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LSPDFR Update Checker (update checker, mod manager, log cleaner and more!)

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About This File

Are you too lazy to check if one of your plugins needs to be updated? The LSPDFR Update Checker checks if there are any updates available. If so, the program will notify you and send you to the download page.


Thanks for the 20.000 downloads!



- Check for plugin updates
- Enable or Disable your mods
- A tool to clean up all the logs
- Launch GTA or RPH directly from this tool
- Block / Unblock GTA 5 updates
- Manage GTA 5 Launch Options


Supported Plugins


- ScriptHookV
- RagePluginHook
- RAGENativeUI
- RageShowMyLocation
- Albo1125.Common
- DarkmyreAPI
- PeterUCallouts
- Arrest Warrant Callout
- Traffic Policer
- Better EMS
- Wilderness Callouts
- Clear The Way
- LSPDFR Computer+
- AgencyCallouts
- Police Radio
- Assorted Callouts
- Arrest Manager
- CalloutsV
- Traffic Control
- SWAT Callouts
- Code 3 Callouts
- Search Warrant
- Police Partner
- VocalDispatch
- Patrol Toolkit
- HeroCop
- Keep Calm
- PanicButton
- Siren Mastery 
- PoliceLifeS
- Passive Radar
- Siren Switch Honker
- Rednecks!
- Custom Backup
- British Policing Script
- MoreControlV
- Automatic Roadblocks
- Gang Callouts
- Police Station Armory
- Foot Pursuit Aid
- PursuitOnTheFly
- SeatbeltChime
- Vehicle Management
- StickyWheels
- Emergency Strobes
- KTFDO (Keep The F****** Door Open)
- GTA Comes Alive
- Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script
- EUPMenu
- LPCallouts
- CalloutManager
- Drop The Weapon

- Police SmartRadio

- Miscellaneous Callouts

- Police Search

- Los Santos Protection Squad




- Windows 7 or higher
- .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher
- A legal copy of GTA V



1. Unzip the .zip file and drop the files anywhere you want.
2. Go to the "LSPDFR update checker" folder and open "LSPDFR_Update_Checker.exe"
3. Enjoy :)


Known Issues

- Sometimes the plugins folder doesn't move to the disabled folder. (Windows seems to block it so I can't fix this)
- The program can fail with enable or disable mods or even load the mods. (Try to run the program as Administrator)


- This program does not automatically update / download your plugins! You need to download and update them yourself.
- If the program says 'Not Supported' that means that the program is not supported with this plugin!

VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/88aea804cfec454d90e645df256d0f42a4c2a579c5a45251934e3d6a3b11c868/analysis/


Do you have questions, or do you need help with the program? Feel free to contact me!

What's New in Version


Updated the update blocker to



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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Thanks for saving time and not wasting it :)

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great tool it saves me a lot of time searching manually for plugin updates. :)

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· Edited by Razontex

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Simple, but great! 

It saves time when it comes to ('doing everything') disabling modifications when you want to play the game originally, instead of having to remember what to remove and move it one by one.  :wallbash:

The log-cleaning feature is also very useful, especially when the logs run up to over 100 MB in total. :excl:

10/10 would recommend :yes:

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Awesome plugin! Makes updating way easier to update.

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

This is excellent. Simple, yet effective. Hopefully more plugins/mods are supported in the future (probably has to do more with the authors and not this tool).

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For current version ·

   2 of 14 members found this review helpful 2 / 14 members

Followed readme all it tells me is object not set.

Shame, would of been a great plugin.

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For current version ·


This program is awesome. It saves time and keeps my plugins updated. 

So many of them I would manually search and check for updates while this just reminds me if there are updates.


Every developer should integrate their plugins with this program.



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For old version ·


It says my lspdfr is unkown for updates, while everything else says yes or no. How do i fix this? When i start up LSPDFR the moment i get in a police vehicle it freezes my game.

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For old version ·


The update checker works like a charm, i have selected the GTAV.exe file, but on the BlockGTAV file i cant seem to find the GTAV exe file in my folder anmore

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For old version ·


Thank you soo much! Ive been looking for something like this. This will save a lot of hassle. It could be better though if it could do the updates itself but I can understand why it wouldn't. The UI could be a bit nicer as well. Thx :)

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For old version ·


Great tool for modders without installation. Options I use most is to check the updates and to clear all logs at once. Also I use it to block the title-updates from Rockstar.

Still.there are tons of features. Just check it out.

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This is an awesome job, you've definitely contributed to the community by making this, helps out so much. Don't need to go through the hassle of finding broken things. Makes it easier to mod and helps amateurs out!

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Not only is this mod super useful and a great idea, but @Justin991q is super nice when it comes to requesting to add mods. All you gotta do is ask and he'll look into it. 5 stars for sure!

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Wayne George


Good Program, I just really wish there was such a tool that would automatically update / download your plugins! because it is very annoying re-downloading them manually. 

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I cannot believe because of one idiot this is down to 4.5 stars. Amazing addon that I'm surprised hasn't been made sooner. Awesome job specially with the 'Enable/Disable Mods' feature. 

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AMAZING!!!! Easy to use, easy to install and easy to keep all my plugins up to date now!!!

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works awsomly. i like it. very usefull

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thanks for the update


works perfect

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Very nice work! Well done!! ^^

No frustrating search for unsupported old versions of plugins any more! Thx a lot! :)

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Zockr mods


Okay, I thought just another not very good working tool. BUT its amazing Im sitting infront of ma pc and download and sync folder, it s cool to have a tool that works. 11 from 10 points :D

Thank you author

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very useful...connect more mods plz~~~

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