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Hello there, welcome to my profile. I am a Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Developer and I spend most of my spare time working on vehicles for you guys to enjoy. I mostly work on unique and rare vehicles that you normally wouldn't see as an every day police car and a few extra cars here and there.  I do have a full time job as an ambulance driver, so with that being said I do not upload often. I also have a Youtube channel and other social media as well, not to self promote but to keep you guys up to date on whats going on with my life which is not very often ether. I also got my name because I plan on being an Indiana State Trooper later on in life I also put in my last name as well, so you get the idea. I really want to thank those who stick with me and support my projects also those who release videos of my work. Its a huge pleasure and it always will be.