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  1. Do you have a window template without the tint over the inner edge?
  2. Mattbravo

    Paleto Bay Police Department Mini-Pack

    Yeah I had a feeling. Just didnt know if they could be moved to a different position so that they dont go through the windshield (maybe into the spotlight? idk) Maybe that causes them to shine backward as well though idk. Is the break light issue a bug though?
  3. Mattbravo

    Paleto Bay Police Department Mini-Pack

    Just want to give some feedback (only on the FPIU because thats what im using) *Two LOD coronas are shining through the windshield for the single spotlight when on (not sure if intentional because cant fix or just a bug). Just looks weird because the distance is so short that when im on a traffic stop looking back at my vehicle i see two bright white lights shining through the windshield. *Rear break lights/ tail lights dont turn on when breaking (again not sure if intentional or not).
  4. Mattbravo

    Paleto Bay Police Department Mini-Pack

    Love love love the way you set up the lights
  5. Mattbravo

    LSCSO 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force

    Loooove these cars. Only thing out of place I noticed was a slight red light output in the blue output of the intersectors of both vehicles.
  6. Mattbravo

    County Police 4K

    No, I don't do things for clans or gtav or non-els and generally don't do request.
  7. Mattbravo

    [SIREN] Whelen HHS2200

    Any idea when the fixed airhorn will come?
  8. Mattbravo

    All Blue Lighting for different models

    TheGreatHahs TPD pack pls thanks
  9. Mattbravo

    BCSO 4K (Harris, TX)

    Maybe a 18 Charger and a 15 Tahoe ?
  10. Mattbravo

    Gio's All Blue Lighting Emporium

    Could you do this pack all blue? Thanks.
  11. Mattbravo

    All Blue Lighting for different models

    thank you. For the next update could you do this pack? Thanks. Also, I think the liberty_emis is only for the Liberty I, a different one is needed for the Liberty II I believe.
  12. Mattbravo

    Seagrave Engine/Rescue Mini-Pack [ELS]

    Few things I noticed. Both the Rescue Engine and Heavy Rescue dont have sounds when opening and closing the doors. The heavy rescue has little to no collision in the rear end of the truck (past the rear passenger doors).
    I love how you incorporated the stage of lighting into the taillights of the 2016 FPIS instead of using the ELS taillights effects. More people should do that, looks alot more realistic
  13. Mattbravo

    All Blue Lighting for different models

    Would it be possible to do a mini pack for Slendis' RCSD pack? Just to replace the one amber in the back of the lightbars with blue. Also could you do Slendis' SCSO pack all blue no amber? Thanks for your hard work.