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Gio's All Blue Lighting Emporium 1.3.8

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Version: 1.3.8


This is my all blue light mega pack for ELS and non-ELS vehicles.  I have added a list of all supported vehicles at the end of this description for those who are curious of which vehicles/packs are supported.  All credit goes to the individual authors, I'm just making life easier for myself and others.  I want to give a special thanks to the authors who included a link to my pack in their file!  All of the individual folders contain readmes which include links to the model(s).  If there's an issue with any of the textures, or I forgot to include a link, please let me know in the comments.


If you have a model or pack you want all blue or a different color (I will do all red/fire/EMS requests, but those will be uploaded in a separate file), even it's for a fivem server, you may request it in the file comments.  However, my only stipulation is that I am allowed to post it on LCPDFR.com for others to use.  I will not do requests for models that will be private and/or server exclusive.  Please note that I will not be responding to requests, as I do not want to give anyone promises or guarantees, but rest assured I have seen your request and will attempt it.


A couple things to note:


* In order to keep the download from being too big, and to avoid the archive from looking like a damn maze, I've split the archive into two parts.  The second part will contain all the newest additions, but you can also find a list of what's in part 1 and 2 down below.


* VCF names may need to be changed to match the slot you installed the vehicle to.


* Some cars have +hi.ytds.  If I included a +hi.ytd folder or a readme that says "read for this to work", chances are you will also need to place the blue files in the +hi.ytd.


* Due to limitations and to avoid clutter, I will not be including screenshots for every pack/car.  I might try something new where I include one or two screenshots in the "what's new" section when updating the pack.  Haven't decided on that, though.



Install instructions





Navigate to the vehicles.ytd in OpenIV

Click "edit mode"

Double click the .ytd to open it

Drag and drop the blue textures in

Click "save"

Then click "edit mode" again when finished.


For the VCF


Navigate to the GTA V main folder


and drop the XML in.




Important note: In case you get tired of blue/blue, back up the .ytd and ELS VCF before installing blue/blue.




Helpful tip:  If you're looking for a specific car/pack, you can use CTRL + F to search.



List of supported cars/packs in part 1



Allenjr12's LSPD slicktop Tahoe Pack

Black Jesus's Laguna Beach Pack


BlueGhosts's ELS 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


BlueGhosts's ELS 2018 Dodge Magnum


BradM's San Andreas State Police Vehicle Pack


East Coast Design's Los Santos Police Department Pack

 HankVoight's LSPD Pack

 Heuuu's Ford Responder Hybrid


HuskyBaud's Los Santos Police Department Pack


HuskyBaud's Los Santos Police Department Pack #2


Jedahdiah's Los Santos Police Department - Valor Pack

Jedahdiah's Los Santos Regional Police Pack


Masterschwag's ELS 2016 Mustang GT350R

 MrPotato's 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat


Medic4523's 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew


Officer Tej's 2004 Unmarked Suburban


Officer Wade's San Andreas State Police pack


Panoszaf's Fictional BCSO Mega Pack


 RangerZ's 2008 Ford F-350

 RobertTM's BCSO Pack

RobertTM's SanAndreas Bay Area Pack


SCPDUnit23's Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

Slendis's Blaine County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) Pack


Slendis's San Andreas Highway Patrol (NHP) Pack

StraightGlitcheZ's BCSO Mini Pack

StraightGlitcheZ's Creek County Based BCSO Pack

TheHurk's CHP Pack

TheGreatHah's 2017 Tahoe PPV Variant


TheGreatHah's Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Pack

TheGreatHah's LSPD Pack


TheGreatHah's LSPD (GPD)  Pack

TheGreatHah's Snowhomish County Sheriff's Inspired Pack


Thero's Bearcat from his LSPD pack


TrentMU's Ford Police Interceptor Utility/FPIU LSCSO


Trooper D's 2019 Dodge Ram Undercover


TrooperGoetz's 2015 CHP Chevrolet Corvette

 Trooper Goetz's Ford F450


Walters's Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 slicktop


Walters's Nissan GT-R R35 slicktop





List of cars/packs in part 2





CollinW's Mitsubishi Evo X


Walters's RCMP mega pack




What's New in Version 1.3.8


1.3.8 - No new additions, but did some housekeeping.  Due to the archive getting large, the download was getting longer, and the archive was looking like a maze.  Thus, I have split the archive into two downloads.  Part 2 will be where all future additions go.  In effort to decrease the download size of part 1, I have removed Walters's RCMP pack and Collin W's Mitsubishi Evo and placed them in part 2.



1.3.7 - Added support for Collin W's 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X.






I had taken rush screenshots, but both times the lights were in between flash, so ya'll get no preview. 😂  I did test in game and it's lookin FINE!

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3 Adam 9

For old version 1.1.2 ·

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Response from the author:



Thank you!

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For old version 1.1.0 ·

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wow you're amazing good looks for doing my requesting going in right now !!!! true blue lovers !


Response from the author:

Glad you like it!  Thanks for reviewing, feel free to request again if you'd like.

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For old version 1.0.3 ·

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Thanks for making life even a little bit more easy.

Response from the author:

You're welcome.

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For old version 1.2.5 ·


Thanks Gio! ❤️

Response from the author:

You're most welcome!

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For old version 1.1.1 ·


very good job but i came back to non els cars and i would be interested to bleu lights on captains 14 packs.


thanks in advance and keep up the great work 


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