move while using the police radio without any animation issues like arms being locked in place, etc.
    Finally, still on the topic of detail, we've topped things off by adding a proper police flashlight to LSPDFR 0.4.  Yes, we know that there's a bunch of ways to use a flashlight currently whether it be the vanilla one that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie, or through other mods which suffer from animation problems, but ours is a little different.
    Already alluded to in the first preview we gave of LSPDFR 0.4, our flashlight is properly held above the head and can be used both by the player and other NPC officers.  It doesn't affect player movement, and you can freely walk, run, sprint, etc. while still holding the light.  If enabled, equipping it is a seamless process too - simply select the flashlight from the weapon wheel and LSPDFR will take care of the rest.

    The new flashlight in LSPDFR 0.4 tops off our efforts to bring more immersion and realism to the mod.
    Ambient Crime
    In our previous post detailing some of the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, we mentioned that we had added Scenarios to 0.4 - scripted events that could take place during pursuits and traffic stops.  Similarly, we also noted that 0.4 introduces a new Crime System, capable of actually recognizing crimes that take place in the game world and providing functionality for the player to get involved by reporting these.   Expanding upon this idea, we wanted to make sure that we fully realised the ambient world that Grand Theft Auto V provides, and to do this we've manipulated a couple of lesser-used features within the original game.
    In the normal game, the player will sometimes be confronted by other characters within the world as a result of the agitation system built into the game which allows NPCs to insult or shove the player, for example.  In LSPDFR 0.4, as a result of some research by @LMS,  we've now been able to implement the same system, but for NPCs instead.  This means that NPCs can become agitated with each other, begin trading insults, get into angry shouting matches, or eventually, physical confrontations.  Plus, as these are actually 'legitimate' game events, other characters nearby will react appropriately, which also ties in really nicely with the Crime System and provides the player with something other to do than respond to dispatches or pull over vehicles - there's now hopefully much more actually happening within the world and consequently, more things for the player to notice while on patrol.

    Manipulating the game's agitation system results in a much richer world - seen here are two NPCs engaging in a spontaneous confrontation.
    Note that screenshots show LSPDFR player and non-player-characters wearing some outfits from EUP - which is entirely optional - special thanks to @Alex_Ashfold for his collaboration with us and for providing a development copy of EUP 8.0.
    Thanks for reading the preview.  We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on LSPDFR 0.4 and hope to have more news soon.
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