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  1. Could you upload the liveries also in a lower quality for a better performance?
  2. Hello community i hope you can help me with my problem. Every time i load the game with ragehook LSPDFR already crashes in the loading theme of Ragehook. Thats not the worst thing... The problem is the crash of the whole game caused by LSPDFR / Ragehook. There is one of the crash reports in the attachment. I hope you can help :) Thanks guys! CrashReport_Joshua_636416198382701025.rcr
    I love it, but after some time there are performance issues. It´s strange... When I accept a call there are no more there.
  3. JoshEng

    Performance issues

    Hi guys, every time I play LSPDFR with some addons the game is stuttering after 20-40 minutes. Has someone the same experience? What can I do?
  4. JoshEng

    LSPDFR crashes randomly

    Hi Guys, I need your help... Nearly every time when I play LSPDFR it crashes. Sometimes after 5 minutes and other times after 45 times ( It strongly varies. ). I have only installed mods which are confirmed to work with 0.3: Code 3 Callouts Arrest Manager Traffic Policer Police Radio Assorted Callouts Federal Callouts This are my specs: Windows 10 64-bit Nvidia GTX 970 Intel Core Xeon E3-1241 v3 8GB RAM I reinstalled all Plugins already. Nothing changed... Can you help me?
  5. JoshEng

    2015 Unmarked Chevrolet Suburban

    Please fix the bug with the wheels (they are a little bit in the ground). All in all a great new car ;) If more lights are possible maybe you could add some more...
  6. Looks great! Keep up ;)
    Very nice model ;) When you change the colour of the taillight to red, I will rate with 5 stars. In your own video you can see it. That´s not red :P