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  1. Sounds like what I was looking for.
  2. Just as the title says, can I play on the golf course with the MP character in SP from the EUP mod?
  3. Lordani66

    When do I get banned for mods?

    No, I knew that people suggest having 2 folders, one vanilla, for MP. I have two, because one is more SP friendly, but still modded. It has nothing to do with what people suggest for having for MP mode. I just didn't know if modded game is safe for playing it through Steam.
  4. Or let me rephrase the question from the topic name. I have 2 folders with GTA V game, one is for LSPDFR and it is heavily modded, another is for regular SP game because I wanted to replay the wholegaim again, but that folder is a little modded as well, it has a few Open IV mods (I'm using MODS folder), it also has rage plugin hook and script hook (although I am not using any scripts lol), and the Open IV installed the asi loader because I needed one asi file mod, one that lets you use MP cars in SP (so that they don't disappear). Now, what I wanted to do now is to not turn the game on through the RPH, but through Steam, normally. I am talking about SP version. I need to do this because this way the R* social club page will show me my stats from my current save, I will see what I have done and what i'm still missing etc. It doesn't do this since I am normally using RPH. Is it safe to just turn the SP this way for a minute to let the save and my RGSC profile synch? Or will I get banned?
  5. I recently updated the game, all my hooks, plugins, mods and now I can't play for more than an hour. The game crashes and gives me info that there is not enough RAM on my PC. I think some mod is causing this. I have 8 GB of RAM and it was always enough and I never had these problems. The problems started recently. I think one or more openiv installed mods (mods folder) may be causing this, here's the list of these mods (in the order of me installing them): 1. AI Police Pursuit Disabler 2. Visual V 3. Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul 4. EUP - Law & Order 5. EUP - Serve & Rescue 6. Weapon Sounds Overhaul 7. Ambiance 8. Free Me! 9. World of Variety 10. Grand Theft Auto V Remastered 11. Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Patreon Bonus 12. L.A. Vegetation 13. L.A. Roads 14. Gameconfig (1.0.1493.0) for Limitless Vehicles & Personal Save Game Here's my list of all hooks and plugins I have installed in my game if it's going to be necessary. Edit: Okay now I'm pretty sure it's caused by Grand Theft Auto V Remastered mod. It was making problems after last update because gameconfing isn't updated there. It was crashing the game instantly, on load. I downloaded some different gameconfig and it let the game to load but not it plays just for an hour more or less, that's not enough. I'm not going to use this mod for now. Or maybe forever. Such a shame.
  6. So I keep 2 folders of GTAV on my PC - one is for vanilla game and the other is for LSPDFR and all my mods. The modded one unfortunatelly caught a update today. But I have all my files with my previous update in another folder. Which files must I bring from my older version to downgrade my modded version? In other words - which files/directories got updated? Edit: NVM, I think I got it, I just compared the dates of files and a couple needed to be replaced, 2 folders needed to be deleted and that's it. I hope it will work.
  7. Hi. I have my GTAV modded with a lot of mods that would normally break the single player game but I wanted to play GTAV story mode once again. I have a steam version. Can I some way have both Vanilla game folder and LSPDFR/mods game folder? I was thinking about changing my game's folder from the default Grand Theft Auto V to "Grand Theft Auto V LSPDFR", then opening up the STEAM and maybe the game will download as a vanilla version and I will just have to switch the folders' names every time I want to play something else? I don't want to try it because I am scared that steam will mess up my modded game somehow.
  8. If you have Keep Calm plugin, get rid of it.
  9. Lordani66


    I noticed that the latest version lacks 2 lines in the main .ini file for probability of 2 callouts that were there before - speeding and social event. Does it mean they are not going to happen in the game if they are not there? Should we add those 2 lines?
  10. Yes. That was also said for IV. And for SA. But knowing R* they will definatelly make it even better with each game (as that was the case previously).
  11. I can't lie, I am not thrilled about RDR2 coming out. It's not the same as it is always when the GTA is near it's release... I don't feel that thrill, I am not moved, I am not thinking about this game. When I look at the pictures and trailers, sure, it looks awesome, but TBH that's it... I am definatelly pre ordering it because I know R* does awesome games, but I can't help this fact that I don't understyand many people's excitement over this title - I have seen many comments under the last trailer of RDR2 on YT stating "RDR>GTA", etc. And I really don't know why do people think that way. With GTA, current days, etc. you are able to do so much more in the game, the world is more relatable, etc... With RDR it's just yet another video game. IDK, what do you think? Are you too not hyped too much about this game? I really feel bland when I think about it :D.
  12. Oh yeah I remember doing this mission and they always said that there may be some "treasures" after the crash but I never knew how to get down there because I never knew how to bring a submarine with me to the Alamo sea. But if that's it and we only get these few crapy things there and there is nothing to see there too, it's a shame and I won't bother with it.
  13. Lordani66

    LSPDFR Computer+

    A suggestion: In the ticket menu, make the box for "nottice to appear" unticked by default as most of the things that a police officer gives a ticket for don't need people to go to court. Unless we can do it somehow by ourselves but I didn't see this option anywhere. I always forget to uncheck it before creating a ticket.
  14. Will try this if my current method doesn't help (for now it seemed to help and it's to make the vehicle "saved" with simple trainer but I'll see how long it will last). Sounds hilarious :D. And makes sense actually, but also makes me wonder even more why didn't it ever happen to me for example in Paleto Bay or near it where you can block the traffic as well.