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  1. Doug1637

    LVMPD Peds [EUP]

    Yea it does but unfortunately, I can't give it out its made by CodyWynne you can message him and get one made
  2. Doug1637

    LVMPD Peds [EUP]

    Because the belt is a private model that is not available for release
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, guys, I was gonna wait till after my live stream to release these peds but I got bored so here you go lol. I know I didn't include the hat as it looks like shit and needs work I may get to it one day or I may not. You are free to edit the nameplate to put your name on it. I know the pics have my name but the ones in the file say "Smith" So original I know lol. I also know that LVMPD don't use ties on their long sleeve shirts but there is nothing I can do about that I didn't make the ped. The install instructions are in the download, I highly recommend you have a decent knowledge of OpenIV and how to edit stuff. This should replace (for the most part) the SAHP ped SORRY (not really) I highly recommend using this car pack by RobertTM to go with it! Do not reupload Do not redistribute Do not use in FiveM without my perms IF YOU DO THIS AND BREAK YOUR GAME ITS YOUR FAULT NOT MINE "MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE YOU REPLACE"
  4. Doug1637

    Police SmartController for Elgato Stream Deck

    Very nice I tried setting this up months ago and couldnt figure it out. Great job works great!!!
  5. My God look at these beautiful skins guess Mass State is soon. P.S. I NEED your graphics settings!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    What's up, everyone? Today I present you with the Berkeley County Sheriffs Office. I have noticed a lack of good decent BCSO textures so I decided to release these here. I have been using these in my more recent LSPDFR episodes (linked below) This is lore-friendly and a W.I.P If you come across a template you would like this on just comment on this and let me know which one and I'll be sure to add it as soon as I can. All liveries have a reflective look to them but do not actually reflect unless you use the "reflective" png and that only works on cars that have that capbility. Cars like that can be found by @Walters or @RobertTM These are not guaranteed to fit all their templates. It does fit some though Right now it includes 2006 CVPI - 5 liveries (one K9) and a reflective livery also includes a K9 window and regular window 2014 Charger - 4, Liveries and a reflective livery 2016 FPIU - Two templates (same template different plate locations), 4 liveries and a reflective each. 2016 FPIS - 4, liveries and a reflective livery. 2018 Charger - 2 different templates, 3 liveries each and a reflective livery each. You are NOT to RIP, MODIFY or re-upload any of MY work. This CAN NOT be used in ANY FiveM community without my written consent! You won't get it so don't ask! If you need to refit FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY to a different t template if I havn't already added it you may do that. Do not redistribute any personally modified work. If you are a car modeler and you want to use these liveries please ASK for my PERMISSION first!! Other than that I hope you all enjoy these!!! Cars used in the screenshots! Videos of these textures being used
  7. Doug1637

    EUP Replacement Shoulder Mic & Body Cam

    Love this but where can I find the belt with the handcuffs in the front and the TQ
  8. Doug1637

    Leaving for a While

    I think the issue here that a lot of you are missing is that things are done wrong. I post a file was it inciting a reaction? Not really but it was hidden and I was warned in the same day it was posted, ok I can see why that was done but when something is clearly stolen and posted with out the permission of the original author nothing is done for days. If you mention it in the comments you get warned and even yelled at about bring it up. Even if you have Already reported it. In an instance where something may be stolen, it should be hidden immediately till an investigation is done then take the appropriate action. Leaving it up allows it to be downloaded hundreds of times, by then it’s impossible to track. No one wants to spend hours on something just to have it stolen. Skins and liveries get ripped so much it isn’t even worth reporting because nothing will be done. I understand that a site this large is hard to moderate but theft should be taken seriously and quickly. I really hope this can be resolved and we can get this community back to the greatness it once was. In the mean time see ya on discord, I’d post the link but it would be deleted like others have! Good luck on future endeavors.
  9. I think you all need to grow the fuck up! This shit is ridiculous, these are cars for a fucking “video game.” Also this is a “work room” which means a work in progress and not finished. As a YouTuber myself I love you guys cars with out you guys I wouldn’t have anything to do, but I will say this @t0y you make amazing models but coming in here and pointing out inaccuracies it the manner in which you did is rude. At no time in this thread did Walters day he was done with them. Just because you live in NY don’t make you the God of the city! So come in here with an arrogant attitude and belittle him in a public forum shows your true colors. Like I said I love your work and I respect it, but your actions here are childish and uncalled for. It would have been perfectly acceptable to come in here nicely and contribute good information and good constructive criticism, instead you acted a complete fool. @Walters firing back like you did also shows an immaturity in this. Be the bigger man when this happens, walk away, to go back and fourth with each other in a public and open forum just shows the community what’s really in the back ground. At the end of the day we all know that there is not 100% in modding. But when you guys go at it like you have it ruins it for the rest of us. I like all y’all work and I hope this gets settled or worked out in some way. @Walters the progress looks great and I can’t wait to use them and the Seattle cars. T0y just let it go you do your thing and let’s show the community what your all made of so we can all enjoy the game with out this bullshit!
  10. They were the legacy pack by TheGreatha and the Cvpi was a private model
  11. Doug1637

    Doug1637 W.I.P Skins

    So I decided to post these in here to get the public opinion of them. Comment on them let me know what you think.
  12. I didn't try that and as for plugins I install them daily lol I did read where AM needed to be fresh so I'll try that
  13. Im having issues with it all in general mostly when I stop a car and ask them to get out then try to use the STP to interact with them
  14. I love this mod, however, I'm having an issue where when I double press "E" or DPadRight it doesn't work the only time the menu pops up is after I've arrested them "usually at gunpoint, the vanilla lspdfr way" If I just walk up to someone and hit the keys they just walk away or nothing happens, sometimes I get the bar on the bottom that stops a ped if I hold it down. Is it something I'm doing wrong? I wasn't having this problem 2 versions ago but this one and the previous have given me this problem