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HEROCOP BETA 0.5b- K9 - Partner - Dragging bodies - Store Hold Ups - Flashlight and more Herodragger (separate download)

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About This File


You are coolest cop in town.. and that isn't saying much.



---  PARTNERS (K9, Human) (WIP)

  •  Save the town with your very own dog (K9 Unit) or with someone like you (Human)

Human Partner:

  • Participates on firefights and pursuits with led and mean words!
  • Chats about life in car (unless partner is douchebag)
  • Helps you arrest suspects
  • Uses LSPDFR Pursuit AI
  • Create Custom partner (requires RAGENativeUI (included))
  • and much more

K9 Unit:

  • Patrols with you on foot and in car
  • On traffic stops can sniff the vehicle for illegal candy
  •  Will attack aimed persons on your command. Great for tiresome footchases with an athlete runner    

         (Of course you wont abuse that power and attack random people...  right?)

---- Flashlight

  • For all of those needs to see in the dark


  • Drag that dead methhead that is lying in the middle of the road to somewhere where his ugly face cant be seen
  • Drags the closest bodypart. Pull your partners leg, literally!



  • Simple booze robbery can turn into deadly shootout or hostage situation!


  •  Local idiots have taken the wheel while being heavily toxicated and are dangering other idiots


and more...


Known issues at 0.4 (may not be present in newer versions):

  • GTA V own issue: If K9 or any dog turns too much, it will lag in its place for few seconds, preventing this, you should pull car close to the K9 before you call K9 to your car
  • Pressing E to open the backseat door where K9 is will freeze the player..
  • Late found issue: K9 attacking dont seem to work on pursuit suspects as LSPDFR seems to block it.. :turned:

(if you play normally there shouldn't be too much issues, but if anything goes apes#### with partner, press the ForceCleanUpPartner key and go find a new companion)



  • Additional Information like how to installcontrols etc. Can be found in the HEROCOPSETTINGS.ini file. 
  • Please report only persisting issues that are caused by HeroCop as i can only fix problems caused by HeroCop


RageNativeUI 1.4.1+ is included but optional, (Without it create custom partner wont be available)

Support for Traffic Policer and Search Warrant to sync K9 sniffing results


- Patrinus


What's New in Version Herodragger (separate download)




  • Added body dragging as a separate Ragehook plugin.
  • Doesn't require LSPDFR, so you can now fill all your dragging needs anytime, anywhere!
  • Improved dragging little bit





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@Patrinus Please, please fix this mod. It looks really awesome and i really wanna play it but it just crashes as soon as i make my Partner. Please do man, dont let it die just yet

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Great concept and everything seems to load in but whenever I stop my police car the body guard will keep getting in and out of the car. I tried to use the solution that worked for Jeff Favignano but it didn't work for me. If this is something on my end please let me know : )

Edited by Bing Z

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