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  1. Exactly the same problem. @Cheep: Should there be something in the Exceptions folder ? (Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR\CheepCallouts\Exceptions) Mine seems empty.
    This was well worth the wait. Looks Superb in Game. Looking forward to more non-els releases from the fantastic 0taku.
  2. When the game has loaded, try pressing 'Insert' - It re-loads the scripts, then try C again.
    Great Model - Nice its non-els too, Well Done 5/5
  3. Hope ya not getting rid of the baby face - that's become iconic now.
  4. Many Thanks for your reply - I been using the conversion tool to transfer maps to the ymap format and its so much better in game.
  5. @Yard1 RE: Parked Car Replacement.xml (Scripts Folder) Is there a way to almost definately guarantee every vehicle named in the above xml will load in game? I'm noticing that sometimes only a few vehicles actually load, sometimes all - it varies but I'm not not sure why. I'm also guessing this may be linked to usable memory or alike?
  6. I was experiencing similar issues and it became massively irritating especially when trying to read posts and download files. A pop-up video featuring a bunch of goons posing around with a ludicrous theme being played, would pop up once every 5 mins - leaving two options - put up or close the page. I think it was advertising Cheshire Oak's designer outlet near Chester (not bad for the occasional discounted designer wear - I might add). Unfortunately I didn't take any screen shots. However after downloading an ad blocker - the rest is history. Trouble is - this site depends on advertising revenue so I dont want to cause any concerns there, but what I would say is that if you do use an ad style blocker, then maybe as a goodwill gesture, a donation be made to this site to show appreciation for the efforts and dedication to all those involved.
  7. The 'Eastenders' theme tune "drum-beat" kicked in at this point - Then my speakers blew Up - My PC hates me after after watching that clip! Can I get compensated somehow?
  8. Hi Friend, Just on your comment - I too was experiencing a few unfortunate instances with this mod. However after a few adjustments to the .ini file - the mod seems to work a bit more stable for me. I simply de-activated all the ambient events ( DrunkDriver=0, MobilePhone=0, Speeder=0 etc etc...) and the other features of the mod appear to be working OK. Also - I'm loading all RPH plugins in a manual fashion (In game via F4 console).
  9. Its not been updated and doesn't show up on the map
  10. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/steering-sensitivity Bit of an old one that's not been updated for a bit.....but you could try it!
  11. Absolutely no worries my friend - that's what I was thinking, however this mod is still Outstanding as is your commitment and dedication - Thank You so much.
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