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    Bradyg reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods   
    Alright I'll contact him about it, also you can find the handling on the first page.
    EDIT: RAM handling has been released on the first page.
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    Bradyg reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods   
    Yeah sure. I'll post it when I'm finished.
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    Bradyg reacted to Account Deleted in N/A   
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    Bradyg reacted to DukSezQuak in N/A   
    The RCMP members did manage to get the door open, as you can see in the video, but it appears the occupant then closed the door and proceeded to lock it, which led to the members deploying pepper spray and batons, so as to prevent any firearms needing to be involved.
    Overall, you have to really put yourself in the RCMP members' shoes, and imagine how much adrenaline they are going through. Unfortunately we don't live in a G rated world and yes, police officers will use profanity. So what? When you're in a situation like this, words escape you. Sure they are better choice words, but when you are witnessing someone smashing your cruisers and threatening your buddies life, your life, and everyone elses life, I sure as hell am not going to be like "please, get out of the car". It's no more Mr. Nice Guy after that.
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    Bradyg reacted to iansonwheels in What Siren Does AST Use?   
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    Bradyg reacted to AlexLCPDFR in Can Someone Edit This Vehicle for Me?   
    No problem, I'll try it out
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    Bradyg reacted to McAwesome6934 in Rochester Emergency Response Unit Demonstrations (Videos)   
    Rochester Minnesota's PD ERU at Minnesota State Explorer Conference. 
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    Bradyg reacted to Kingsly in Is Social Club Down for Anyone Else?   
    Yes, it has its outages. Just keep trying and it will eventually sign you in. 
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    Bradyg reacted to PhillBellic in Too many emergency LEDs on 1 vehicle?   
    Come on someone, make this car. Chop Chop.
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    Bradyg reacted to Yard1 in Modding and V   
    Guys, I just took a look at GTA V files with OpenIV (new update) and almost evrything is in XML. Take a look at this file - dispatch.meta. It controls the wanted level system, or more specifically, what cars and what peds spawn during which wanted level and where
    It seems extremely easy to configure this to, say, spawn female cops alongside male ones, spawn Buffaloes and Vapids alongside Interceptors, get sheriffs to spawn alongside LSPD in the city and even get the army to spawn at 5 stars should somebody want to.
    And the best part - there is more! I imagine almost every single thing in-game is configurable. Now we just have to wait for OpenIV to support editing. I'll let you know if I manage to dig up something interesting.
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    Bradyg reacted to spreilly in GTA5-Mods.com (coming soon)   
    Just FYI, same people from http://www.gta4-mods.com are coming back for V with their new website:
    Just updated today. Instead of redirecting to the IV page, it now says "coming soon".
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    Bradyg reacted to Hystery in [REQ] Federal Signal Valor - Solved   
    It's a nice thing to say that, but you've to understand people are not going to trust a random person suddenly appearing claiming they are going to do great models and stuff. It's natural to be suspicious, especially around here where a lot of rippers are just waiting for stuff like that.
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    Bradyg reacted to Chappie in Whelen Liberty Mega Vehicle Pack [WIP]   
    The great ilya bryzgalov once said..

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    Bradyg got a reaction from Chappie in Whelen Liberty Mega Vehicle Pack [WIP]   
    I would like to see you make all of these and release them within a year. He probably has a life like most of us here, and doesn't sit on zmodeler making models 24/7. You, are a dick.
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    Bradyg reacted to Hystery in Whelen Liberty Mega Vehicle Pack [WIP]   
    Wow, much jelly, very salt, so child.
    Seriously, remove the sand in your vagina and the broom stuck up in your rectum, you'll feel better afterwards, I promise.
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    Bradyg reacted to SkylineGTRFreak in '09 Nissan Altima 3.5SE (NYPD, NY Taxi, Civ) [REL/WIP]   
    First ingame test, crashed the first tries, but I found the problem and here we go:

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    Bradyg reacted to Cyan in LCPDFR Online Services: Clan Services Expansion   
    I'm thinking about bringing the old LCPDFR.com clan system back, but it will serve mostly as an LCPDFR Online Service - integrated with our crime statistics system.
    What I currently have planned is to have group/clan based leaderboards in the same way we currently have per-user leaderboards and adding facilities in the game to facilitate online play as a clan.
    This would include in-game chat via the police computer system between clan personnel (which would also be visible to clan personnel not in-game), a built in dispatch system and real-time maps of where clan personnel are in-game to help dispatch staff - the real time maps would include activity, for example would show when an arrest takes place or when officers call for backup.
    The idea overall would be to aide group play, and create a competitive environment where clans would be qualitively measured by our scoring system that we currently use for per-user leaderboards.
    Please note there is no timeline for this at all. So please don't get your hopes up - although I hope to do this, it may not be done for any number of reasons. Also please note that multiplayer/callouts sync is part of the LCPDFR core and is not what I'm asking for suggestions for.
    I'd like to know what you guys would like. Although this is aimed at clans, it will be not just limited to clans, and could be used for any group.
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    Bradyg reacted to willpv23 in gtaiv next update   
    And none of these posts are related to the topic at hand. Considering this is going nowhere but downhill, I think it's time to lock this.

    Nothing to see here!

    This topic has been closed by LCPDFR.com staff.
    If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    Bradyg got a reaction from Hystery in gtaiv next update   
    How many times has these suggestions been thrown on the table? A sh*t ton of times last I checked. 
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    Bradyg reacted to ineseri in gtaiv next update   
    Moving to GTA IV Discussion as this really isn't a suggestion to LCPDFR, but rather a suggestion for a GTA IV overhaul.
    Most of the things you've named aren't really feasible. LCPDFR 1.0d is as stable as it gets, try removing other mods if you wish your game to be more stable. 
    Changing the AI is not really possible, it is hard-coded into GTA IV. 
    Such a system is more suited for clans, something that we're not really aiming LCPDFR at. There are a few third-party MDTs in development though. 
    Walking is possible in GTA IV, use a controller. 
    Not sure what you mean with real-life names. If you pull over a Marbelle, it is a Marbelle in the game, unless you mod it. And even though you mod its appearance, it is still a Marbelle. For example, the Police Cruiser is not a Crown Victoria. It is a Police Cruiser (later retconned as Vapid Stanier). We do not support third-party mods, and as such no effort from our side will probably be made to detecting cars etc. LCPDFR is designed for a vanilla copy of the game, and always keeps this in mind. 
    An ALPR system is built into LCPDFR 1.0 :) Press "E" and activate the function when in a police car. 
    Most trash is part of textures and will require massive amounts of work, and this isn't pertinent to the LCPDFR modification. 
    Most streets have names. Again, this is way too big to do and isn't pertinent to LCPDFR. If you need backup, you can put a marker on your map and press "ALT+B" and  the backup will drive there with almost pin-point accuracy. 
    Turning off blips is something you can do with third-party mods, and in my opinion, LCPDFR relies on icons too much for it to be fun to turn them off. 
    Again, those are third-party modifications and isn't pertinent to LCPDFR. 
    I am not a developer, but I am fairly certain this is the general consensus regarding a giant overhaul. LCPDFR is good as long as you don't add too much to it, not everyone may like new features that removes or adds major things. Everyone likes different things, and we try to please everyone by keeping LCPDFR as open to everyone as possible. 
    EDIT: As a few pointed out, a nice please is always cool :P We (Staff, Development and Management) do this for free, in our spare time. Most "payment" we get is "please and thank you". Never hurts! :D
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    Bradyg reacted to Compeast in Flying the dodo in GTA III   
    I never understood what I did wrong... I took off, steered a little, and instant crash...
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    Bradyg reacted to XBR410 in 2016 explorer police revealed/with video   
    in my opinion it looks bad ass now
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    Bradyg reacted to TaylorSwift in United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team   
    Yea first PT i had to go to the nurse, She recommended that we call an ambulance, Because my heart rate was like 10 times a normal healthy human.

    And this is why you work out before you start PT lol.. I Was not used to workouts then haha
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    Bradyg reacted to Illusionyary in Rate The Worlds Overall Health   
    As much as I'd like to go for "we're fucked", I think option three is probably the most realistic. 
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    Bradyg reacted to Hystery in Bulletin from Deputy Police Commissioner   
    Let me show you with some pictures.
    This is a civilian Taurus:

    And this is the Police interceptor version:

    Rims, bumpers, bodywork, the trunk as well as the head and tail lights, there are a lot of differences between a regular Taurus with some police equipments on it, and a real FPI. They are two totally different models. But it doesn't stop you from releasing yours though. It just won't be a FPI, and more of a Ford Taurus.