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  1. ScottyTooHotty

    PSNI Mini Christmas Pack [ELS]

    Great little pack. Good quality work.
  2. ScottyTooHotty

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Oh my good lord, I never thought I'd see the day... very happy to see this! Nice work guys.
  3. ScottyTooHotty

    Los Santos Noir

    I've seen this idea and concept develop for what feels like forever and finally its been released! From day 1 of beta testing its looked promising and it has turned out great. Its a thoroughly enjoyable mod and would highly recommend everyone gives it a go. Massive well done to everyone who's worked on this mod, its fantastic!
  4. ScottyTooHotty

    2015 Essex Fire and Rescue Scania P280

    Fantastic model!
  5. I highly doubt that'll be the fault of my plugin. Please leave a crash log for me to look at.
  6. Unlikely in the immediate future. Really struggling for free time at the moment but if I get a chance then I'll update.
  7. @Desparoto Can you explain your review please? I've no idea what you're on about
  8. They aren't finished yet and if it wasn't for the plugin that allows you to force specific callouts then no one would have any idea they were there :P
  9. That's not my plugin, that's Albo1125's plugin.
  10. Only thing I can assume is that you've installed incorrectly.
  11. @jared2313111 As stated above you don't have to load this mod. Put the files for this mod in Plugins/LSPDFR folder.
  12. Its not been tested on 0.54 so I cannot say for definite but I wouldn't anticipate any issues.
  13. This hasnt been updated to that, that may be the issue.
  14. What RPH are you on? Also, the dog will be there.
  15. ScottyTooHotty

    2017 Met Police Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate

    Fantastic stuff, another quality release