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  1. The new Charger is replacing out the rest of the Crown Vics. You will see them about 50/50 with the 2014/2016 explorers in a year or so. I apologize for the depressing video, RIP to fallen officer Lucas.. If you watch the procession you'll see that there's almost no CHP vics any more. In the area I live in, I haven't seen a vic in a long time, my nearest CHP office already got a lot of theirs replaced with chargers. Also, no the Ford explorers are not being replaced at all as far as I'm concerned. Just some quick info for anyone who had that in mind. one more thing, I'm noticing a large variety in the wig wags for the CHP 2016 FPIU, one in the middle of the video with what appeared to be code 3 light stage had different wig wag very the one near the end. Wonder how that works. To answer your questions 1. Yes, they are used on patrol currently 2. I wouldn't say it's a better fit for the fleet, I think the FPIU and the Chargers will go together quite well. FPIU are useful because they have lots of storage space in the back which is useful for highway and state duties especially at traffic collision scenes. The chargers are quicker, faster and could be well used in a pursuit environment or for catching speeders(especially in LA). I think this is the reason why they are not planning on replacing the SUV just yet, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. A little bit of both is a perfect medium IMO.
  2. I'm sorry, but someone needs to say it. You are the biggest fucking idiot that I've ever seen on this website. Not only are you willfully ignorant, but you're not pretending to be stupid/troll. I live in California, Santa Barbara, I see CHP, SBSC, SBPD respond to something at least once a week, not only that but same goes for the fire departments and medical, they ALL have at least steady burn red. You clearly are blind or are just saying you "live" in California to somehow give yourself some false credibility. Continue being willfully ignorant and see how far it takes you, also remember, ignorance is bliss to you but to everyone around you it's pathetic. If you actually don't live in California, you can look up a multitude of Emergency service cars responding on youtube, you can look out for the steady burn red and you will find out that it is indeed a real thing.
  3. It's unfortunate that there are so many people giving low scores because they are clearly uninformed, to put it nicely anyways.. My theory is that people who are complaining about the lighting set-up didn't bother reading the title of the pack or don't realize that California is a real place, since these vehicles are replicas of the CHP and not inspired/original idea.
    WOW....FUCK these are FANTASTIC. The Hurk delivers his masterful creations YET AGAIN!
  4. densup

    ALBO1125 VIDEO

    Good post, would never have found out without it. Also thanks to Albo for everything, without your mods, lspdfr just isn't the same!
  5. densup

    2015 Potato Charger ELS

    Nice job dude, good to see another ELS car. I don't see where a certain user is getting his fantasies from, this car is not an attempt to replicate anyone elses work. They are simply using the same dev model of car. Lighting setup is also not the same at all. I personally think it looks really well done, though in my opinion the livery could use more work and it would be awesome to see some ALPR or radar on it. It's not the most perfect upload ever, but worth a try! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more of your uploads as you improve in the future :). I give it a 4.5/5, but a 5 here since i can't do half.
  6. densup

    2015 Potato Charger ELS

    Lol, just shove off man, more than half of your review isn't constructive. You just attacked him and tried to stop people from downloading his car just because they use the same charger model.
  7. densup


    I don't understand, that would work perfectly with ELS V. Have you read the user guide for it? Caine put CHP lighting modes and patterns just for us. The pattern ini is extremely customization so that having the lighting switch to a full slow flash while using "welp" would be very easy. In the picture I've posted you'll see that he's already done a lot of hard work for CHP fans. You can look in the user guide to see that it's applied to all the lights, primary, secondary etc. I've gone through all of the patterns for each one, there are "CHP patterns" there. Someone just needs to set up the extras and then put all the proper options in the police.inis. I imagine the hurk will convert his mega pack at some point to ELS V.
  8. densup

    SA State Parks Impala

    ELS Activated soon?!
    It really is what we've all been waiting for. Fantastic work again by Lt.Caine!!
  9. Thank you! Finally someone who doesn't beat around the bush. Was finally waiting for someone to say that it's not gonna happen. Good to hear.
  10. Does every single mod need to be updated or just the scripthook?
  11. densup

    Check out ELS for V!

    I don't think it'll be released around Christmas, IMO I believe sometime around mid next year is when it'll finally be released to public. Until then, we can watch prophet and albo mess around with it in their videos. :D
  12. Hi, thank you for the custom carcols! If you could tell me one thing though. Let's say I want to RP as a California PD, how can I change the carcol so It will have steady burn red?
  13. This plus the new RPH real time light patterns will make for some interesting ELS. Exciting!!