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    cop19 reacted to TheUniT in Siren help   
    It's too long, I had that too. You may only use one of these "wha"s. If you take more, the file is longer and the game puts any other sound behind it for some reason.
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    cop19 got a reaction from Taxi in How Famous Is The Person Above You?   
    I'd say 8 to you. You're pretty much all around the forum :D
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    cop19 got a reaction from mikichii in You laugh, you lose   
    Damnit I lost xD
    Here are mine:



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    cop19 reacted to mikichii in You laugh, you lose   





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    cop19 got a reaction from ineseri in Answer a question with a song title   
    What's your favourite sport?
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    cop19 reacted to LukeD in Battlefield 3 Available Free on Origin   
    I don't disagree that EA is the worst company in gaming. Let's be clear on that much.
    What I disagree with is your unfair comments to how Origin is intrusive and buggy. Origin is the only game client I have which logs in immediately when I tell it to, it stays logged in, and it sits in the background happy until I need it. When I ask it to launch Battlefield 4 or SimCity it launches it.
    My steam client on the other hand takes 20 minutes to get it's shit together, it displays a dialog box on start up saying it has to extract the latest software update for steam, every time. There is no software update. It persistently fails to keep me logged in, and lately it has actually been crashing the process.
    To say that Origin is intrusive and steam isn't is also a false claim. I've had to give steam my email address hundreds of times just for it to verify the same web browser as a new computer. Steam also cannot seem to retain my card details despite multiple purchases and ticking the box which says "save these details" or "remember my paying preference" or whatever the hell it's called.
    My point being, all clients have issues. And it is wholly unfair to pick out Origin as the worst just because EA owns it. EA owns DICE titles like Battlefield 2, 3 and 4. But they're good games. EA owns the sims, which I also happen to love.
    Oh and saying steam doesn't do free releases or "stuff like that" is also false. Steam frequently has free weekends to draw in people, it has team fortress 2 (a once pay for game now free to play with micro transactions) it also permanently appears to have a special deal sale on.
    Origin has it's "on the house" feature.
    My point here, is that like origin, steam is just another client which aims at taking your money and doing nothing else. 
    Sorry for calling you out, I have no intentions to cause an argument. It just annoys me when people say things like "X is so much better than Y and X never does anything bad". Cause at the end of the day they are both company ran clients, they don't give an ass about me or you, only the income.
    As for Battlefield 3, I loved that game a lot. I switched to pc FPS gaming when I got 3 for PC and will probably never go back to console. You can't get 64 slot servers with so much going on on a console like you can PC. So much fun, well worth getting if it's free :)
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    cop19 reacted to ineseri in Thank You   
    I think you are missing the most important group. Members. Because without Members, this site wouldn't be as good as it is today :) 
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    cop19 reacted to AgentCharles in Shots Fired During Traffic Stop   
    I just die.
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    cop19 got a reaction from ineseri in Watch Dogs PreOrder   
    I'll wait until it's released and see the reviews and all this stuff. But I'm pretty sure I'll get it on Steam.
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    cop19 reacted to GTAUKRPC in My attempt at an American Patrol Failed. Here are the Outtakes ;)   
    Hello Guys,
    Here are some moments from my failed LCPD Patrol.
    Don't hate it's just for fun!
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    cop19 got a reaction from Valium in Did I install it correctly?   
    Hi, about the callout, is from this script: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    And about the install, did you tried to play?
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    cop19 reacted to trewq34 in [REQ] Can anyone make this lightbar?   
    You mean something like this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> or this:  ?
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    cop19 reacted to Will72672 in Where can I find this model?   
    I think this is what your looking for :) and im sure if you want the same livery someone would be able to make it for you
    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    cop19 got a reaction from EFox in [API][WIP/REL] Callouts+ - Additional LCPDFR API Callouts   
    How about a call to a road block required? You may block the road to stop a chase and then (if the suspect doesn't stop yet) you join the pursuit.
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    cop19 reacted to cp702 in LCPDFR 1.0 - The Video Preview   
    Why does it matter?
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    cop19 reacted to C.O. N.Y. in ELS Version 7.1 preview   
    its the american way of saying " GET THE F***k OUT OF THE WAY "