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  1. Nice models are you planing on doing the ford utility's first gens too? I belive their like 2013
  2. About to install LSPDFR again but i guess ill just wait for the new update
  3. Im sure its going to be a while so why not try 0.3 get your toes wet get a feeling on how fun it is
    thank you for this great mod i like it its a must have i can just call back up and they can help i like how they park right behind you thats pretty cool
    Nicely done also easy to install thanks loop is on point and the volume too in my opinion.
  4. @Sam are you guys doing a release video like 0.3? If so can you guys consider this time First thirty minutes to join your guys live stream
  5. Man thanks really changes the way you can interact with people like take them out talk to them behind the police car away from traffic this is a game changer thank you again
  6. can you plz fix the tail lights on the 2015 tahoe they dnt light up or turn on when braking
  7. hey now when i take the ped out the car give a ticket he gets back in his car after and leaves instead of walking away and leaving the car is this the mod responsible for that if so o man what a change.
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