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Just like the real borders the borders of GTA V need protecting against threats daily, as a federal agent this is YOUR job. You must do your best to protect the the citizens and the economy of the country, walking the lines of cars looking for anything suspicious. You are on the FRONT-LINES and every traveler must answer to you, it is your say whether they are able to ENTER or are TURNED away. Due to recent events in Paris security has been stepped up at the border, as an extra measure the presence of armed guards with carbine rifles should keep the peace. 



Checkpoint Features (Location FT. ZANCUDO bridge)


 *WORKING BOOTHS- The traffic will cycle through stopping and going, Each country has 1 working lane of traffic and 1 lane "fictional lane for roleplay", i.e. emergency/commercial. *Port Of Entry- Each P.O.E. is decorated with the accurate flags both coming in the country and leaving. US- is a the south side going in to Los Santos and CANADA is North leading through the Tunnel.


 *Working Gates- If you have ever been unfortunate enough to be inadmissible or denied entry by a country you will know about the turn around. Your checkpoint has a sliding gate that will allow the denied traveler an exit back to their origin country. (See pics)


 *Secondary Detention/Jail- From time to time you will find someone of interest and pull them to secondary and detain them. Your detainees can exit the vehicle and be escorted to an outside sit down or jail house if deemed necessary. (see pics) 


*Secondary Suspects- I have made some static scenes of searches being done in stations/secondary. The suspects spawn at random times and spawn random peds, as time goes you will see the rotation. This gives the border a more lively feeling not seeing the same people. 


*Guard Houses- Each country is equipped with the highest in CCTV security systems, enter the guard houses to see your fellow agents hard at work watching every single movement on the border. These houses are furnished with dynamic props.


 *Vehicle Fleet- Both sides have a fleet of Police 1 cars, transport van, ambulance and everything else you need to protect your border. (This is more enjoyable with custom cars and the border patrol skins.




Smart Radio (linked below) allows you to walk the line of cars and interact with any ped by doing a ped check- dispatch will tell you their name and if they have warrants. 


Patrol ToolKit- (Linked Below) This mod lets you target a area and wave cars of interest over to an area for interaction. You can run a vehicle check,drug test, breathalyze, and do a record check seeing the name, licenses, and prior convictions.


Partner Mod (linked Below) This allows you to spawn your very own K9 partner and let him sniff out drugs in the lined cars. Arrest Manager/- Once a suspect has been arrested escort them to the front of your port of entry and call for local authorities to pick them up.


Border Offenses (Needs lspdfr+ linked below) - These are a special menu of offenses that people can be charged or cited with. 




Required - Map Editor- https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor





1) Extract the file

 2) Place USCANADA Checkpoint.XML in GTA V main directory

 3) Launch game and start map editor F7

 4) Load Game > File Chooser> choose the USCANADA.xml file 




My Youtube channel and tutorials





 Border Offenses and LSPDFR+ 



https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/lspdfr-add-on-replace-border-control#comments_tab Smart Radio 


http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/15354-police-smartradio-the-successor-to-police-radio/ Arrest Manager http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8107-arrest-manager-grab-peds-more-jail-points-cells-prisoner-transport-enhanced-scene-management-towinginsurance-pedfollow-pedgrabtaxi-weapondrop-xml-customisation-api/ 


(ALL these Require DarkAPI) 




Patrol Tool Kit

https://www.darkmyre.net/files/file/14-patrol-toolkit/ Search Warrant

Search Warrant



Police Partner




What's New in Version 1.0.1




Fixed- In LSPDFR character ped was not recognized as police by the prison guard ped, all peds have been changed to PARK RANGERS.  Guard peds will now help you when 

             you are engaged with a suspect. 

Fixed- Floating cars, Bus


Shout-Out to First Thirty Minutes for doing a video on my Checkpoint.   Please link me in the comments if you also use my mod in a Youtube video, I would love to see it. 



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For current version ·

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Thanks for featuring my video Sererous! Great job on this one of a kind custom map :)

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For old version 1.0.0 ·

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Been waiting for something like this to surface, and I wasn't disappointed. I can see people making border patrol skins/textures/vehicles, etc. to utilize with this map for ultra realistic immersive experiences :P


4.5/5 fo sho'.

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For current version ·

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I am sure it's wonderful but sadly, for new mod users like myself, a nightmare.


It opens the dreaded requirement loop of things where I don't know what they do.

In order to download this it has a requirement of the map editor, which is fine.

The map editor requires something else.

That something else requires yet another thing.


With vague instructions on most of these things that need downloaded. And, for someone like me, with little experience in modding, getting a cool mod like this downloaded is a distant pipe dream.

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For current version ·


An awesome addition to LSPDFR! Very fun, thanks!

Response from the author:

WOW- I am just now getting notified of your review.  I appreciate it as it was a lot of work, a quick reminder is pull out all callout.dlls as they 

create ambient events that cause people to just start randomly doing something.  I also have the Border Wall and Checkpoints coming so be looking out for that. 

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For current version ·


Excellent work!   Still hoping someone does CBSA uniforms.

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For current version ·


 thought it was great had some stuff the floated a little but overall a must have. the main issue i had was traffic but i chopped that to me no downloading patrol toolkit  thanks for the work you put in

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For current version ·


Serious is killin it!

He put a lot of work into this and it shows.

(Nice CVPI btw) ;)

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For old version 1.0.0 ·


Love it, it gives my pursuits a bit of a twist, now it gives me a goal to stop the suspects before they reach the border. :thumbsup:

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For old version 1.0.0 ·


Amazing job. I was waiting for something like this.

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For old version 1.0.0 ·



Thank you!

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