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    That's completely normal. Plugins are extremely intensive on hardware. What you can do to improve is to Remove plugins that can cause this issue. To figure out what plugins cause low fps, you need to do the testing yourself.
  2. This video shows it all, clicking play will start it @8:58 These chargers are just beautiful.
  3. Yes. Start your game.
  4. Hello. Please Rename your mods folder to mods_ With the underscore. Start your game.
  5. Pavy

    LSPDFR Crash when Force duty

    Cheep callouts is one of the greatest call out packs. So you are missing out.
  6. Public Service Announcement On December 11th 2018, there will be new DLC content for GTA V (Anywhere from 6-10 hours from the time of this posting it will update) PLEASE Backup your update.rpf using the Ragepluginhook Settings. It will Allow you to revert back your game to a previous game version that you backed up. This is so you will not have to wait days for Rage and ScripthookV to update. Edit: Update released. 4.4 GB Patch Version is 1604 Here is a youtube guide on how to back up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soRdTGEIjJk
  7. Pavy

    LSPDFR Crash when Force duty

    No problem!
  8. Pavy

    LSPDFR Crash when Force duty

    It's because of cheep callouts. This issue has been popping up a LOT in the past few days. The Update server Cheep uses is offline or something. Easy fix. In the cheepcallouts.ini file located in \Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR Set this to false CheckForNewVersion=false
  9. Pavy

    lspdfr crash when going on duty

    Please Create a new thread with your issue. Be aware, Gta 5 had an update today. Paste your rage log in your new thread.
  10. Pavy

    New York Police Vehicles

    All Images are 4k with Redux, Visual V, Make Visuals Great Again, and NaturalVision Remastered NYPD Marked Vehicles are from Officer Walters New York State Police is from hp deskjet Unmarked Units are mixed. Taxi, Impala and Charger are from Officer Walters. Unmarked cvpi is from Hurk