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  1. I've never known replacing textures to cause crashes. Only corrupt vehicle files or incorrect installation. Thank you for saying that,
  2. [12/30/2018 12:31:03 PM.794] LSPD First Response: LSPDFR+ encountered an exception reading 'Plugins/LSPDFR/LSPDFR+/CourtCases.xml'. It was: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. Delete courtcases.xml and reinstall Lspdfr+
  3. There is no crash relating plugins. You most likely crashed because of something corrupt in your mods or scripts folder. You basically installed something incorrectly.
  4. You are crashing because you are trying to spawn a corrupted vehicle or nonexistent. Replace this in Grand Theft Auto V\lspdfr backup.xml
  5. Crash reports are only readable for plugin crashes not mods. You need to follow the proper instructions for whatever mod you are installing.
  6. Did you install all your mods inside the mods folder? Nothing outside of that correct? Post your pc specs as well
  7. That plugin has been taken down. No idea what's going on with it, but the update server it uses is also offline. The callout pack itself is really great.
  8. That is normal for gta 5 to crash after awhile. It's not a mod friendly game. To reduce crashing, don't spawn too many vehicle models.
  9. Inside Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR Cheepcallouts.ini config file Set checkfornewversion to false. Yours is on true.
  10. Can you change it to the license plates use the ingame plates? and not test pilot.
  11. Inside Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR Cheepcallouts text file CheckForNewVersion=false Set this to false. Yours is on true.
  12. LSPDFR 0.4 has been teased since February of 2018... We are now about to head into next year... Download 0.3
  13. Pavy

    New York Police Vehicles

    All Images are 4k with Redux, Visual V, Make Visuals Great Again, and NaturalVision Remastered NYPD Marked Vehicles are from Officer Walters New York State Police is from hp deskjet Unmarked Units are mixed. Taxi, Impala and Charger are from Officer Walters. Unmarked cvpi is from Hurk
  14. You are missing lms.common.dll which is from lspdfr.
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