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  1. Firstyminator

    LSPDFR 0.4

    Always a good idea ☺
  2. Im guessing alot of people, as myself also - lost hope a while there because of the way Rockstar treated the Modders in GTAV. People getting banned for using mods ingame (mostly due to being unlucky enough to start the launcher and not the Rage hook!... been there, done that.. ) But still. It's a bit modding scene, and with all these serious devs and scriptwizards... Oh my, it's never going away And it must never be forgotten.. This is the best Grand Theft Auto community out there. I don't think there are many issues that cannot be resolved in here. * And of course... Some modders are leaving, because as Giordano says - they want to move to a platform where they can earn some cash on their mods. Which in my opinion is not a good trend. But for example Zmodeler costs money... Adobe Photoshop cost money. And surely OpenIV can in the future cost money. So it's not free to mod these days. I like that there is the Paypal Donate option here on LCPDFR. And i really hope that users in the future uses it sometimes - if they want modders to stay in here, and dedicate hundreds of hours to this game.
  3. Firstyminator

    ELS WRNL Settings on EURO setup

    I am very curious - in ELS EURO mode, is it not possible to disable WRNL completely at Light stage 3 ? With the norwegian models, the yellow WRNL's are not lit when the bluelights go on, they should only be toggleable with the WRNL button - at any given time. Doing <Lstg3 Enabled="false" Pattern="2" /> hides them with this pattern at LGST3, but only until i choose another pattern ingame, then they will re-appear when toggling lights on and off.
  4. Firstyminator

    LSPDFR 0.4

    Will ELS still be a working thing?
  5. Firstyminator

    Ford F450 Supercab Ambulance [ELS]

    Awesome work! Works well with Better EMS aswell!
  6. Firstyminator

    Pierce Arrow Engine

    Excellent work! Looks so good ingame Thank you!
    Love this pack! And it works very well with LSPDFR! Much recommended Only thing that would be cool, was if the vehicles had proper warn lights - but works very well without!
  7. Refined icons a bit Now waiting for the Illumination details for the GIF's in Enabled state.
  8. Just another profile for the Elgato Stream Deck for managing ELS. Dedicated to @Chrisrogn and his excellent work with the Norwegian police cars! Creating icons from scratch - and adding proper hotkeys. Want it to work with only Nordic vehicles that dont use lightstages the same way.
  9. Firstyminator

    Police SmartController for Elgato Stream Deck

    Santa just added it for you, on your wishlist. Thanks!
  10. Version 3.0


    Police SmartController For Elgato Stream Deck | v3.0 ------------------------ Import instructions. 1. Open up the Stream Deck Software 2. Press the Preferences Gear and when the Preferences Window will pop up. 3. Choose the banner called "Profiles" 4. Now you see all your current profiles. Under them there is a " + - " and a small downarrow to the right - press it and choose IMPORT 5. Import the file retained in this archive: " Police SmartController.streamDeckProfile " 6. Choose the new Profile "Police SmartController" Now you should be greeted with the SmartController button on the center of your Stream Deck. ----------------------------------------------------- All buttons are re-arrangeable and can be edited just the way you want. Just wanted to provide a "finished" layout for ya bois! Press it and Enjoy! NOTE: All keybindings are default ELS/LSPDFR/SMARTRADIO keys mapped and can be altered in any way you want. I found that some of the default binds are interferring with default GTA keys - so i recommend to change some of them. CHANGELOG V3.0 + New icons for the radio menu. + Added support for hotkeys to Accept Callout / End Callout - Moved the Radio Setup button, so its harder to accidentally hit (causes issues if you open up the SmartRadio config when on a callout) V1.0 + Added controls for Luxart Emergency Lighting System V2.0 + Added controls for the Police SmartRadio by Albo1125 ( link below ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Big thanks to @Lt.Caine for creating Emergency Lighting System @Albo1125 for all his awesome mods to this community! Firstyminator | 2018 DISCORD|Firstyminator#0001 YOUTUBE|Firstyminator TWITTER|Firstyminator
  11. Firstyminator

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Friggin awesome!! You guys always impress :) Can't wait to see what this brings into V :)
  12. Firstyminator

    Emergency Lighting System

    Hmm. every key i try does the same. It's like ELS "steals" the Cinematic key whatever it is. I wanted to use Middle mouse button for it. Works very well when ELS is not loaded.
  13. Firstyminator

    Emergency Lighting System

    Anyone found a workaround to get the Cinematic camera to work? Still it acts as a Manual tone for me, regardless of what button i assign it to.