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  1. Thank you sir, What I didn't have downloaded was the latest scripthookvdotnet and that fixed it.
  2. I think I got it working, only problem when I load the game and try to load the Rage Plugin Hook (F4) just freezes the game and doesn't pop up.
  3. I didn't update the update.rpf no. This was a problem like a week ago I think, I haven't been on to fix it this week. I just looked at what I recently downloaded and I'm pretty sure I downloaded the EUP mod and it crashed my game every time I loaded it. So they may be the problem but I removed all the opponents of the mod I am pretty sure...
  4. I have came to the conclusion that my mods folder is causing my game crash and not load the game. Is there anyway I can just find out the problem and take it out ? Rather than put all my mods back in?
  5. Just something other than Radiance, something new and that is bright to enhance the LEDs.
  6. What mod in your opinion is the best lighting enhancer? For example "Radiance V"
  7. Yeah I know that, I have ELS vehicles but the light graphics are shit. I also use Make Visuals Great Again and It worked before ELS now its just trash.
  8. Every since I installed ELS my lights have been complete garbage. I've tried installed Radiance again, and when I go far away from the vehicle the lights look amazing then I come up close to the vehicle the lights go back to garbage. Can someone please help me lol !
  9. I tried that and It still crashed.
  10. Alright man I'll try that out thank you!
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