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    19Legan81 reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in [TUT] How to make handling lines   
    So some people asked about what the values stand for in the handling lines, so I'm gonna make a small tutorial showing what value does what.
    So let's take my 2003 CVPI handling first, this is how it looks:
    1777.0 0.33 85 0.0 0.1 -0.33 0.0 4 0.127 1.0 260 0.52 0.67 0.7 33.0 1.5 0.95 14.0 0.11 0.47 3.0 2.0 2.0 0.1 -0.07 -0.005 0.5 2.0 1.0 2.2 1.5 0.0 25000 440010 0 0
    Note: There's always a car name in front of the handling line, with at least 1 space after it.
    is the weight measured in kilogramms
    is the drag coefficent, which controls the aerodynamics of a car. The less the value, the more aerodynamic it is. You can look these up, usually they release the drag coefficent of a real car, when you're making a specific handling line. It's usually 0.29 till 0.38 for cars, and like 0.35 and up for bigger vehicles.
    is a value that controls how many percent the car should sink into the water when it first hits it. It'll eventually sink so it doesn't matter. If you put 0, the car will float on the water for like 3 seconds, then start to sink, so you can't make a proper APC for example that drives on the water.
    0.0 0.1 -0.33
    are the numbers that controls the center of mass. First number is the X axis (meaning left and right), second number is the Y axis (forwards and backwards), and third number is the Z axis (up and down). Moving the car's center of mass forwards will result in more oversteer, moving the car's center of mass will result in more stable steering. You can only change a car's camera in zmodeler by moving the whole car in zmodeler (except for the chassis dummy and the .wft dummy), so it'll modify the car's center of mass in game. Therefor if a car rolls over, you need to decrease the number of the Z axis. Depends on the car, but if you experience roll over at -0.2, you should try -0.4 or -0.5 first, then move on, if it's not enough.
    is the value that controls the wheel drive of a car. 1.0 is FWD, 0.0 is RWD, and anything between these two are 4WD with a given ratio. 0.2 would be 80% rear 20% front.
    is the value that controls the number of forward gears. If you want to make it realistic, you have to see how many gears a car uses till 288 Km/h, since that's the highest speed you can achieve in GTA IV. For example a 458 Italia only need 6 gears to reach 288 Km/h (or something around this number), therefor 6 gears should be used instead of 7.
    is the value that controls how fast the car should accelerate. It's highly dependant on how many gears you have, and what the gear ratios are.
    is the value that controls the engine inertia. It doesn't really do anything in IV, however it changes the sound a bit of the car's gear change, for example for a double cluth gear, I'd use 20.0 value. Automatics should be 1.0 till 5.0, while manual gears should be 0.8 till 1.0 (if you go below 1.0 it'll slow the gear change)
    is the value that controls the gear ratios. The higher the value is the longer speed you can reach in every gear. You have to play with this and gear numbers, to get the gear ratios right.
    0.52 0.67 0.7
    is the value that controls the brakes. The first value is the power of the normal brakes (0.6 will stop you from 100 Km/h in like 2 seconds) and it's highly dependant of the tyre's grip. Second value controls the ratio of the brakes, the third value controls the handbrake's power.
    is the value that controls the steering lock. While real cars have a steering lock of 45° usually, it's best to keep this at 33° for a better steering experience, besides you don't always use full lock when you're steering.
    1.5 0.95 14.0
    is the value that controls the grip of the car. First value is cornering grip, a real car on street tyres would be around 1.5 to 1.9 (where 1.9 is a 458 italia) a car with slick tyres should be around 2.4 and up (not really sure about the cornering part, since it's hard to compare cornering). Second value controls the "forwards and backwards" grip. It highly depends on the acceleration as well. Check 0-60 mph times to get this value right. Third value controls how much the car should "wiggle it's tail", meaning how much oversteer there should be. A number higher then 20 will give you a car that likes to push it's tail out, however, it won't leave any tyre marks on the road, so that's kind of unrealistic.
    is the value that controls how much oversteer a car should have. Setting it to 0.01 will result in catastrophic understeer making it almost impossible to steer a car, while setting it to like 0.5 will make the car oversteer on almost any steering input / gas input. Normal values should be between 0.08 and 0.25, where 0.25 shows lots of oversteer. This doesn't affect how fast the car will lose it's rear, only at what steering angle will the oversteer start. The 0.95 number controls how fast the car will lose it's back.
    is the value that controls how fast the car should oversteer or understeer between going backwards and forwards. If you put it to 0.5 you'll lose grip at the same time going backwards then going forwards. It'll result in a quite oversteering car, that you can't hold, meaning you'll spin out. 0.47 is a value where it's more controllable while going fowards, and more likely to oversteer while going backwards.
    3.0 2.0 2.0
    are the values that controls the suspension. It depends on the center of mass' Z axis, and first number controls the stiffness of the springs, while the other 2 values controls the front and rear shock absorbers (not sure about this part though). If you give your car a 3.0 0.7 0.7 value, you'll get the typical old american suspension feel, where the car bounces around. If you give it a 1.0 2.0 2.0, the car will have an extremely stiff and weird suspension, so I suggest not using this. The first value should always be higher then the other two. A race car's suspension can be super tough like, 5.0 4.0 4.0 (note how the first number is higher then the last two here as well).
    0.1 -0.07
    are the values that control the wheels' "moving area". First number controls how much the wheel can go up in it's wheelbase, the second value controls how much the wheel can hang down when you jump or lift the car. First value shouldn't be higher then 0.1, second number shouldn't be lower then -0.2 (and this value is used for lifted offroad vehicles only, so I say stick around -0.1)
    -0.005 0.5
    are the values that control the ride height and the ride height ratio. First number is for raising or lowering the car, you should use a 0.01 intervals when you try to change the ride height, any higher value, will significantly raise the car. Second number is the ratio where 0.46 lifts the rear up and pushes the front down. 0.5 is a balanced number, unless the wheels were set up unrealistically in zmodeler, you should leave it at 0.5.
    2.0 1.0 2.2 1.5
    are the values that controls the damage of the car. First number is the collision damage, meaning the higher the value, the faster your car will fail after each and every hit. The second number controls the damage caused by bullets. 0.1 would be an almost bulletproof car (good for nstockade) 1.0 is a good value for average vehicles. Third number controls the deformation damage, which is the shown damage. 2.2 is a value that deformates the car quite badly at 70 Km/h, if you want it realistic, you should use that. The fourth number controls the engine damage, meaning the higher the value, the higher your engine starts to blow up.
    is the value that controls the seat's offset position. For example if you have a right hand drive car, and you can't enter it, you should lower the value, until you can get in. Try -0.1 first.
    is the value that controls the car's value in USD. I'm guessing it's used when you want to sell the car to Joey or whoever.
    is the number that controls the ABS. It's actually the 2nd number here that controls the ABS, where 4 means standard ABS and 0 means no ABS. Anything in between, are other types of ABS, but it gives a weird effect in my opinion.
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    19Legan81 reacted to Officer19 in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    RAGE Plugin Hook Has Been Released A New Version Guys Download It From Here
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    19Legan81 got a reaction from deleteduser in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    But if its ready when its ready, then if its ready already will it be ready when its ready or is it already ready?
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    19Legan81 reacted to Exo 401 in [REQ] Siren Selector   
    Like in ELS where you could switch through all the sirens. Surprised nobody has done this yet. Has it been attempted? It would come in very handy! I hate having to keep pressing and holding down the siren key. It's uncomfortable and hard to drive 
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    19Legan81 reacted to Kilyin in Having trouble applying multiple livery   
    That's the one he's using. I don't think you can directly edit the original file for police cars yet, so you have to use a DLC rpf to override it.
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    19Legan81 reacted to Kilyin in Having trouble applying multiple livery   
    update > x64 > dlcpacks > mpluxe2 > dlc.rpf > common > data > carvariations.meta
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    19Legan81 reacted to SnowtigerJr in How do I map a vehicle?   
    Hey, thanks, I just recently found a mapping for the Police Cruiser, and yes, thats the interceptor :) thanks anyway though!
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    19Legan81 reacted to Athsro in [WIP/REL] MoreCallouts   
    Should be easy enough. I just need to find out how to make an .ini file so you can change the officer name/unit number. I'll start working on it now. :)
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    19Legan81 got a reaction from Brix in LSPD First Response 0.2a Update   
    Yeah. same here??
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    19Legan81 reacted to lilmisschloe in Watch this!! :)   
    There are no words :) Are you happy?
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    19Legan81 reacted to SheriffTanta in Watch this!! :)   
    I am still asking myself how the hell he did the animations, when i first saw this i was laughing so much that i pissed myself. Definitely deserves a prize for best GTA 5 Comedy Video. 
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    19Legan81 reacted to LilQ in 3 Years of LCPDFR   
    Congratz !!! It's a great privelege to be a very small part in this comunity with you guys ! Still remember those first days, when your only options were frisking / arresting peds and calling back up AND that was awesome haha.

    Best of luck to LCPDFR developers !
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    19Legan81 reacted to Hugo_Agante in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    Yeah, much closer haha.
    0.2 will probably be released when it's 1am of 15th July for you, 12am of 15th July for me and Sam!
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    19Legan81 reacted to ineseri in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    We're on British Summer Time. There is no other real timezone according to Sam :)
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    19Legan81 reacted to ineseri in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    We try to! First post by the looks of it, Welcome to LCPDFR.com, fellow Swede!
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    19Legan81 got a reaction from Wolfrider in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    Just try to get som sleep aswell. You guys are humans you know that right? Infact, you are superhumans =)
    Thanks for the hard work,to make us ordinary gamers lucky. To me you coders are like a god.
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    19Legan81 reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July   
    To follow on from the previous update I posted yesterday, we're still hard at work preparing LSPDFR 0.2 for release.  At this time, it would appear that all issues caused by the latest update to GTA V have been resolved.  Indeed, I spoke of the problem and its solution in more detail in the previous update regarding 0.2.
    Unfortunately we're still experiencing issues with LSPDFR 0.2 which appear to be unrelated to the recent update and more of a problem with the modification itself.  These are in the form of script crashes that some, but not all, have encountered during pursuit testing and this is something we've been looking in to.  Unfortunately this seems to be quite a tricky problem to find as different users are experiencing different results.  Nonetheless, I'm hopeful that we'll find the problem and resolve it relatively soon.
    While LMS has been hard at work debugging most of our issues (both the ones caused by Rockstar's protections and ones of our own making), I've taken advantage of the extra time to add more polish to LSPDFR 0.2, and even introduce a new feature which I know will be very popular.  To complement the police computer in a vehicle, here's a sneak peek of the equivalent system on foot:

    Bear with us as we work this out.  I guarantee you that LSPDFR 0.2 won't disappoint.
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    19Legan81 got a reaction from Itay080 in So Rage plugin hook also lets us play both online and modded singleplayer, right?   
    Correct as hell =) (works for me)
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    19Legan81 reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.2 Update - 12 July   
    Just as a quick update, we're doing our best to continue to fix things up.  The main cause of the performance issues was resolved earlier today, although there's still one problem which is resulting in script crashes.
    There's a good side to this delay as well though - we've been able to polish things up somewhat and even add in some little details that weren't going to make the original release.
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    19Legan81 reacted to OrangeAgent in LSPD First Response 0.1 Beta   
    I don't get it! Why people are complaining about the damn F4 key? Just press F4 twice and you can use the Native Trainer just fine! C'mon people it's just a beta!
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    19Legan81 reacted to elispd in LSPDFR Future Development   
    Backup is so slow... tempts me to call 911 in real life, and get some real police officers to come into my house and play with me
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    19Legan81 reacted to EightBall in LSPDFR Future Development   
    I steal jewelry.
    I'm not a bad person, it's just that I don't have the money for it.
    And in the end it's just rocks...
    Strange how people can't afford GTAV but somehow can afford a computer to run it...
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    19Legan81 reacted to K-9 police 9 in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    less then 18 hour's 

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    19Legan81 got a reaction from Babylon in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    Im going to start with the first bucket of coffe right now, and then just sit here tic toc along with the clockwork like an meth´d up owl.
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    19Legan81 reacted to GamingXSportXClub in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    That's why we're here waiting for a policing mod ;) 
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