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    thank you for this great mod i like it its a must have i can just call back up and they can help i like how they park right behind you thats pretty cool
  1. winglesschip209

    Federal Signal Touchmaster Delta

    Nicely done also easy to install thanks loop is on point and the volume too in my opinion.
  2. winglesschip209

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    @Sam are you guys doing a release video like 0.3? If so can you guys consider this time First thirty minutes to join your guys live stream
  3. Man thanks really changes the way you can interact with people like take them out talk to them behind the police car away from traffic this is a game changer thank you again
  4. winglesschip209

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

    can you plz fix the tail lights on the 2015 tahoe they dnt light up or turn on when braking
  5. hey now when i take the ped out the car give a ticket he gets back in his car after and leaves instead of walking away and leaving the car is this the mod responsible for that if so o man what a change.
  6. winglesschip209

    HighWay Callouts

    Nice i cant wait for the next update keep up the great work i always do highway patrols so this is good for me
  7. I own a coupe those are the ones the police used not the hatch but it is pretty close i wish their was a coupe 3D model. their very fun cars a little light in the rear thats one reason why they got rid of them and got camaros in the 90s also the ssp cars were not made to transport people they were made for one thing high speed chases they were the ones in the front lines catching high performance vehicles. Mine was and is a civilian none ssp but still an original v8 car with power everything witch was rare for coupes since they were the basic of the basic foxbody sold at that time. The military also got some too used for the U-2 spy planes those mustangs were called chasers
  8. Got it going i had the wrong scripthook.net2 thank you very much for your time
  9. Ok thank you I’ll be home in a bit thank you again for helping
  10. I had it installed both script hooks to Gta5 main directory keeps on crashing the game as soon as I start it I put the new scripthook.net2 and also tried the older one and same thing happened
  11. looks like a cool mod ill have to wait for some more updates keeps on crashing on me. i have my ragehook log everything works with out this mod i know is something interfering with this mod RagePluginHook_19092018_035903.log
    this mod is like all of albos mods a must i cant believe i over looked this mod for so long i tried it knowing it was going to be useful but i didn't know it was going to be this useful a must have this should be integrated into the main LSPDFR a must have...
  12. winglesschip209

    Probability of "Extra" on a vehicle

    well it worked for me i learned something new every time i spawn my slick top CHP it spawned with out ram bar now i added extra 10 and it spawns with it thanks