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  1. Sleepwalker

    On-scene Captures

    Snapshots of vehicles and personnel on scene.
  2. Sleepwalker

    New York State Police Mega Pack [ELS]

    do you know why i would be experiencing this issue then?
  3. Sleepwalker

    New York State Police Mega Pack [ELS]

    for the cvpi's, the front left wheel is much wider than the other three on the vehicle.
  4. Sleepwalker

    [ELS] New York State Police CVPI Pack

    the models are great, i love the accurate lighting setup. only thing is on the slicktop vic, the mirror beams turn off when you exit the vehicle? any way to fix that?
  5. Sleepwalker

    Blaine (Alameda) County Sheriff 4K Livery Pack

    appreciate it, and i will definitely consider changing the default template!
  6. Sleepwalker

    2017 Tahoe PPV BCSO Variant (Liberty II/Outeredge)

    I'm going to preface by saying I didn't think your Tahoe's could get any better, but they did. This model is amazing and some of your best work yet. Pros: The wheel detail and placement (center of gravity) looks and feels better than your previous models. NO ONE models Tahoe PPV wheels as accurately as you do. The lighting setup is great, the Outer Edge is a really nice touch. The LED DRL and taillights look immaculate! Just like the real deal. Future Improvements: The spotlights could be angled more parallel to the ground (I love that they are placed high enough, though). Poly count? Though I have not experienced a noticeable performance loss with this vehicle. Make more high quality vehicles like this! All in all, a job very well done. Your models always stand out from the rest of the crowd! Keep it up. Here is an awesome screenshot I took using my BCSO skin, looks incredible!
  7. Version 2.0.0


    This pack is based off of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. I have been working on an accurate ACSO texture pack and will add the rest of the vehicles from there shortly. Enjoy! Features these variants: 2011 Police Interceptor Sandy Shores Substation Airport Police Services DUI Enforcement Paleto Community College District Police Services Old-style Sheriff 2014 Tahoe, 2017 Tahoe, 2016 Charger Sandy Shores Substation Blaine County Transit Police Services Paleto Police Services DUI Enforcement Hospital Police Services Available on these vehicles/ templates: 2011 Police Interceptor 2014 Tahoe 2017 Tahoe 2016 Charger Instructions: Back up your files, or use a mod folder! Replace whichever existing livery you have on the slot you wish to use in the .ytd file using OpenIV. Please do not redistribute any of my content without my expressed written consent.
  8. looks great man! definitely a suitable vehicle for this skin
  9. Sleepwalker

    Lore Friendly Texture for FPIS

    let's be honest. the fuel economy is terrible on crown vics. they don't handle nearly as well or go anywhere as fast as the explorer or taurus. the great thing about the new PI platform is you get a choice of good drivetrains and options (awd or twin turbo ecoboost). it wouldn't be in ford's financial interest to upfit new vehicles standards (ASM, TC standard) to the old body on frame panther body. it is a great platform, don't get me wrong, i have a 2011 p7b myself. it's just outdated for the needs of officers today.
  10. Sleepwalker

    Lore Friendly Texture for FPIS

    just letting you know, the crown victoria you know is never coming back. even the newest model is based off of a 20+ year old design. it's not modern by any means, and just adding more airbags and a new drivetrain doesn't make it modern. also the explorer and taurus are selling well, with the new fusion pursuit coming out. they may bring back the nameplate, but the panther platform is dead.
  11. Sleepwalker

    [ELS] Alameda County Sheriff's Office CVPI

    i have an asco skin* pack out, just added a 16 charger. check it out
  12. Sleepwalker

    Modern San Andreas Highway Patrol Pack

    i do like the design and idea of the pack, but i would like to see something that differentiates each unit, such as roof or side/back numbers. Maybe consider also adding a department motto or emergency text; something of that nature
  13. Sleepwalker

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Texture Pack

    Realistically speaking there should only be a few screenshots per vehicle. It just looks sloppy, especially when the first whole row isn't even of your texture work. I do agree with xMod as well. He doesn't have to give you a good review when your work is not worth it.. Your decals are low res and they cut off/ aren't angled correctly to each vehicle.
  14. Sleepwalker

    Rage crashing at load screen?

    nevermind, i just read a post by @ossion that solved this issue. it is the creator's update that is causing this. " Ok, if you are one of those people who had the mod working before the Creators update and now it is crashing or not letting you go on duty, etc.. TRY THIS: Go into your Windows settings and click on the gaming option. On the first tab called Game Bar, uncheck/turn everything off. On the Game DVR, do the same thing by unchecking/turning everything off except for the last option of Capture your mouse cursor while recording. That should fix it. If it doesn't, then the issue could be something else. "
  15. Sleepwalker

    Rage crashing at load screen?

    my rph has been crashing right before it loads into game. i recently updated to the latest creators edition of windows so i have a feeling that's what the culprit is. any thoughts?