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  1. VWking

    VWking's Screenshots V

  2. VWking

    Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    Great work as always @Maurice97 Big fan of the lighting patterns!
  3. VWking

    New Vehicles with bad lights and file help

    You need ELS for the lights to function correctly on that vehicle (link below). I hope this helps.
  4. VWking

    San Andreas Licence Plates

    @wantedelf you're welcome to have the .png files for the plates and transparent text layers if you want to make your own. Let me know, I'll send you a PM :)
  5. VWking

    latest patchday file

    No problem. Did you find what you were looking for? Latest patch day is currently patchday17ng.
  6. VWking

    latest patchday file

    This should help. There are lots of forum posts / topics / FAQ's about this. If this isn't what you were looking for try the search facility.
  7. VWking

    New Vehicles with bad lights and file help

    Please can you give some more information? - What vehicle mods are you using? - Are you using ELS? If so are you using / correctly installed the VCF?
  8. VWking

    BCSD Slicktop Crown Vic

    @Steele1925 The window tints are really dark which is probably why your lights don't look as bright. I've created my own window tint texture for this vehicle (40% front, 60% rear) - feel free to use it if you want.
  9. VWking

    State Trooper Pack

    Really nice pack @Maurice97
  10. VWking

    BCSD Slicktop Crown Vic

    What a beauty, thanks for sharing!
  11. Version 1.1


    San Andreas Licence Plates New licence plates for the motor vehicles of San Andreas. Features:- Six new licence plate textures. New licence plate font. Installation instructions are contained within the download. [DISCLAIMER: Make backups and use at your own risk] Created by VWking / VWk - www.lcpdfr.com DO NOT distribute without permission. DO NOT edit without permission.
    There are already plenty of reviews for this vehicle pack, but I thought I'd throw my hat in to the ring. If you're looking for a complete vehicle package to immerse yourself in game, with great vehicle models and lighting setup, look no further; this vehicle package is for you! The pack itself is simply fantastic and gets no less than 5 stars from me! I would have liked to have seen a Crown Vic, I am hoping to see one in a future update? Really looking forward to many more @BradM
  12. VWking

    VWking's Screenshots - Alternative

    Screenshots taken by VWking
  13. Music to my ears! My LAPD fleet has been crying out for these. Keep up the good work 5-0.