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  1. Hey there, just wanted to check if it's a bug or a feature or just a result of how pursuits are handled in 0.4 compared to 0.3: The suspects in the vanilla "Pursuit of armed suspects" callout never seem to shoot at the player or other cops while still in the vehicle, which I'm pretty sure they did back in 0.3. Has anyone else noticed that or is it just me?
  2. Okay, so I'm attaching a log file with the following: Starting on Line 735: I let myself get hit by a vehicle and arrested the driver. When she was on the ground ready to be cuffed, I longpressed "b" to report the crime. A pursuit was started and I could access the pursuit menu. I called in Transport and terminated the pursuit manually. And then from Line 839 on: I let myself get hit by another car, arrested the driver and reported the crime after putting on handcuffs. Now I'm stuck in the state described in the edit of my original post. This is not particular to getting hit by a car. I've had the same thing happen in a variety of situations. EDIT: Turns out the second one seems to be intended. When the suspect dies or gets transported off, it goes back to normal. The first one is weird though. RagePluginHook.log
  3. I noticed that when I report a crime on a suspect after arresting them, a pursuit with zero suspects is started that you can get out of only by force ending it from the pursuit menu. EDIT: Sometimes, I also get stuck in a state where I am unable to request a callout or initiate a pullover without being able to access the pursuit menu. That one, I haven't been able to intentionally reproduce but when I encounter it again, I will enclose the log file.
  4. Someone somewhere in this thread has already asked this and iirc the official answer was that you could have unlimited characters.
  5. It means you have earned a right to a regular ration of LSPD-issued donuts: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Rusty_Brown's_Ring_Donuts
  6. Not really though, seeing as the devs are in Scotland and Germany, respectively.
  7. The reason the "Kifflom" line is used is that, unlike in GTAIV, there are no audio files in the cops' voices asking for ID in the game. I believe the mod that changes the line to that uses the audio from GTAIV (so a completely different voice from all the other spoken lines), which in my opinion is even more immersion breaking than "Kifflom".
  8. Damn, I've literally spent days trying to get a simple "write on paper" animation to work properly. I really should spend more time studying the nativedb before, thank you so much!
  9. How do you want to spawn the ped? Are you writing a plugin and want to use it there or do you just want to spawn this specific ped while playing?
  10. I don't, but next time you meet her, open up the RPH console and type 'kill'. It's going to show you a list of all entities (peds, vehicles, props,...) aroud you as a suggestion, sorted by distance to your character. That should help you find the model name.
  11. Just finish the mission or download a savegame with a finished game somewhere. As soon as the mission's over, you'll be free to roam and play lspdfr.
  12. You've already posted this thread in the right place
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