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Look Everyone, We Made It To BuzzFeed!

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Just saw this video in my recommended earlier, though LSPDFR has NOT been credited that I can see. Worth a watch for a few laughs, and I politely reached out to the channel to try and promote LSPDFR and the community here. Hopefully they add a credit to the video or make another one where LSPDFR.com is mentioned.

Also, hi guys.

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Pretty stupid of them not to link/credit anywhere the site/creators.
"Check it out guys!" But fucking where? Lol

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She actually did a much better job than I was anticipating. It's a pretty decent depiction of the mod, and she followed real life procedure pretty well, even though it really just focuses on motor vehicle initiated calls and pursuits. 


I like how at the end she said she liked the uniform and cars (Not LSPDFR) and that the response of the officer (AI driving) is annoying, which also for the most part isn't part of the mod either. 


Also, RIP Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

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