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  1. can you add custom weapons like Heavy Sniper, Gas Can and Flare Gun ??
  2. what do you mean if you change your voice with the trainer ?
  3. does this work for EUP models ? which one do i need, full or mini ?
  4. same issue but its random and with different plugins not with computerplus. (computerplus is making my other plugins crash) ergo my game. when i look up a vehicle/ped. sometimes
  5. crashes every time on officer hit Panic button. im removing it till its fixed RagePluginHook.log
  6. OHH MY GODD YES. A New Update !!! Thank you so much i thought this mod was dead and abandone, i LOVE this mod Thank you So much for your hard work in this plugin
  7. they also are technically not police, they will shoot back at regular police NPCs
  8. so, how do i turn up my scanner when i get a call ? does the background scanner option make a separate volume for this or its the same background volume that controls the background noize ?
  9. can you make this version ? REMOVE ..... bring up phone (in vehicle/on foot) Aim or Shoot (car) Handbrake (A & RB) Vehicle Duck (A) Select Weapon (Car) Cinematic Mode (Car) Look Behind (Car) Character Wheel (in vehicle/on foot) Interaction Menu (vehicle)
  10. what system do you have, and plugins/mods. ive been trying to get it to handle more backups too. ns why i cant
  11. im just hoping that the plugins i have now that currently work still will eg:vocal dispatch. cant reach him though
  12. i suppose, i guess it just depends if RPH is compatible with the new versions of GTA and vice versa
  13. will this LSPDFR 0.4 break many lspdfr plugins / plugins and scripts and mods so on and old mods MUST be Updated or remade for this version ??
  14. hey is this possible … Update: Only Remove These Aim and Shoot (car) Handbrake (RB) Vehicle Duck (A) Select Weapon (Button X) (Vehicle) bring up phone (in vehicle) Look Behind (Car) Interaction Menu (vehicle only) this is an experimental set used for LSPDFR I will confirm them and report back if they interfere with any mods or not if they do simply edit this one to reflect that change, no need to make new set PS. I'm Using ELS if that makes any difference I have other copies of gtav that will have their own sets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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