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  1. Yea he said he is updating it and just waiting for his pack
  2. so i live in ny and want everything nypd. I already got tOy's nys cars, new york police uniforms, and thats about it. LOL. And im just waiting on walters nypd pack. Any good nypd links that i should add to the game?
  3. Hello! so sorry for the late reply but, everything is working fine now! I did everything that you told me and re downloaded better ems, search warrant, and random plate randomizer. But I have one problem that isnt that important. Whenever, i type forceduty lspdfr plugin crashes but when i load it back in and type forceduty again it works.
  4. Thank you for your time and list. I will try right away after script hook is updated to the newest patch of GTA 5.
  5. Everytime i type force duty and about 10 seconds later my game freezes and my lspdfr plugin is blocked and crashes. RagePluginHook.log
  6. whenever i go on duty my lspdfr plugin always crashes.
  7. dang well thanks for ur help. Also does that mean i delete the mods folder and just wait for everything to be compatible and make a new mods folder
  8. i changed it and it worked however everything like my car packs and my visuals so i redownloaded only my car pack and my visual pack and it crashed again.
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