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    MascottePaper got a reaction from Crowley in Simple native trainer error   
    Fixed it, apparently windows thought there should be duplicates of trainer.ini but then trainerini.ini
    Topic can be closed
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    MascottePaper reacted to Firsty in *Modeling* Invisible parts?   
    To get our vehicle to work ( a ladder on top of the tahoe ) We had to set Diff material ( main texture ) as top material, vehicle_genericmud_car as second material and vehicle_generic_smallspecmap as the third material: as this


    Then all worked out well ingame. No need for the ladder to be in any particular hiearchy. Just named it ladder and placed it under chassis, all done.
    Remember to have all these materials extracted and into the texture folder you use.. as the textures get "saved" into the modelfile you export :)

    EDIT:  Also remember to add the texture layer properties correctly. Press EDIT and choose
    For the first texture :  Current - Texture - Current - Modulate     and manual UV 1
    For the genericmud :    Current - Texture - Current - MultiplyAdd    and manual UV 2
    And for the smallspecmap :  Current - Texture - Specular - MultiplyAdd  and  manual UV 1
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    MascottePaper reacted to evanscornelius in Explorer Issue   
    This is to everyone who have my explorer. Guys it's not that big of an issue. I have many unreleased vehicles, peds and parts which are unreleased because of how you people act towards each other. If we can all get along this thing will be so much easier for everybody. If you guys really want my stuff all you have to do is ask. So in the spirit of giving if you guys and gals can patiently wait, i will release the explorer, my new police console and peds to the public. So no more PM's people, i am overloaded with them. After that i will take requests of how you want your consoles to operate, so please everybody just kool it. After all it's CHRISTMAS......lol
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    MascottePaper reacted to ineseri in No Blips mod   
    Here you go (http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/no-police-blips-f11458#download), (http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7361). Also, I think there's an option for removing the blips, no? 
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    MascottePaper reacted to ineseri in L.A Area / LAPD Vehicles / CHP   
    List of LAPD equipment (http://www.lapdonline.org/lapd_equipment). Hope this helps! 
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    MascottePaper reacted to ineseri in Out of Vidmem for some members   
    It's the model that's the issue here then. Since it uses so many polygons, not all PCs can handle the spawning of it. 
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    MascottePaper got a reaction from Gunner 9213 in Flashbang Grenades WIP   
    Well the blow is powerful but it doesn't do damage :P 
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    MascottePaper got a reaction from Gunner 9213 in Flashbang Grenades WIP   
    After receiving permission of the creator, and the topic starter : 

    Here is the link to our W.I.P of the Flash bang mod
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    MascottePaper got a reaction from Gunner 9213 in Flashbang Grenades WIP   
    Yeah ofcourse :) I`ll ask permission of the creator ( In my clan ) to upload a movie about it on youtube :)
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    MascottePaper reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in LAPD Getting new vehicles?   
    I've seen some pictures of the new charger with LAPD paintjobs and an FS Valor on top. The guy said he even spoke to the officer, and the officer told him that LAPD ordered about a hundred chargers and the Police Interceptor as well. That charger with the FS Valor is only a showcase vehicle and it'll not be used. They'll probably use their Arjents on them. Here's the full story and some pics of the Valor charger:
    '' target='_blank'>>
    As far as I know I've only seen one new lapd charger on pictures in the use of 2nd precinct. Here you can find a bit more:
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