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    EASY 5 stars- thank you for these awesome uniforms and I love that you included so many varieties EVEN for EUP. Any chance that you will have female EUP to match?
    This awesome! I was wanting this ped so bad when I create this border checkpoint but no one had one. Could we get a female version or EUP?
  1. I have narrowed down the arrest glitch where they steal your car to this version, I reloaded the previous version and could not get them to steal my car after an arrest. It seemed to happen every time i took control of stop the ped with interaction + the ped would steal my car.
  2. Could you fix the bug where if you do the walk and turn test they don't get stuck. I have gotten stuck three times once she was on a curb and i was in the street but it wasn't detecting it. I think it is done great it just needs a break in the loop
  3. You did it again man, I see why you didn't have time to help with my border plugin. You were making this GEM. I have tested it for hours and here is my feedback and suggestions. 1) Code 2 doesn't have an option for just lights no siren. 2) I wish buddy will have a transport option when ped/s Are arrested. 3) A choice for sex of back up (male/female) 4) Some animations the buddy does not walk over like drug/breathalzye So far it works great with my Border checkpoint, I'm hoping the transport option Will be added so I don't have transport driving through the line of cars to get to me. This mod is amazing and makes the game so much better and realistic. Anything you can do about left Dpad closing the menu when you try to assign a task?
  4. Sereous313

    A simple plugin

    Real fast I am needing a plugin made where you can request ID from the driver/occupants without pulling them over or them stepping out. It would give you citizenship, ID, passport, visa, information. I have a border wall checkpoint map I'm working on and I want it to be interactive. Can anyone make this for me, I know nothing about coding myself.
  5. Sereous313

    Better ELS Settings

    Like everyone else this is GREAT but could you turn them down just a tad. Also if you know how to turn down the brake lights how some cars are blinding could you share that?
  6. These are awesome and very simply done, If i might add one suggestion a pair of silhouetted handcuffs across the rear door might look amazing and bring the design together a little bit. (from a graphic designer).
    This has been an amazing add on to the LSPDFR experience especially one of the more frustrating parts which is the circus to command the peds around. I was pleasantly shocked to stop a ped who was in a car and HE ONLY got out and not every single person around him. 5 stars all the way and I have left you some more feedback on discord for update ideas to this incredible mod.
  7. Sereous313

    [ELS] Blaine County 2015 K9 Tahoe (Twiggs County GA)

    Great work! This is one of my favorite Tahoe's to have in my game and the DETAIL is incredible. The only thing I would like to see is the k9 unit to be taken out because that thing scares the crap out of you when you first see it lol.
  8. I would say to make sure you have the latest Rage plugin as I as many other people have tested this and we have had no problems. To make sure this is not the issue try removing all of your other callout .dll files as they may be hogging the priority causing you not to receive them.
  9. That plugin is Rage Show my location, I still use it as I love to know the speed of the certain area.
    Love this concept as it has SOO much potential with all the crimes people could attempt to pull off. Great basic callout pack that let's you focus on preventative police work instead of showing up after the fact. (I also agree with the poster below about needing a code 2 response) Glad I could help you with the Arson callout as it is one of my favs so far in the pack, I look forward to what else we can come up with to make attempted crimes a MUST have for LSPDFR.
  10. Sereous313


    Their is no mod that does that my booths are set up to stop traffic when you are close to the check point area, when you walk away far enough the cars start going again. If you want to control speed and stop traffic with a mod though you need "Traffic Control "