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  1. alweed

    Just Photos

    WIPs and other textures I am messing with.
  2. Update: Apparently, the problem was I was uploading all of my images at once and I suppose that is what was triggering the HTTP 599 to occur, so once I just uploaded the file with one screenshot, I set it to private and then uploaded the rest of the screenshots and then set it to the public. Resolved, Thank You.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Everyone. After around 2-3 weeks working on this pack, on and off with other projects, of course, I have finally completed this one; which is based out of Kershaw County, South Carolina. Features Offers 8 Different Vehicles (with or without Unit Markings 1 HEAT Unit, 2 Target Zero Units 4k Hand Traced Badge [except for the seal] (as with most of my badges) Hand Traced Plates. This pack, of course, is the first one I have really completed and uploaded, so I am not truly expecting as many hits as other GFX Dev's out there, nor do I expect this pack to be perfect, so feedback is greatly appreciated! Check out any other projects of mine here https://www.lcpdfr.com/gallery/album/7295-just-photos/ VEHICLES USED IN SCREENSHOTS
  4. The size of the file I am attempting to upload is 52.7 MB I just attempted to upload it twice a moment ago, was again met with the same error. I only have one active tab open, there are three others that are suspended. Cheers.
  5. I am not using a proxy, at least to my knowledge. Cheers
  6. So far I have tried this on two different browsers, (Chrome and Opera) And on each browser, I constantly get this error message whenever clicking the submit button. I've looked around on the forums, and "Error 599" does not come up once on the forums, or essentially anything else on that error message. Help would be appreciated, Cheers.
  7. Alright Well I'm callin it quits Thanks for your help though
  8. fixed it, turns out i lost my backup carvariations.meta So I found an older version of the car I am trying to install (i had it laying around in the downloads) and the lightbar seems to work, the problem is the lightbar is way too bright So, how do I change it from the lights you'll see on the Default Sheriff to the ones on persay the granger?
  9. ok i installed my backups now it keeps crashing on launch even though i put all the old files back
  10. alright, if it crashes this time, can you try?
  11. well i made a backup before i messed with it should I try again?
  12. when i install to spupgrade it crashes
  13. i'm still quite confused on how this works with one vehicle, but doesn't work with the other and also, I took out everything but EUP and the RDE packs still didn't work do you think the addon packs might have anything to do with it? i.e. RDEsheriff RDEfbi RDEemergency getting pretty close to giving up
  14. it also installs another carvariations.meta in 'dlc_patch\spupgrade\common\data'