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[WIP] Shelburne, VT Slicktop Tahoe

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Hey everyone!

So I recently created a tahoe texture for the Shelburne, VT PD
It is what I'd call a first draft but I am having a bit of trouble with some of the arcs that are present in the image (mostly lack of knowledge with the pen tool in PS)

Here are links to a real Shelburne Tahoe and my texture

Real Tahoe-

My Texture:

Here is a .rar of the slicktop tahoe model by policewag, my .psd, template, etc.

If you guys could critique my work and give me some advice and maybe one of you would be willing to modify my texture that would be awesome!
Most importantly let me know how well I did! Thanks :D

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The blue should be a little darker, and the lines should be a little thicker. But great job, looks nice!

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Looks good so far! Nice Tahoe too  :thumbsup: It wasn't available for very long so not many people have it. Its one of my favorites 

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