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  1. Any chance of a ELS LAPD pack in the future?
  2. LFCJames

    Ped Search and vehilce Search Mod for LSPDFR

    Here you go, I believe the key is F10 to search not sure though.
  3. LFCJames

    Realistic Door Sound \ CVPI Door Sound!

    It went over the maxium size of the vehicles file and muted the sound in game @S0berDrunk
  4. LFCJames

    Weeboo b gone

    I don't know what's worse... weeb or brony?
  5. LFCJames

    More realistic LAPD

    What is in the update?
  6. LFCJames

    Profeet ENB

    Will the update to fix the dark edges be released soon?
  7. LFCJames

    Real Police Stations

    Who's CVPI is that on the last screenshot? Haven't seen that one before.
  8. LFCJames

    How the heck are your lights so bright?

    Make sure you install RadianceV AFTER you install VisualV, VisualV replaces the file that RadianceV replaces.
  9. LFCJames

    Chicago fire Dept. firemen

    Really great job but the colour is too black, you should make it a little bit lighter.
  10. LFCJames

    Chicago fire Dept. paramedic

    Nice, I think these mods would be of more use in GTA IV because Chicago Ambulances and CVPI's don't really fit into a city based on Los Angeles, just a suggestion, other than that great job!
  11. LFCJames


    Nice job, you should make LAPD Detectives next, with suits and holster, badge etc.
  12. LFCJames


    Great model as usual Bugs very high quality can't play the game without it, and why are people complaining about screwing up the OpenIV install package, it's simple to use, It's YOUR fault you messed it up, so don't give it a wrong rating for YOUR mistake.
  13. LFCJames

    LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125

    Worked great, easy to use, solved an issue I was having with 0.3 great work as usual Albo
  14. Hey, I installed LSPDFR 0.3 and loaded up the game, but the game crashed at like 3-5 minutes through the loading. Here is my log
  15. That's been in the mod for a while, it's not a new addition to 0.3, I remember it happening on like 0.2b or something like that