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  1. cop19

    Siren help

    Thanks It was that!!
  2. cop19

    Siren help

    I'll try that, but I saw a video where it said that YELP can be about 3/4 seconds long.
  3. cop19

    Siren help

    I'm sorry, but when I try to upload it, it says that I have no permissions to upload this kind of files.
  4. cop19

    Siren help

    Hi, I'm creating a new siren for GTAIV, but the problem is that when I switch on the YELP tone it sounds fine for a seconds, but then It sound a weird sound. I'll upload the audio. Thanks in advance :)
  5. cop19

    Wish me luck.

    Good luck!! Just don't be too nervous ;) Good luck!! Just don't be too nervous ;)
  6. cop19

    How Famous Is The Person Above You?

    I'd say 8 to you. You're pretty much all around the forum :D
  7. cop19

    You laugh, you lose

    Damnit I lost xD Here are mine:
  8. cop19

    Answer a question with a song title

    What's your favourite sport?
  9. Cierto/True. La persona debajo de mi no entiende lo que estoy escribiendo. :)
  10. False, I love big bridges :D The person below me prefers downloding things on mediafire than in Mega.