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    JoshEng reacted to PimDSLR in (WIP) Ford E450 LAFD ambulance   
    The last light steps: Will be using this lights for the side. And 2 TIR 6's for on front grill. So not the vanilla stock lights, the real and first LEDs for GTA5!

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    JoshEng reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    Rear door - 95% (NEW DOOR ONLY IN LEFT SIDE , for better visibility difference)

    For texture thanks a lot to vladimir850 
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    JoshEng got a reaction from Albo1125 in [REL] Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script   
    OMG! That sounds great 
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    JoshEng reacted to c13 in [REL] Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script   
    Looks revolutionary so far. Two questions from me:
    Would it be possible to set vehicles to certain liveries?
    And would it be possible to set a general area for patrolling instead of a limited radius, like Paleto Bay?
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    JoshEng reacted to Nutt in [REL] Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script   
    Hello everyone, I’m pleased and very excited to introduce the “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script” or L.E.J.S. for short. The script was designed and outlined as a team project between Albo1125 and myself, with a helping hand (beta testing) from my friend EVI. This mod was designed in-mind to give the end-user more control over the policing powers within GTA V. By allowing most, if not all, the functionality of governing which departments have jurisdictions over what parts of Los Santos. With this script you’ll have the power on setting up which areas of patrols… what particular vehicle(s) are in use… what particular Law Enforcement Officer(s) are in use... are they stationed or patrolling… what time of day or night… and much-much more.
    Police Jurisdiction:
    Police jurisdiction refers to the legal authority for police to enforce laws and the specific geographical area in which this authority exists. Police officers generally have jurisdiction to enforce the laws of a local geographic area or the entire state in which they serve. By contrast, federal officers, such as FBI agents, carry out the enforcement of federal laws throughout the entire country.
    Jurisdictions and Policing Possibilities:
    Border and Customs Enforcement.
    Wildlife and Game Enforcement.
    City, State and Federal Buildings Patrols.
    County Roads, Freeways, Highways and Byways Patrols.
    Road Construction Assistance and Enforcement.
    Railroads and Train Yards Patrols.
    Subways and Trollies Patrols.
    Airport Policing and Security Enforcement.
    Marina, Beach and Shipyard Patrols.
    Coast Guard Patrols.
    Public and Private Property Security Patrol. That’s right!!! Our three protagonists can have timed or 24/7 Security on their properties.
    Or any other area of Law Enforcement and Security that you can think of.
    L.E.J.S. allows the end-user to customize their needs within the .INI file (example below), by giving the end-user certain key variables on achieving their goals. The script will be an ongoing project (add-ons, updates, tweaking, etc…) that will give the end-user even more control over time.
    Standard Blank Jurisdiction Template:
    [Jurisdiction Name]
    Emergency Vehicle=VehicleModelHere
    Peds Spawned in Vehicle=True/False
    Ped Model 1=PedModelHere/Blank
    Ped Model 2=PedModelHere/Blank
    Ped Model 3=PedModelHere/Blank
    Ped Model 4=PedModelHere/Blank
    Sirens Active=True/False
    Patrol Area Size=AnyNumberFrom10-350
    Shift Start Time=MilitaryTimeHere(e.g. 00:00)
    Shift Stop Time=MilitaryTimeHere(e.g. 22:15)
    Vehicle Blip=True/False
    A Template Filled-in and Ready for Action:
    [Airport Field Entrance 1]
    Emergency Vehicle=cvpidtw
    Peds Spawned in Vehicle=True
    Ped Model 1=S_M_Y_Cop_01
    Ped Model 2=
    Ped Model 3=
    Ped Model 4=
    Sirens Active=True
    Patrol Area Size=70
    Shift Start Time=00:00
    Shift Stop Time=00:00
    Vehicle Blip=true
    Q&A Time:
    Q. Release Date?
    A. The expected release date is January 25th, 2016. This may change at any time and for any reason due to various circumstances.
    Q. How many Jurisdictions Patrol Profiles can I create within the .INI file?
    A. Creating Jurisdiction profiles are limitless. That being said, I would personally suggest on keeping each Jurisdiction Profile or area of patrol vehicle count under twenty-five (25). Especially if you’re using non-vanilla vehicles. In other words: You can have hundreds and hundreds of patrol spots… just keep each Jurisdiction or area of patrol under twenty-five (25) vehicles if possible.
    Q. Can the end-user create Jurisdictions and patrol points all across Los Santos?
    A. Yes.    
    Q. How accurate are the Jurisdictions and patrolling setups?
    A. The script is very accurate to what the .INI file is setup to do (by you). The axis (x, y, and z) coordinates, heading coordinates and the area of patrol size, are very important key components on giving the user more accuracy on creating believable Jurisdictions patrols.
    Q. Will there be a default .INI file with Jurisdiction and patrolling points?
    A. Yes. Just a few on getting you started… and yes, they can be altered to your needs.
    Q. Can I use custom and/or renamed patrol vehicles?
    A. Yes. Example: I have a custom police cruiser named cvpidtw (DTW being the Detroit Metro Airport Handle), that patrols the airport only. J
    Q. Can I use civilian cars?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Do the Officers react to crimes?
    A. Yes. And if you have vehicle blips enabled, it’s pretty unique seeing officers leaving their assigned areas of patrols, then aiding the officer in need.
    Q. The Officers that are patrolling… do they roam away from their areas of assignments?
    A. No. As long as the end-user sets the “area of patrol size” and “coordinates” in the .INI file, the patrolling Officers will only patrol their Jurisdiction and return to their initial starting points.
    Q. How do I get the axis and heading coordinates for my particular patrol needs?
    A. Built within L.E.J.S. is a RageHook (F4) console command 'SaveLEJSLocationInfo' that captures the needed data in a LEJS save locations text file within the Plugins folder.
    Q. Do you offer support on installing the “Get Info Mod” and “LUA Plugins”?
    A. No.   
    Q. Will there be a thread on sharing locations and coordinates?
    A. Sure will. I figured some end-users may-not want to go through the hassle of plugging in data. So there will be a thread where users can share their Jurisdiction setups and/or patrolling spots (with photos) – so that others can decide if its fits their needs.
    Q. How stable is the script?
    A. Though the current script is in beta form - it’s stable. No major problems to report.
    Q. Key features?
    A. Most of the key features that you will see, are within the .INI file. However, I believe the master viewing mode (F3 Key by default) is quite impressive. You can verify the areas of patrols that you created (per immediate surrounding area), and modify them later based on your observation. And if you set the blip feature (per car) within the .INI file, you’ll see the vehicles in real-time (especially the vehicles that are set to patrol) doing their job and the area of scope that you set.
    Q. What are the red and green blips in the master viewing mode (F3)?
    A. If enabled in the .INI file (per vehicle), the master viewing mode lets the user know which vehicles are stationed (red) and which ones are patrolling (green).  
    Q. How do I reload the script if it stops working completely?
    A.  Bring up the Rage Plugin Console. First, if necessary, unload the plugin by typing UnloadPlugin “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script.dll” and pressing enter. You can then reload it by typing LoadPlugin “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script.dll” and pressing enter.
    Some words from Albo1125           
    I’m really excited to have worked on this! Most things to say have been said above, but I’d like to add a one more thing. Happy patrolling!
    Q. Can I easily make changes to the INI file while in game?
    A. Absolutely! When you’re in master viewing mode (F3), you can reload the values from the INI file by pressing F5 (default). You will see the changes you made are immediately reflected by the master viewing mode for easy editing and perfectioning of your jurisdictions.
    Quick demo setup of patrol points set for the Airport and Stadium... patrolled by two separate departments.
    A short video showing the Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script specifically setup with Policing and Security Services within a particular area. This demo shows the University of Michigan Police watching/patrolling the college campus (only), and Critical Intervention Services watching over our three protagonists properties.
    Mr. Officers how did you get there...
    A look at the newly updated .INI file, with a jurisdiction point (vehicle) ready for action. The updated L.E.J.S. script (01/25/16 release candidate) now comes with three (3) new options. Vehicle Livery Support, Extra IDs and Activation Boundary. Vehicle Livery Support for supporting which livery you want to use, Extra IDs for supporting any vehicle extras that you want spawned (push bars, spotlights, shotgun/rifle ballistic rack, lighting, etc...), and Activation Boundary on keeping vehicles in memory (alive) within the scope you set (please remember, when using the "Activation Boundary" setting, that it can effect performance based on how many vehicles that are kept alive in memory, and the scope you set for them). 
    FYI: The BOLD lines represents optional adds... meaning, you do not have to use them for every jurisdiction point (vehicle) that you create.   
    Default template look.   
    [Jurisdiction Name]
    Emergency Vehicle=VehicleModelHere
    Vehicle Livery Number= LiveryNumber
    Extra IDs= 1,2,3,etc... (Vehicle extra numbers to be activated, separated by commas)
    Peds Spawned in Vehicle=True/False
    Ped Model 1=PedModelHere
    Ped Model 2=PedModelHere
    Ped Model 3=PedModelHere
    Ped Model 4=PedModelHere
    Sirens Active=True/False
    Activation Boundary=Number
    Patrol Area Size=AnyNumberFrom10-350
    Shift Start Time=00:00
    Shift Stop Time=00:00
    Vehicle Blip=True/False
    Jurisdiction vehicle ready for action...     
    [Airport Police: World Way Rd. Fleet Vehicle v2]
    Emergency Vehicle=cvpidtw
    Vehicle Livery Number=2
    Extra IDs=1,3,4
    Peds Spawned in Vehicle=False
    Ped Model 1=S_M_Y_Cop_01
    Ped Model 2=
    Ped Model 3=
    Ped Model 4=
    Sirens Active=False
    Activation Boundary=250
    Patrol Area Size=100
    Shift Start Time=15:00
    Shift Stop Time=21:00
    Vehicle Blip=true
    First look at the nice and simplistic .INI editor for editing (duh!) and creating jurisdictions setups. It keeps you from bouncing around and getting crossed eyed in the busy .INI file.  And lastly, L.E.J.S. will now be able to handle zones (over 90 zones) selections.
    You now have the option (outside of coordinates) on randomly spawning your vehicles of choice, within the zones you selected.
    Albo, is putting in work...
    Initial view of the L.E.J.S. editor.

    Editor displaying some charted points.

    Editor displaying the "Zone" selection option.

    Tutorial by the almighty Oz himself - Albo!
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    JoshEng reacted to F5544 in F5544 WIP Dodge Charger High interior, 2015 conversion.   
    Btw the charger will have a valor lightbar on top.
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    JoshEng reacted to KK3 in LSPDFR 0.3 - Hot Pursuit   
    I'm not complaining but we were told about 3.0 two months ago, so we all though it was nearly ready and was going to be released very soon. then you keep sending screenshots so we thing it must be very soon and now no updates, no nothing. at least tell us where you are with this
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    JoshEng got a reaction from Maxson777 in Check out ELS for V!   
    Here another video of Ford Crown Vics with ELS :)
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    JoshEng got a reaction from Maxson777 in Check out ELS for V!   
    Here another video of Ford Crown Vics with ELS :)
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    JoshEng reacted to Sam in LSPDFR Future Development   
    With all the discussion about the features in LSPDFR being a hot topic right now, I'd like to take the time to provide some information on the current state of script modifications in GTA V and what our plans for future versions of LSPDFR are.
    A lot of people have expressed their desire for things like stop and frisk, more detail on traffic stops, etc. which we introduced in LCPDFR to be added to LSPDFR.  Yes, these are pretty important features, but they are also ones which we're just not quite ready to implement in the mod due to the current state of script development for GTA V and some limitations in the game itself.  Let me make it quite clear that nobody is saying that these limitations will never be resolved - it is highly likely that they will be, however this is unfortunately a process that takes time.  Perhaps now would be a good time to remind everyone that the game was released two months ago.
    If we compare the first version of LSPDFR to the first version of LCPDFR, the huge amount of differences between the two is immediately clear, with just a few below:
    No pursuits No callouts No suspect transporation No AI management No ambient features And it crashed every 5 minutes The first version of LSPDFR was never going to be LCPDFR 1.0.  There was an almost two year gap between the LCPDFR 0.95 series and the first release of LCPDFR 1.0.  Additionally, LCPDFR 1.0 was also developed a whopping four years after the release of the game - when almost every scripting function for GTA IV was documented and when nearly anything in the game could be modified.  Furthermore, we had amazing developments in scripting like AdvancedHook, allowing us the possibility to access the game's internal memory, giving birth to features like helicopter searchlights and muted sirens.  Despite there being two months since release, these are features that are both in LSPDFR 0.1.
    What about stop and frisk, etc.?
    Of course, one of the things that the first version of LCPDFR did include was the ability to search suspects.  This was done by going up to literally anyone and pressing ALT + F, which in case you had by some miracle aligned everything properly, would result in the player patting down thin air.  Nicely though, this animation was something we had to work with in GTA IV.  In GTA V, as far as we know yet (and we've looked over a list containing more than 35,000 animations), there is no such thing.
    Beyond this, we've been asked why it is simply not able to stop pedestrians yet, or why you have to aim at a suspect to arrest them.  The answer is simply that because of technical limitations caused by the game being only two months old, we don't have access to the internal pool containing all of the game's pedestrians.  At the moment, we can only detect certain ones (e.g. ones the player has aimed at, or ones that are spawned by mods), which makes coding what you might think to be 'simple' features, actually quite hard.
    On a related note, because of this, we don't have access to every police officer in the game either, meaning we can't manage every cop like we did in GTA IV.  Although it should be noted that we only started managing every cop in the game in LCPDFR 1.0, which again, was four years after the game was released.
    So, what does this mean for future development?
    We'll do what we can with what we have.  Indeed, as time goes by, more progress will be made.  There have been all sorts of features requested, like using the police station interior found in GTA: Online during the Prison Break Heist for booking suspects, etc.  This has always been a planned feature of LSPDFR ever since I first saw the interior.  Using the interior is entirely different thing, however, as it is simply not loaded outside of Online.  There is literally no way to load the interior through native script function invocation - it would require modifications to GTA V's memory, and despite trying for two weeks to do this, we were unsuccessful.
    The most important thing to take away from LSPDFR at this stage is how far we've come in under two months of development of the modification.  We've introduced beautiful new cinematics, we've drastically improved usability by limiting the number of functions bound to keys and implementing more intuitive ways of doing things.  You don't need to remember four different keys for backup anymore, you don't need to hope that the unit you request will come to you instead of a pursuit, and you have more choice over backup units than ever before.  Likewise, we've added our own custom pursuit AI, literally written from scratch, to stop the LSPD from decimating your suspects.  Not only that, but we've finely tuned this through weeks of development to the point where you can have one hundred units in a pursuit, and not drop below 30 fps on capable systems.
    Of course, if that wasn't enough, the first release of LSPDFR is more stable than any previous release of LCPDFR.
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    JoshEng reacted to LukeD in Play online?   
    The RagePlugin Hook and LSPDFR do not officially support GTA Online, nor will we ever support it. If you wish to play online and guarantee that you won't get banned it is recommended that you remove the modded files from your directory.
    HOWEVER If you launch GTA V WITHOUT the RagePluginHook.exe (so normally as you would without mods) the mods will not be loaded into the game. Due to the way Rockstar checks for mods though, you could still potentially get soft-banned doing this (due to the unrecognised DLL files in your directory).